Friday, November 1, 2013

Typical happy pose of many TBN deceivers when they display the horned hand and other Wiccan signals

Clearly , Mr. Robison's first finger and pinky are separately extended , displaying the horned hand , el diablo , also used by supposed Christian followers of Brian Head Welch . James Robison's countenance reveals the love he has for Christ as he makes this Satanic gesture . He has also made witches' pyramids before . I do not watch him because his heresies are great and he obviously doesn't have real peace with Christ . ( And I only watch the TBN preachers to reveal to the unwary these preachers' Satanic leanings . )There are numerous preachers like him who rant , rave and scream at their audience . I doubt that John the Baptist was as irate as preachers like these . Though I'd guess the rugged John the Baptist may have appeared stern when he challenged the unrepentant Pharisees , I doubt that he attracted believers with demeanors like this such as are displayed by James Robison here . Some of these false teachers are probably encouraged in the subverted seminaries that it is necessary to often show anger while preaching . Jesus didn't do that , or he would not have attracted the harlots and tax collectors . And he did not raise his voice in the streets . Pastor Robison looks about as joyful in Christ as the Satanist Brian Head Welch who appears to have Christ's blood on him , not in him . Pat Robertson had featured this man as a wonderful Christian example , but that is typical of Pat Robertson . Mr. Welch's raspy demonic musical delivery and his love for the occult seems not to have waned since he espoused belief  in Christ . And perhaps the Masonic /communist buzzword " paradigm " used in KORN 's album , " The Paradigm Shift " , was just a fluke . Mr. Welch's newer album , " Love and Death " appear to reveal his love for death . Jesus said , " they that hate me love death . " That is the path Mr. Welch appears to have chosen since separating himself from his former band members in KORN , and prior to that . Mr. Robison seems to be walking that same path , as do all the Trinity Broadcasting preachers who display the common Masonic/Wiccan signals while speaking .

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