Monday, March 24, 2014

Leon Show guest forms same middle finger gesture as had Charles Stanley

 On March 3rd , 2014 I just happened to notice
Dr. John Tolson making pyramid signals and the same odd middle finger gesture that Charles Stanley had made some time ago . The average man would not deliberately pull up his middle finger alone to emphasize a point . To say the least , it is bizarre . The only way I could upload these pictures of him was to take a picture of a Tracfone with an old Tracfone . Libraries seem to have changed their formats for enabling my photo transfer . The process is not that difficult . And my exposure of TBN clergy's middle fingers , witches 'pyramids , and other witchcraft signs has been labeled as hate . But , it is they who display hate for Christ by mocking him in word and deed . I have posted perhaps a dozen or more pictures of TBN clergy clearly displaying their middle fingers alone . There have been too many instances such as the picture above of David Jeremiah coyly disguising his loathing for Christ with an added finger as he and other have often done before . Had all of them also not displayed all of the witchcraft signals I , as well as others , have exposed before , one might give  them all the benefit of the doubt . The middle finger gesture of David Jeremiah is recent , as is the witchcraft goddess sign given by James Merritt , who had many other signals displayed in his most recent March 23rd , 2014 message . Dr. Tolson was a regular speaker for the Promise Keepers and is founder of " The Gathering USA , inc . "  He earned his Doctorate of Ministry at the very heretical Fuller Theological Seminary . ( But no matter what seminary one attended in America , or elsewhere , your understanding of the Bible would have been perverted . ) Years ago Leonard Sweet wrote a book titled , " Jesus Drives Me Crazy . " That is a form of brainwashing . Jesus didn't come to drive you crazy . Socialists use that ploy to weaken the faith of believers in Christ . Though I don't intend to examine his wife's book , " God Crazy Freedom " , I have great apprehension as to its true merits . When the term crazy is directly linked with God in any title today I reject the work out of hand , with my middle finger in the same position as the rest of my fingers , unlike TBN ministers and guests .

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