Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Captives at Liberty , Following in the Steps of the Pharisees ; Footprints in the Sand

Around March 12th , 2014 , I just happened to glimpse a young speaker at Liberty University making several quick demonic hand gestures . I had vowed that I was not going to waste any more time reporting about TBN heresies and hand signals .
Had his devil signs not been so continuous and amazingly quick , and had his shirt not displayed Masonic "x"s , I would have easily kept manually turning the channel . I didn't get his name but videoed a few of his demonic gestures . Here they are .


The Holy Spirit would not lead you to display the devil's hand sign . Since you cannot serve two masters , men like this must be Christ's enemies who have reproached the footsteps of God's anointed daily , following Alice Bailey's well worn Masonic " Path " of least resistance . Men like these are either not able to resist the wiles of the devil , or are purposely following him . Their footprints in the pyramid's sand lead right to Masonry's , and , or , witchcraft's den of iniquity , falling through the hourglass of time , until they face their judge who will come at an hour they think not , and appoint them their portion with the hypocrites .  
I have had no children , and may not have been a great father . But , had I children , I would have done all I could to expose to them the infiltration of witchcraft and Masonry in the church , now so obvious . And I would have done it without engendereing hatred toward Gentile or Jewish Mason or witch as the Bible commands . But I would hopefully persuade them never to be unequally yoked with them either . It will be a very exclusive and unique Christian University that has not been poisoned with the works of deceptive men like this one who exhibits the same Masonic/witchcraft signs I have posted online for years now . Contradictory poses such as these are another major reason I believe that the time of the Gentiles has all but been fulfilled . Will there be another similar 400 year period of silence before the two witnesses begin to proclaim the truth about Christ in Jerusalem ? Instances like that happen in the Bible . One thing I do know . I would almost rather my child attend a Christ hating university to pursue a degree in engineering than condone his attendance at any of the pseudo-Christian universities or seminaries existing today . At least in the pagan universities you know where people stand and are not as much indoctrinated with " Christian " heresy , witchcraft , and old wives' tales . These pseudo-Christian universities are leading their pupils down the garden Path , albeit , the wrong Path , the wrong garden .

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