Monday, March 17, 2014

Jewish Voice : Portal to Heaven or Hell ?

In his 3/17/14 program Jonathan Bernis hosted David Herzog , the author of " The Ancient Portals of Heaven . " The title alone assured me that this was going to pertain to witchcraft . The "ancients " , though also spoken well of in the Bible , are also known as witchcraft's " wise men  ."  The fact that the deeply deceived Jewish Voice was promoting this seemingly occult premise led me to believe that occultism would be the focus . When I heard Mr. Herzog mention " geographical portals " ,  I assured myself my conviction was correct . When I looked up Mr. Herzog's name on the internet I found that the very misled , ( or purposely deceitful ) , Sid Roth had premiered him as a guest previously . I have no computer and often must travel over thirty miles to a good one . I do not have enough time to research deeply any more . I guessed that someone else may well have examined the works of this deceiver . " Fanatic For Jesus  " already had . They expose him and the demonic trickery of " portals " to a fairly good degree in their , " Heavenly Portals of Unholy Deception . " Their website looks extensive and is well presented and seems well worth visiting . More than likely their revelation that the oft presented o.k. sign represents witchcraft's 666 is correct . I appreciate their work . I had looked at their site long ago , but have been too busy to look at other people's work . I tried to limit myself to the subversion of the church by communists, many of whom surely were, and still are false Christian leaders . Masonry , witchcraft , Kabbalism , and communism all have the same goal ; to destroy the truth of Christianity by perverting it , preparing an entire world for the acceptance of the false Messiah who will for a few short years reign from Israel's rebuilt temple ; the pet project of Masonry controlled by Kabbalists . Satan works both sides of the fence , and even the middle . The fight between communism and free marketing is one of his major ruses . He has controlled both for millennia , and is using that pseudo-rivalry to enable Israel's false Messiah to become so powerful that no one will want to " make war with him ."  Khruchev's book , " Conquest Without War " is a good example of that chess move .

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