Friday, March 28, 2014

Masonic gesture ?

In his television program , " The Story Of The Jews " , aired this week , Simon Schama , who penned a book , " The Story Of The Jews " , Mr. Schama voiced the opinion of the United Nations , that Jesus' visit was a failure because the world did not become peaceful and everybody did not believe in him . As he tells of the expulsion of Jews from Girona , Spain , his gloved middle finger points to the 1492 parchment records documenting that event . He mentions the Talmudist Maimonides in this program . Time Out London promotes his , " The Story Of The Jews " , in which he promotes the Talmud , a work Christians view as occult .  I have personally noticed Masons making the same gesture to me when pointing to a book or a map . The average person does not point with his middle finger .

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