Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mesmerized Messianic Jews

Messianic Jews infer superiority over Gentile Christians . From what I have observed , TBN's cadre of Messianic Jews loathe being called Christians , yet the Jewish disciples at Antioch were known as Christians . When Paul stood before Agrippa , Paul must have been known as a Christian because Agrippa remarked that Paul almost persuaded him to become one . Peter wrote this ; " Yet if any man suffer as a Christian , let him glorify God on this behalf ." Paul and Peter were Jews who apparently didn't mind being called Christians . Today's Messianic Jews , who promote the Talmud , are largely charismatic , who display the same witchcraft hand signals as TBN Masons , ( or witches ) , who prefer Saturday as the day to worship , ( but Paul worshipped on Sunday and called it the Lord's day ) , who pray with their heads covered , ( as Paul warned Christians not to do ) , and who often infer that Christians hate Jews , are as untrustworthy as their Gentile counterparts . They also seem to detest having a Christian cross in their homes or symbols of it in their " Messianic " synagogues , yet the focus of the new testament is the cross . As a  Christain I fear God and dare not condemn a man because he is of Jewish lineage , ( though through faith , I too am a son of Abraham ).  I never had as a non-Christian .

It has been well established that communism subverted the churches , and , that in fact , the very foundation of Christianity in America was rife with " Christian socialists " and Jewish commanders even in George Washington's army . The most influential and powerful of subversives , Gentile and Jew , were involved in Masonry , a direct offshoot of Talmudism . Long ago it was heralded that McCarthy was right , and that communists had flooded the world with socialist propaganda . Of course , though they conquered most of the world through Talmudic influence , they would never have subverted any of the Messianic Jewish congregations who promote the Talmud along with other aspects of heresy I noted above .

 Not every Jewish person is cognizant of those facts , nor is he or she necessarily directly associated with communist subterfuge . But they are kept under tight reign by rabbis who know much about them either personally or through other contacts when they feel the need to check up on somebody . As in Jesus' day , the tax collectors knew a lot about a person's lineage and history . That acquisition of data regarding every individual in the world has so greatly exacerbated that your own personal habits , choices , inclinations and tastes can be predicted with fair accuracy . That has long been old news .

Do the communists still bore from within ? Surely they never quit . You are naive to think that they did . And you are just as naive to expect to undo the damage they have done . They are helping mould ten toes of iron and clay . The best thing to do is trust in the Lord with all your heart and not to rebel against government authority as God warns in the Bible . God told the captive Babylonian Jews to be submissive , yet not to bow to other gods .

I would suggest that unbelieving Jews obtain , ( by stealth ) , an old King James Bible , not any other rendition . If you read one online you will be tracked . If you read the new testament , and you finally come to realize that only God himself could have performed those miracles upon which Gentile time is based , you will see what persecution is about . It has been suggested in more than one unbelieving Jewish article that the lions need be brought back . When you believe in Christ you will see in the old testament how often God severely reprimanded the Jewish nation for their continuous rebellion of witchcraft still practiced today . The Bible unequivocally states that those who do not believe that Jesus is the real Messiah  , whether Jew or Gentile , will suffer an eternity in hell . As a Jew you have been taught not to believe anything that has a Christian bend . That is why the Talmudists , ( Pharisees ) , have replaced the old testament with the Talmud . It is they who manipulated the Jewish people who had seen Jesus perform miracles to call for his crucifixion . Read some old Jewish encyclopedias which admit that communism was begun by Jewish minds , as was Talmudism . Communists were selected and trained for expertise knowledge of the Christian Bible and disseminating perversions of it . It is a proven fact that it is they who controlled seminaries around the world , as well as Catholic churches , which Christians deem heretical . It is absurd not to think they would in any way have corrupted or actually begun Messianic Judaism , which is as corrupt as the false Christian church today .

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