Friday, November 29, 2013

David Barton continues to send horned hand and other signals as Mr. Wommavk displays witchcraft's goddess sign

 When I can receive TBN programs on which I suspect Masonic/Wiccan signals will be sent by men who say they represent Christ I usually tape them , or the portions I am able to receive . I have yet to see a pastor on the TBN network I trust , nor do I ever anticipate doing so , because their Pentecostal foundation is corrupt . Often I simply tape the portions I get and simply edit quickly for signs like these . I did listen to this conversation between Mr. Barton and Mr. Wommack on Friday November 29 , 2013 . During this  tete a tete Mr. Barton says you may find about two men of the founding fathers of America who were not Christians . The hand signals given by these men make me doubt the veracity of these men on David Wommack's program today . Long ago I had written blogs regarding America's history of Christian socialism , the Masonic / non-Christian beliefs of most of the powerful and influential founding fathers , and the parallels of Masonry and communism deeply rooted in this country . David Barton , to my knowledge has never come close to exposing these documented facts . He says he opposes the ACLU and those who oppose Christianity in this country . So do I . He says America's early colleges were Christian . At best they spoke of Christ , but their hearts were far from him . My critique , " George Washington the Mason " exposes that fairly clearly , if I remember correctly . It was men associated with the Masonic Lodge in this country who publicly deemed it Christian . I learned today that " Drive Through History " was part of David Barton's Wallbuilders . Now I more clearly see why David Stotts presented the witches' pyramid in at least one of his programs . I had displayed that in an earlier blog . And it appears that David Barton has a friendly relationship with the Mormon Glen Beck , who years ago on CNN displayed the horned hand and is suspected of being a Mason . My exposure of the Masonic / Wiccan leanings of these men is not a personal attack . Should I meet them in person I would probably get along with them well , until I tactfully confronted them with my opposing views , backed up with quotes from the men they espouse to be Christian . I can't help but like Dave Stotts whose humor is enticing . But , his understanding of America's purported Christian roots is darkened by the blindness of men like David Barton who continually displays the horned hand , the witches' triangle and probably other Masonic/Wiccan signals . Watch programs of men like these when they have nothing in their hands .
You can see them slowly and purposely retract their 2nd and 3rd fingers as they form the horned hand . I transfer several seconds of these hand configurations to DVD from tape . I have lost some , but still may have hours of these few seconds of TBN ministers' demonic hand signals . How can you validate this as a Christian ? The average man would never make these signals even one time by mistake , yet scores of these self-proclaimed Christians do it continually . If signalers like this are not Alice Bailey's budding Masonic adepts who have been given deeper Biblical understanding , then they are witches in Masonic disguise , or communists still working inside the church , or the major Wiccan god , goddess , horned hand and witches' pyramid signals constantly given are an amazing coincidences . Mr. Barton's book , " The Questions of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers" espouses Mr. Barton's misunderstanding that Freemasonry had only a small influence on America's foundation , and that the Founders' involvement with Masonry was limited . Watch some Masonic DVD's and films that challenge that deception of Mr. Barton's . They too can back up their claim that America was founded upon Masonic machinations with overwhelming historical evidence . In my April 10 , 2012 blog , " David Jeremiah blasphemy : David Barton seems not to condemn Masonry : David Barton An American Christian Impostor " I remember correctly critiquing him fairly harshly . Others have done the same . The Black Robe Regiment seems to condone Masonry . It's emblem is actually occult . Though they claim no direct association with David Barton , they highly recommend him . Perhaps that is the reason when I viewed several TBN shows this year the primary wardrobe color was black ; suitable for Masonry and witchcraft , as are those
continuous inappropriate and unnecessary hand signals . The female here is actually the witch Kendra Vaughn Hovey  making her Wiccan sign that most TBN ministers have made . 

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