Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dr. Mark Chironna ; his occult cross and a few of his horned hands

 Though these pictures are very blurry, what I allege here may seem to have validity if you view this man's deceitful sermons . What concerned me when I first noticed him was the fact that he wore a jacket each time which seemed to purposely make the cross he wears around his neck appear to be an occult cross . TBN preachers know stage presentation . The blowup photo of his horned hand is crude , but pertains to the previous picture of his horned hand . If you find this November? broadcast you can watch for yourself that as he begins to point with his first finger , he slyly manipulates the pinky to display the horned hand . I endured watching an entire sermon once because I noticed his occult cross display and his horned hand . His heresies are so numerous and aberrant my critiquing of them  is not worth my time . He is typical of most of TBN's 2nd place false teachers .

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