Friday, November 22, 2013

TBN finally OPENLY promoting mysticism

I had listened to a portion of John Michael Talbot's program on television the other day . Clearly he states that mysticism is acceptable with God . His heretical rhetoric and demeanor display the Wiccan
tone more coming into view throughout the world . His work is merely witchcraft . One of his books , " The Way Of The Mystics : Ancient Wisdom For Experiencing God " , is exemplary . Ancient wisdom is the wisdom sought by occultists and Alice Bailey's adepts . This is not godly wisdom , but the curious art of those who practiced witchcraft in Egypt . When I was young witchcraft was not openly celebrated . Few books on the occult were in public libraries . Since the country's inception witchcraft has continued to gain acceptance through books , television and pseudo-Christian organization such as the Trinity Broadcasting Network which promotes the acceptance of the Jewish Talmud . Basic witchcraft black has been the color choice for TBN personalities for some time now , and is strongly associated with the occult . Space for celebrating Halloween has increased fourfold in stores since I was a child  . Now stores such as " The Spirit of Halloween " are fairly good size , and some pay employees to dress up as witches on street corners near Halloween to advertise . The occult has not really taken over . It has merely grown from it's disguised cancerous infancy to the uncontrollable adolescent it currently is . Masonic witchcraft was the foundation of this country whose major leaders , ( whose faces are still on currency ) , spoke highly of Christ but did not have saving faith in him . TBN is exacerbating their demonic aspirations of Masonry's and communism's and the United Nations' world of one faith which will be witchcraft .

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