Monday, March 10, 2014

Occult Cross and Crown (left ) ...Obelisks and Inverted Witches' Feet ( right )

Dr. Jack Graham's heresies are blatant at times , though more than likely , due to so much exposure , he seems to present the actual gospel more recently . Other false teachers have done the same . If I had enough money I would solicit another Elmer Gantry to preach the same sermons this man has preached , being assured by the new " Elmer " that he did not for one minute believe what he was saying . I would later ask Elmer to publicly reveal that his intentions to preach were only for moneys I paid him . Then I would be obliged to have a heart to heart with Elmer , though God may have talked to him through Elmer's own sermons . I would have much more hope to see Elmer in heaven than I would Dr. Graham , or his idol Billy , who himself was unsure he would go to heaven after years of preaching .
Dr. Graham's continuous display of witchcraft signals nullifies everything he says . These people want not only your money , but your very soul .

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