Thursday, November 7, 2013

So, where's the change in Brian " Head " Welch's life ?

Mr. Welch , claims to know Chris as Lord , but his appearance belies that fact because of these observations the following observations . He continued to promote death by wearing a white t-shirt with human skulls and maintaining that demonic Gothic look when promoted years ago as a converted Christian years ago on Pat Robertson's television program . The interview may still be seen on the net under , " BRIAN HEAD WELCH SITS DOWN WITH PAT ROBERTSON . "

On the net , under " Brian Head Welch : WASHED BY BLOOD LYRICS , Jesus' name is never mentioned . His picture , supposedly evidencing his " conversion " , ( above ) , states washed in blood . Witches bathe themselves in blood . Do you really think the Holy Spirit inspired this portrayal
of the work of Christ through someone screaming in rage ? The lyrics state ; " you're washed by blood , from deep inside ."  Whose blood was this . Was it your own , because it states it came from deep inside ? Satan would be happy with that line . Another line states , " you'll be reborn if you choose ."  But choose what ? God's revelation of the perversity of human nature is not articulated in this song , which may coincidentally have the Masonic overtone , ( undertone ) , that people like him will " shine bright " . Light is mentioned too , another Masonic inference . The song continues , " I am taking over now ."  But who is taking over now ? Christ isn't mentioned at all in this song . Satanists and Wiccans could use this song for one of their conversion ceremonies .  On page 1 of 9 of Google search's Brian Welch Masonry's and witchcraft's " X " is tattooed on each hand . Whether he had or is currently associated with either one of those groups , I am not sure .  His appearance in is still Gothic , as his appearance is on his supposedly Christian , " Love and Death " album . Converted Christians do not want to glorify death . The website Jesus Is Savior .com says on page 2 of 7 that Mr. Welch had said ; " If you're new to this faith thing , may I say , a faith thing is not being born again . " The writer of this article continued that Mr. Welch had not once mentioned that he had sinned against God . Though Brian Welch divorced himself from KORN , ( whose R is the Russian personal pronoun " I " ) , in 2005 , but had announced in 20012 that the was rejoining the  occult group whose name would be changed to , " Love And Death . " On the net under , " Interview , Former KORN Guitarist Brian Head Welch of Love And Death Talks About New Album , Between Here And Lost " , the band members all have snakelike figures coming out of their hands . These are not tree branches , but symbolize snakes , which symbolize occultism , as do his dreadlocks . His face in the glass disk also seems to display the image he wants to project for his new " savior . " In the lyrics of his song " Rebel " he states , " If you'll knock I'll open the door . Christ is not mentioned in this song either , and it is the beggarly poor in spirit who knocks in truth , and Jesus discerns a faithful one and opens the door , not the beggarly sinner . To my knowledge sin is not mentioned in these supposed Christian songs . And decades ago , worldly songs that made the charts mockingly had lines in them that acknowledged the writers were sinners . Mr. Welch's  "Adonai"  lyrics state ; " make you escape from life with Adonai . Everything in life depends on Adonai . "  But Jesus didn't come to enable Christians to " escape from life " , but to give life to you abundantly , even if through suffering . Adonai is yet another Masonic buzzword , supposedly referring to God , but it in essence refers to Lucifer , Masonry's god .The word Shekhinah on his eyelid is a Talmudic expression meaning " God's presence on earth . " The use of the word Shekhinah is touted by the misled Pentecostals and by Wiccans . Brian says he knows God loves KORN's music because it's passionate and very honest . Most occultists believe that . Perhaps those at the Christ Temple Church in California presented the current worldwide false gospel to him .  Pat Robertson and Trinity Broadcasting Network have encouraged Brian Head Welch to continue to plunge headlong toward hell . Brian's quick return to the Satanic group KORN after he supposedly had an encounter with Christ makes one doubt a real Biblical conversion actually occurred . Alcoholics Anonymous members convert to teatotalers , but often remain unrepentant sinners doomed for hell .
At the bottom of one of the pages pertaining to Brian Head Welch the devil hand logo was displayed , and is also pictured here .   

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