Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The skit guise

I had watched only one portion of these two deceivers' work on TBN some time ago . After the most recent TBN Praiseathon , I decided to do household chores and tape these fellows show on Monday , November 11 , 2013 . They call themselves the skit guys . Anything associated with TBN will display heresy to some degree . Their skit , titled , " THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO, HMMM " , is a good example of brainwashing . They preface their deception with the pyramid  which splits light into the Masonic spectrum of rays . Several times during their program the pyramid is featured . Why would supposed Christians highlight Masonry's pyramid so often ? In the last blurry picture Eddie James is forming Masonry's witches' pyramid . More than once in this skit the horned hand is revealed . Both skittish fellows are shown in these doubly copied Tracfone fuzzy pictures making the horned hand , as have countless TBN personalities . This cannot be coincidental . These men mock God as they parody Psalm 139 , saying that it is like a skit . Here are some of the blasphemous and heretical things they say and do , as they quote some of Psalm 139 , uttering , " Search me oh God ." Tommy Woodard , the man with the white hospital gloves on , goes into a demonic trance mimicking a jittery blind man in the manner you used to be able to do as a child , forcing your eyes upward , so that only the whites of your eyes may be seen . He then says , " I am God " , as he teeters back and forth as one possessed . The not so subtle blasphemy , proclaiming himself God through mockery , is apparent to those who truly know Christ . Canned laughter is added after each blasphemous facet of the skit .  Then Tommy Woodward agreed to portray the Holy Ghost . He articulated that he was like Casper the Friendly Ghost , only holier . In Casper's cartoon lifetime he has never been portrayed as being holy . Do you think God directed these men who have mocked him thus far ? And Mr. Woodard doesn't say the Holy Ghost is HOLY , but , simply holier then Casper , an unholy ghost . Eddie James reads some of Psalm 139 again , saying , " Search me Oh God and know my heart . " As he says this Mr. Woodard dons two white hospital plastic gloves , as he is captured in the photo above . Mr. James then displays the Satanic horned hand and then Mr. Woodard , portraying God , tells Mr. James to relax and sit down . Mr. Woodard then reaches behind the chair in which Mr. James is sitting and the inference that Mr. Woodard is reaching into Mr. James' posterior is clear . Canned laughter attempts to enable the blasphemy to hopefully continue undetected . " God " then pulls an x-ray of Mr. James' heart from beneath the seat portion of the chair . Later Mr. James is shown watching pornography on the internet , as Mr. Woodard displays the horned hand again . After that , the Masonic reference to light in the form of the word " ray " is made , and the witches' pyramid is formed . Mr. Woodard later says , " Listen , do you think that Jesus Christ died on the cross to make you good ? That's wrong . Jesus Christ died on the cross to wake you up from death , to bring you to life so that you would make the Father famous . "  Christians know that Jesus died on the cross , not only to make them good , but perfect as one of my blogs , " Jesus Says You Must Be Perfect " , clearly explains . These men here directly contradict God's word . And Jesus didn't die to help Christians make God famous . God has put knowledge of himself in every man's heart . He doesn't seek " fame ". Neither Billy Graham nor Charles Stanley agree with God's word that Christians are to be made perfect . I have kept the sermons in which both said that you can never be perfect , but God says , more than once , that Christians by faith must become so . Mr. James , the repentant sinner then prays , saying , " I want to make you famous , lead me in he way of everlasting life " . This skit is merely a guise promoting heresy and blasphemy through foolish talking and jesting which are not convenient . These are another of TBN's heretics I could not call Christian brothers , but enemies of the cross they openly mock .

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