Wednesday, March 19, 2014

TBN preachers make the same pose as David Ben Gurion

These aren't the best similarities of poses , but I don't have time to waste looking for almost exact duplicate signals sent by many of the TBN false teachers . Some of them will be in my blogs . The picture of Mr. Ben Gurion came from one of the Jewish encyclopedias I own . The poses were from sermons made by David Jeremiah and Jack Graham in March , 2014 I believe .

 Thses are again just a few of the same thousands of witchcraft signals sent by Jack Graham in the same sermon referred to above . He cannot restrain himself from making these poses . No TBN preacher can . He said he grew up in church . It is not illogical to surmise that from a child he learned these poses and the meanings behind them .
 This is the pose of a Jewish bride . Her protective pose is similar to those sent by the thousands through TBN ministers' sermons . I had simply , and assuredly , incorrectly, labeled their lowered versions of this gesture as Billy Graham's  "The Mummy's Ghost " pose because it is similar to the same pose John Carradine used in the film , " The Mummy's Ghost " . That may still be able to be seen on my blog unless it has been blocked in some way .

Harry Reed's pose and the rabbi's pose are the same Jewish prayer pose . Why have TBN ministers made these poses continuously ?

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