Monday, March 17, 2014

Inverted Cross Within David Jeremiah's Eye Of Horus

I can't display it yet , ( though I have sent perhaps over 100 pictures from the same library computer ) , but if you examine Shadow Mountain's Eye of Horus , the inverted cross is evident .
The inference of the orange occult Maltese cross within the innermost of the Masonic eggs , continues upward , a tiny portion tucked beneath the scarlet egg , covering the yellow and blue eggs . Its background is the inference of yet another pyramidal shape , not as distinct as the obvious blue obelisk and pennant on the far left . The orange color of the inverted cross is distinct from the largely yellow colored egg placed behind it . The Satanic Maltese cross also is carved into Dr. Jeremiah's lectern .
Had to do this from another library . That white cube , at the top of the red egg is a fair deception which makes the inverted cross , ( largely all of the same hue ), an extension of the occult cross in the middle . Masonry's occult cross is the Maltese cross , and though this doesn't appear to be one , the suggestion to Masonic viewers is that it is one .
The Kabbalah rests upon a Masonic red magnifying glass to enable deeper understanding of Kabbalism and the Kabbalah's dark sayings . As I had said in another blog , witches love to use the word of God .

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