Thursday, November 7, 2013

David Jeremiah's odd signal ?

In a November aired sermon David Jeremiah placed five fingers on his chest , then showed three in front and followed up by placing those three fingers back to his chest with the little finger still tucked in . This formation is very close to pictures of the Masonic lion's paw made by other alleged Masons such as Pat Robertson and Billy Graham . The fact that he keeps his little finger tucked in makes me suspect this is another Masonic signal .

Masonry is based upon Talmudic witchcraft as Masonic manuals and teachers state . TBN's preachers
often make Masonic signals during their sermons . The United Nations' still unrivaled queen , Alice Bailey, supplied 24 major occult books which she correctly prophesied would help pave the way for her false Christ . Witches have an unholy trinity as exemplified in the triangle with the Masonic "X" and the three fingers . This occult logo is on the front of all her books . Witches stangs , ( stings ) , are often shaped with three prongs , the middle one often a candle . The peace sign , or crow's foot has three prongs also . And on the first male witches' forehead pictured here with his stang , ( used to perform curses ) , are antlers , another representation of the devil used in Wiccan rituals , one of which follows this . The horned hand sign is clear in this picture . In this case , the devil is represented by horns , not antlers . Witches use both on their stangs and in their Satanic worship . I highly suggest Christians not delve too deeply into the details of witchcraft . Because it was apparent that David Jeremiah promoted it through his obvious Eye of Horus and his constant signaling via Wicca's god , goddess , horned hand , and middle finger Masonic challenges , as well as other signs not yet disclosed , I felt compelled to warn Christians that today's churches are nothing but fronts for occultism .

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