Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jewish Voice : Coming Out

On Monday March 10th , 2014 , rabbi Jonathan Bernis began his introduction of his previous guest this way ; " The rabbi you're about to meet has done extensive study on this subject . He spent many years studying the rabbinical traditions and world view of Jesus' day , and he brings to us a clear understanding of the Jewish rabbi Yeshua . Please welcome back my good friend Barney Kasdan ."

Though Jesus warned his followers not to be called rabbi , nor to pray with the head covered , these rabbis do both . Rabbi Bernis sets a false premise by stating that rabbi Kasdan has dug into the book of Matthew , but he knows rabbi Kasdan will promote the ungodly and unbiblical Talmud many times during their discourse . In Talmudic fashion he states that rabbi Kasdan brings in " a whole new approach " to Biblical understanding . Jesus warned Christians , ( which is what the believing Jews were called in the New Testament ) , about extra-Biblical sources , but that has never concerned the Jewish Messianic movement . Rabinnical traditions are the traditions of the elders that Jesus condemned openly ; the tradition of the Pharisees continuing deception today through the Talmud .

Rabbi Kasdan says , " Even though the text of the New Testament is what it is , uh , and it's the truth of God , that we understand it even better if we get back into the original context , first century Jewish culture , even , uh , for example , the Mishna , the Jewish commentaries of that day , and , uh , to me , it seems that then the New Testament even makes more sense . "  Rabbi Bernis then buttresses this heresy and the rabbi's promotion of the Mishna ,( part of the Talmud ), by inferring that if you do not study these texts you will really " miss a lot . "  Rabbi Bernis also mentions that Time magazine listed the rediscovery of the Jewishness of Jesus as one of the top ten foremost topics that will be of most importance of the new millennium . Christians know that neither major news sources nor major periodicals nor Hollywood have ever portrayed Jesus correctly , and that they hate him . But rabbi Bernis will never reveal the thousands of quotes from those sources that prove that . And rather than honoring the book of Matthew and the New Testament outright , as it should be given honor and supremacy , rabbi Kasdan merely says that , " it is what it is . " Now if that isn't presidential RSPECT , I don't know what is .

The two Talmud loving rabbis talk of Matthew 2:23 citing Nazareth as Jesus' home town , saying Jesus would be called a Nazarene . Rabbi Kasdan then says ; " Well , the fact is , that I looked at the Bible up and down , and actually the Tanach , the Old Testament , doesn't even mention any such prophecy , that he would be a Nazarene , so , I've read some commentaries on this that say , well , you know Matthew was a little confused or he didn't know his history , or the Bible has some mistakes ....."  My King James Bible had these references regarding that issue ; Judges 13:5 , and 1st Samuel 1:11 . Though these refer to other old prophets , they also apply to Jesus . And rabbi Kasdan has subtly inferred that the Bible does have some mistakes , by not challenging that false allegation .
If there are any , they are minor and are due to mistranslation . Rabbi Kasdan then says , " There's this thing in Jewish tradition called Midrash , which means to , uh , we don't take the literal interpretation like the Greeks often would , but it's more of an illustration , and maybe a play on words and a connection . "  Again here , the rabbi has referred to the Pharisaical " Jewish Tradition " , which essentially is Talmudism , discarding the Old Testament and replacing it with the revelations of Alice Bailey's Jewish adepts . God isn't leading them . The Bible was his last word , but that doesn't bother men like these in the least . The Midrash is part of the Talmud . Though he correctly speaks of the Messianic " BRANCH " he has already confused his listeners with his deception of the credence of the Talmud .

In his book plug Jewish Voice mentions the " often overlooked rabbinic sources that give great insights into Matthew's presentation of Yeshua ... the Jewish Messiah . "  The only thing the study and love for  "rabbinic sources " will do for people is to draw them closer to Satan . They are fraudulent oracles from the fraudulent god that Joseph Smith listened to . God warned not to add to , or take away one word from the Bible , but these men take delight in essence doing just that . Also during his book plug only one single eye is pictured , as in the Eye of Horus , and the Hamseh hand .
Regarding the book of Matthew rabbi Kasdan said ; " I was hard pressed to find literature that really , uh looked at it from that Jewish perspective , " This was in regard to Jesus ' Jewishness . This Jewish rabbi is either blind or purposely being deceptive . He later says ; " and of course , I'm sorry to say there's not a lot of Jewish material out there on the gospel of Matthew , certainly not material that believes that he is actually the Messiah . " ( Obviously the book of Matthew itself isn't valid enough for him . )  More than likely this Messianic rabbi knows that Matthew , the Jewish son of Alphaes , who was known as Levi the tax collector , was credited with having written the gospel named after himself . History shows that his gospel was the most widely read and highly valued of the four gospels . It was the most often quoted gospel before 180 A.D. according to my sources . Though the gospels supposedly were anonymous , the early church ascribed this gospel to Matthew , who as a tax collector would probably have kept detailed records of people and may have been a skilled writer .

Then , regarding the leper in Matthew chapter 8 , he says this ; " You know there is even a beautiful story , by the way , if I can briefly say what it is in the Talmud or rabinnical writings , I think it illustrates the importance of ... "and he tells the Biblical truth regarding the leper . But in doing so , he has promoted the Talmud again . All of the Messianic Jewish ministries and colleges I have examined have offered courses in rabinnical literature or study , as well as courses in the Talmud .
Rabbi Kasdan also said the Talmud says that Jesus was with the lepers " wrapping their bandages . "
 If Jesus came into contact with lepers who did not believe in him , more than likely he would not have wasted his time with them " wrapping their bandages . " After that heresy rabbi Kasdan refers to the Talmud regarding the Pharisees , whom Jesus openly condemned , and rightly so . For the most part they were self-righteous ungodly men who manipulated the Jewish multitude into crucifying Christ because they envied him . But rabbi Kasdan wants to give the Pharisees some slack , stating there were some good ones . Those good ones are still manipulating the Jewish people today .

Another basis of deep suspicion regarding Jewish Voice is their promotion of the ungodly and deceptive charismatic movement . Jack Hayford , associated with Jewish Voice , manipulates the unwary , as do all the tongues deceivers  , through emotional and spiritual blackmail by insisting that evebtually one must speak in the unintelligible and uninterpreted false tongues often displayed on TBN programs . Both the Crouches have heralded their appreciation for the ungodly charismatic movement , making the very groundwork of TBN totally unreliable .

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