Monday, November 25, 2013

Just a few witches' pyramids and other Wiccan signs late November 2013

Mary Rice Hopkins , Ed Young , James Merritt , Michael Rood , and Curt Landry , ( with Ron Phillips ) made the witches' pyramid this weekend on TBN . Ed Young classed Melchizidek as a " mystical " figure . Perhaps he can join John Michael Talbotts's  ministry of mysticism . Ed Young ( fourth from bottom ), has made numerous witches' pyramids over the years , as have all these TBN personalities . Michael Youssef here ( next to last ) made the Wiccan/Masonic "god" pose . Adrian Rogers' devil sign is clear here . I know these photos are terrible , but I continue to try to showcase new faces I have not highlighted before to reveal the common thread of mysticism that weaves the heresies of these TBN word-weavers together . You cannot serve two masters . Why do they say they love Christ , yet continually display images directly associated with the world of the Talmud and witchcraft ?

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