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The John Birch False Flag

Though the John Birch Society says it opposes communism , its works seem to counter that claim , as well as the claim that truth is their only weapon . The JBS was instrumental in the founding of the Council for National Policy aided by its intelligence gathering  arm , Western Goals . These people aided causes such as the Moral Majority and  “Dominion Theology  “ , which hopes to reclaim America for Christ and rule in his stead until he returns , instituting “ the Kingdom of God on Erath “. Jesus said his kingdom was not of the earth , and he never intended for his church to control it until he returned . The problem is , America was founded upon Masonic beliefs which were espoused as Christian , veiled in Christian rhetoric to make the devil’s sinister , oft used , “ Kingdom of God on earth “ utopian ploy palatable . Freemasonry’s ecumenical concepts of diversity and tolerance are those pushed by communism , which many scholars say is synonymous with Freemasonry . The United Nations expects a similar “ Kingdom of God “ on earth through which the antichrist will reign . Masons have long been dupes in preparing for the antichrist’s arrival . So , apparently ,  are “ Dominion  “ theorists , lauded by the John Birch Society .

In the new age queen  Alice Bailey’s book “ The Externalization of the Hierarchy “  , the devil correctly prophesies his own evil incarnation ; “ The Leader of the Forces of Light “ , as “ the Christ “ , “ the founder of the kingdom of God on Earth , to complete the work he started , and again to demonstrate the diversity in far more difficult circumstances  “ ( page 607) . In this autonomic quip Satan employs his Masonic “ light “ reference , and states that Jesus did not complete his work on the cross . Through the occultist Alice Bailey ,  Satan’s  blasphemous lie that Jesus did not finish his work on the cross is imbued more than once in her twenty four books pushed by the socialist United Nations . On page 418 Bailey says ; “ The Kingdom of God will be functioning on Earth “ through new religious science , which will transform and spiritualize humanity .”  The new religious science will be that of the old Masonic mental and spiritual alchemy taught in the Masonic “ Enlightenment “ which supplanted man as God  . On page 511 Alice says ; “ Bible knowledge must spread . “  Why does the socialist United Nations want Bible knowledge to spread ? The trustworthy King James Bible had been corrupted by the Darwinian socialists and unbelievers Westcott and Hort in the 1860’s . On the same page she said ; “ The three main channels through which the preparation for the new age is going on might be the Church , the Masonic Fraternity  and the educational field .”  She also mentions the ubiquitous Masonic “ All Seeing Eye “ . On page 513 she states ; “ …and one of the things that will eventuate – when the new universal religion has sway and the nature of esotericism is understood – will be the utilization of the banded esoteric organisms , the Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centres . These three groups converge as their inner sanctuaries are approached . There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church , the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons , and the innermost circles of the esoteric societies .”  In these few sentences Alice stated that Masons will control the “ Universal “ one world church .“  Dominionists are helping the Masons build it . On page 514 the Devil speaks through his clairvoyant Alice , regarding his “ Mysteries “ ;  “ These mysteries will be restored to outer expression through the medium of the Church and the Masonic Fraternity . “ On page 517 he says ; “ Finally , Church members and members of the Masonic Fraternities must familiarise themselves with the inner significance of the various rites , ceremonies , colors and rituals , and the work performed upon the floor of the temple .”  Repeatedly , Bailey prophecies the Masonic Lodge will work with the Christian church . She means no other church , though the Mormon church is well acquainted with the similar Masonic ceremonies and rituals incorporated into the Masonic Mormon Joseph Smith’s cult long ago .  The Masonic Dominionist Church will fit perfectly into Alice ‘s dream of her page 400’s hope of  “ the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God  “ composed of non-Christian evolving laity .

            In his February 2010 “ Faith For All of Life “ Chalcion  publisher and president Mark R. Rushdoony exemplifies this pseudo-Christian clarion call which employs the socialist terms “ radical “  and “ the restoration of a just social order “ , “social restitution “ , and  “ social justice “ , saying ; God calls us to redeem the social order …The world’s problems must become our problems … His holy order must be established by us over this fallen and rebellious world in every area possible “ , requiring  “ a universal acceptance of the dominion mandate “ for “ the kingdom of God on earth . “

The pseudo-Christian authors Benny Hinn and Tim LaHaye are on board for this also . Tim LaHaye , author of the Left Behind series of heresy , said in pages 352-354 of his Book , “ The Mark “ , that you can be a Christian and receive the mark of the beast , making you “ bi-loyal “ . LaHaye deceives the unwary by making them think they can do this and still go to heaven . This liar also said , “ I truly believe you cannot understand the modern ‘psychology’ of religion in the U.S. without understanding the John Birch Society . Rushdoony’s beliefs are those of communism’s  aspiration of world dominion enabled by Masonry fomented  through the United Nations .  The Catholic church is also part of this deception , calling itself “ the Mystical Body of Christ on earth “ in the JBS New American October 12, 1987 Issue in the article , “ What Do Catholics Believe .“ The pope is truly an exemplary antichrist , assuming Christ’s authority on earth, to whom Catholics need render “ loyal submission of the will and intellect .” This brainwashing article directs Catholics to “ reflect the consensus “ , dictated by the pope .   

            Many founding members of the John Birch Society were high ranking Freemasons and members of the Council on Foreign Relations . John McManus of the JBS stated that a prominent New York city Zionist Jew named Alfred Kohlberg was on the national council in 1959 . Zionism ‘s, Masonry’s , Mormonism’s and communism’s goals are essentially similar . Though the JBS spurns the Illuminati in their literature , they condone its brother , Freemasonry , as the “ Belmont Brotherhood “ long had revealed .

            The  John Birch Society  strains  out a gnat and swallow a camel in its March 8 , 2004  “ Bipartisan Bonesmen “ issue of  “ The New American .”  Skull and Bones are mildly excoriated , yet their beloved Masonry is not alluded to at all . This is good cover for those who wish to appear to be opposed to Masonry , but in fact , are not .

            A man named Eustace Mullins studied the John Birch Society for a long time . He says he was a good friend of Revilo Oliver , one of the Birch Society founding members . Mullins stated that he knew two people at the original founding meeting . He related that the Birch Society was founded and funded by Nelson Rockefeller whose aims were socialist . Mullins said that Welch chose the principle officers of the John Birch Society from his acquaintances at the Council on Foreign Relations ,the Birch Society’s supposed enemy with many false fronts , one of which is “ Freedom House “ at the House of International Relations Committee that pretends to help Christians .  Mr. Mullins also said that the Rothschild family was an integral facet of communist world domination . He said that the Hoover Institution was set up by the Rothschilds , as was and the Council on Foreign Relations the Birch Society speaks evil of . He said that the CFR was a  powerless ruse that received orders from the world’s most powerful group of bankers , the Rothschilds’ Royal Institute of International affairs in London at Chatham House . The Rothschild run Hoover Institution collaborates with the Heritage Foundation , the Mont Pelerin Society , the Cato Institute and the Ludwig Von Mises Institute which meet every few years , yet keep no records of their meetings . Their mentor was LudwigVonMises . The Birch highly touted Murray Rothbard is part of that group along with Milton Friedman who along with  Austrian economist Ron Paul and JBS darling , wants to legalize drug sales nationally. Birch approved VonHayek led the Rothschild Mont Pelerin Vienesse school . VonHayek was a disciple of Ludwig Von Moses who taught Henry Hazlitt , another founder of Mont Pelerin . Birch approved Murray Rothbard had asserted that the U.S. was imperialistic and war-mongering , while the Soviet Union was peace-loving , rational and misunderstood . I  also  probably misunderstood the Soviet Union which killed about 40 million of its own citizens . Rothbard’s defense of communism here has been used by several others . But , the supposed socialist hating John Birch Society highly lauds Rothschild controlled men such as these . In the New American’s April 26 , 2010 issue , “ Austrian Economics Rising “ , the JBS promoted Peter Schiff as a trustworthy Austrian economist . In their article promoting Austrian Economics they stated that Mr. Schiff blamed America’s sloth for the global financial troubles . This is absurd , and a Rothschild ruse , yet the Birch Society doesn’t counter that lie . Schiff also is quoted as having said the human race would be better off without the United States and that the collapse of the U.S. would benefit the world . The supposed solidly American JBS doesn’t counter this traitorous remark either . Why not ? Because they are working in typical Rothschild fashion with their friends the Schiffs who centuries ago helped them attain their global empire . In the same article the JBS highlighted socialist Austrian economists VonHayek and VonMises who worked together for the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 1909 through 1934 , spreading the Rothschild socialist agenda .

            Milton Friedman , who along with the JBS’s beloved Ron Paul , hopes for legalization of drug use . Through the Rothschilds , Friedman founded the American Enterprise Institute . Communist ties in this organization are fairly numerous  . The Brookings Institution and Rockefeller Foundation ( which started the John Birch Society ) , long ago controlled state legislatures . The Brookings Institution and other foundations originated Federal Reserve programs which ruined American farmers . I have yet to hear the Birch society confirm that allegation , nor do I ever expect to .
The JBS says there are many similar free market beliefs between the supposed adversaries , the Austrian school , and Friedman’s socialist school . Unfortunately , in essence , these schools are in total agreement .   

            The Rothschilds were helped by Cecil Rhodes . The Rothschilds appointed Freemason Alfred Milner to head the Round Table Group which set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs , the Council on Foreign Relations , and the Institute of Pacific Relations . These Rothschilds groups advanced English Masonic Freemasonry , which engendered  the coming of the United Nations’ race of Supermen who will rule the world ; i.e. the antichrist and his ten toes .

            Carroll Quigley identified Morgan , Carnegie , Rockefeller , Benjamin Strong and Rothschilds’ Paul Warburg as Round Table Members who advanced the principles of Social Darwinism . Rothschild Cecil Rhodes scholars infiltrated every facet of American  life with the idea of destroying Christianity , hoping for an eventual Jewish “ world federation “ . (Trekkies beware . )  All of these prominent families were involved in the running of the United Nations .

            I am a Christian who has studied these facts for a long time also , as had Eustace Mullins . I am not an anti-Semite .  I do not hate the Jewish people who were once the apple of God's eye . But they rejected him when he came to them . Countless times he severely punished them for their rebellion and practices of witchcraft still carried on today by their use of the Talmud and Kaballah  which is used in Jewish religious teaching in synagogues and the false Messianic Jewish ministries .
Only after he has redeemed 144,000 Jewish male believers in Christ , and then poured out his wrath upon Jerusalem for their continual rebellion and unbelief , will he show them favor .   

Read a local area’s Jewish paper and see classes being taught about the Talmud . Study it’s demonic teachings . Look at the courses offered in Messianic Jewish churches . In one local false ministry several  Talmud courses were offered , as well as unbiblical rabbinic teaching and Second Temple teaching . These courses are antithetical to Christianity, yet are purportedly Christian. Go to public libraries and read of the Jewish pride in Hassidic Pharisaical rabbis who wrote the Talmud , the Mishnah and the Gamara  still taught and revered today ; Pharisaical works Christ openly opposed by openly opposing the Pharisees who used them . Buy a $10.00 Jewish Encyclopedia at a used bookstore and look up references to Pharisees , Talmudism , Kaballa and communism . Communism’s roots are in Talmudism which called for Jesus’ death .    

Both Masonry and communism were devised by Jews , a few of whom were Lenin , Stalin , and Marx . Marx was a Satanist Jew and Illuminist . Lenin was a communist Jew who repeatedly helped advance the “ new order “ , a  signaling Masonic phrase scribed in U.S. currency .

After the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 run by Jewish agitators and revolutinaries, the first thing done was to kill anti-Semites . After that , the Jewish Zionist Socialist Workers Party and the Jewish Socialist Workers Party took control . In their own words , “ Zionism is the realization of Socialism among the Jewish people . “ The September 10 , 1920 edition of The American Hebrew Journal stated ; “ The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains , of Jewish dissatisfaction , of Jewish planning , whose work is to create a “ new order “ in the world . What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia , thanks to Jewish brains , and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning , shall also through the same Jewish mental and physical forces become a reality all over the world “ .

In the early 1900’s the Jews organized the Masonic oriented “ Society for the Dissemination of Enlightenment “ and the “ World Zionist Organization “  which would deceive Christian churches by uniting Jews with Christians as brothers in typical Masonic fashion ; not that a converted Jew cannot be a true Christian brother , but unconverted Jews , Mormons , Unitarian Universalists , Jehovah’s witnesses , etc. cannot be . The Jewish plan was to subvert the U.S. through Jewish Territorialism . The Territorialist idea was the communist utopian dream that for Jewish communists was the very heart of their scientific prognosis for the Jewish future .

A booklet titled “ Jew and non-Jew “ by Martin A. Meyer was published by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations jointly with the Central Conference of American Rabbis in 1900 . Meyer stated ; “ Socialism ( Communism ) was originated by Jews and today Jews play a leading role in its spread and interpretation “ . In The May 5th American Bulletin of 1935 communist Rabbi Steven Wise stated ; “ Some call it Marxism , I call it Judaism .”  The Jewish Chronicle of London on April 4th , 1919 stated ; “ There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself , in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists . The ideals of Bolshevism are consonant with many of the highest ideals of Judaism .”  The Jewish Publication society of America published that ; “ We find a strong Jewish participation throughout the socialist movement which , from its inception up to the present day has been largely dominated by Jewish influence .”  A 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia stated ; “ Jews have been prominently identified with the Socialist movement from its very inception “ whose purpose was for ;  the establishment of a socialistic commomwealth …  the education of the Jewish masses in America . “ The Jewish Adhut Avoda was a World Zionist movement set up to establish a Socialist Jewish state in Palestine . It , along with Poale Zion formed in part the Mapai party whose socialistic outlook was similar to that of the communist Third International of Moscow .” Talmudic Rabbi Isaac M. Wise helped found the (socialist) American  Jewish Congress . Wise edited the first English translation of the Satanic Babylonian Talmud . Rabbi Wise’s association with numerous communist fronts is somewhat legendary . He stated that Masonry was a Jewish institution whose history , degrees , charges , passwords and explanations were Jewish from beginning to end . Masonic leader Manly P. Hall stated Masonry came from the Jewish Kaballah which blasbhemes Christ . Masonic Jews are taught that the Kaballah and Zohar are noble . Eventually the Rothschild Anti-Defamation League B’nai B’rith helped the communist causes of Christian persecution enacting hate law crimes they knew largely only conscientious Christians would dare to “ commit  “ ; crimes speaking of the atrocities of homosexuality in particular ; crimes tolerated by Masons and communists .

            It was the Rothschilds who used the Hegelian dialect , falsely opposing communism , thus controlling the opposition to it through organizations like the John Birch Society . The Rothschilds controlled English Freemasonry centuries ago as they continue to do today . On August 5th , 1862 Freemasons Karl Marx and other communists met at Freemasons Hall in England . This was communism’s beginning . Its continued works are apparent everywhere , hidden in plain sight ; particularly in Masonic Lodges worldwide . The Rothschilds are not ashamed to display their Masonic architecture with the pillars of Enoch in a Jerusalem street .They and the Masonic lodges worldwide hope to erect the Second Temple , anticipating the antichrist .

            The Birch Society’s Masonic leanings are quite clear to me . When I personally mentioned to Jack McManus that America’s history had involvement with Masonry he deflected my assertion making jest as did another Birch leader . In the JBS New American October 12 , 2009 issue’s article , “ Figuring Out the Founders “ , Joe Wolverton stated Washington’s ascent was fueled by  “ powerful patrons  “ who helped establish him as a military leader . Those powerful patrons also helped Masons like Franklin who was given help by other powerful patrons in France who funded the Revolutionary War . Mr. Wolverton said ,  “ the Founders benefitted from the learning of the Enlightenment  “ … and , “ the Founders ably combined the lessons of history – the advancement of the Enlightenment – with their own unique experiences to produce a novel , though historically sound , form of government “ . Israel once had a sound form of government , until they rejected God and placed Saul in his stead . America’s foundation was based upon the godless Enlightenment’s Masonic philosophers utopian dreams which will culminate in another Babel . Mr. Wolverton also utilizes the Masonic/witchcraft term , “ the ancients “ at least four times in this article .

            The Masonic leaning John Birch Society either doesn’t understand that the world lies largely under Satan’s rule , though ultimately overridden by God , or it doesn't want to . When Christ was tempted by the devil in the wilderness , Christ did not correct the devil when the devil said all the kingdoms of the world were his . Satan’s goal is to be worshipped . To a major degree this is given him by default through mankind’s innate sinful nature . Jerusalem , God’s earthly throne , is his major military target . He has deceived the Jews , Masons and witches to pray for his arrival through the prayers of United Nations devotees . He has accomplished this with lies incorporated with truth ; lies regarding religion , politics , social conditions , etc . He is faithful to no nation or group , and lies are his only strength . God exiled the Jews for their constant rebellion and practices of witchcraft . Jews became the most adaptable people in the world , studying human nature as they had prior to their exile , and becoming proficient at capitalizing upon any opportunity often provided by their own machinations .  They also will become some of the world’s most adept witches , as they had before . In order for the antichrist to reign from Jerusalem the Jews will have to accumulate a major portion of the world’s wealth now in the Jewish Rothschild’s hands . They have obtained this wealth by inculcating into American thought that Zionism is essential to America’s continued existence . The Rothschild formation of the United Nations was a big stepping stone . The Rothschild’s empire was built upon the antichrist’s similar godlike character ;  “the god of forces “, i.e. , the god of munitions . They financed both sides of wars using the  Hegelian dialect the Birch Society speaks of , the Birch Society not wishing for you to see through their own Hegelian dialect enabling the antichrist  to reign for a short while .

            The Birch Society’s love for the misguided David Barton is understandable . Mr. Barton’s response to my inquiry regarding his perpetual approval of numerous Masonic early American leaders was telling . His letter to me said ; “ only a small percentage of Founders were Freemasons , and most of those who were Masons were extremely inactive , and several others who were Masons resigned from the Lodge …Furthermore , Masonry has undergone five major remakes during its history in America .”  Mr. Barton was perhaps assuming I had scant knowledge of Masonry , and should I publicize the information he gave me , few would believe my allegations regarding his obvious apology for Masonry . The major remakes this deceiver speaks of were of no significance , enabling the socialist religious syncretization of all faiths to continue to flourish worldwide . Barton said he in no way condones , “ the anti-Biblical teachings of Freemasons ; to the contrary , I have helped to expose them and will continue to do so . “  His tactic is the same as the Birch Society , giving lip service , all the while advancing the socialist agenda . Having taped his programs for years , I have yet to see Mr.Barton begin to expose Masonry as the Trojan horse it is . He admits his collection of Masonic material is extensive . Moscow will admit their collection of communist material is extensive also. Barton’s close friendship with obvious false teacher and alleged 33rd degree Mason Kenneth Copeland should be quite indicative of his poor judgment , if poor judgment is actually the reason for his unbiblical stance regarding his promotion of Masonry .

            The Birch Society’s founder Robert Welch stated in his “ Blue Book “ , ( given to
initiates ) , his Unitarian beliefs which coincide with the Masonic Lodge  he similarly defended , touting Masons as patriotic citizens , which for the most part is true . Their problem is their non-Christian beliefs that Welch accepted . I know someone who knew Welch personally , and he lamented Welch’s ungodly beliefs . Some of Welch’s demonic beliefs he himself stated in his Blue Book are as follows ; his Masonic capitalization of references to God ; his belief in evolution ; his C.S. Lewis allusion to “ some more direct magic “ ( page 141 ) , thus inferring occult Christianity ; his hatred for Southern Baptist Biblical dogma ( page 142 ) ; a gentleman’s code, ( which befits Masonry ) ;  “ the faith on which to build our new age  “ , befitting Alice Bailey’s United Nation’s one world religion ;  and his oft used demonic Jewish mantra , “ with God’s help “ , a better world .   

            The Birch Society fired one if its most intelligent senior editors , William Norman Grigg , for speaking out against the Mormon church . He is one of the most articulate and intelligent I had ever met and a true example of a gentleman .Grigg , an ex-Mormon , should know about the deceptive practices and extensive power of the Mormon church . The Birch Society was underhandedly cruel to this man who posted anti-Mormon material on his own website , “ Ex-Mormon William Grigg on iron Sharpens Iron  .“ 

            There are several websites that relate further testimony of Birch/Rothschild treachery . A few of them are ; RSICC – a John Birch Society smokescreen-frontalgroup/cell
? ; The Website of Political Research Associates ; Shock and Awe Graphics : Get Us Out Of The John Birch Society .

            Rothschild and Masonic information is almost limitless . Today’s churches are often led by Masonic preachers . I have yet to find the Church of Philadelphia or Smyrna even in home churches .Revelations’s five false churches now prevail . Hopefully you’ll find a trustworthy King James Bible and believe its author and perceive all this for yourself. . Your eternal soul is at stake . What shall a man be profited if he shall gain the whole world , and lose his own soul , or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul ? Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life , and that no man comes to the father except through him . Trust in the Lord with all your heart , and do not lean unto your own understanding . You will be glad you did .   

Please note . This is an old piece I had written many years ago . I have not looked at any Birch material for years . I'm sure there are some typos I'll try to repair later . As a young Christian I joined them for about one year . They inferred they were a Christ based organization . If I discover they have changed I will revise this blog . For now ,  today , Monday March 24 , 2014 , it stands . 

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