Monday, November 18, 2013

Double Whammy , As Above So Below

Obviously , the One World Trade Center epitomizes Masonry's Hermetic Magus , the upright , and inverted pyramid . Not until the construction of the One World Trade Center has the Masonic pyramid been so publicly prominently inverted . The Slovensky Rozhas and the Victoria and Albert Museum do not compare in size . Neither are they Masonry's 1776 feet in height . And their cornerstones were not laid on Masonry's July 4th date , nor were they intended in their " master plan " to have alluded to the Masonic Statue of Liberty whose Masonic rays of light emanated from her forehead as that of the Colossus of Rhodes . And their designers did not intend to have hanging gardens as the designer Daniel Libeskind planned for this tower which was to have contained the " Gardens of the World " . Funny how much it seems to represent Babylon , isn't it ?  This building more symbolizes Esotericism's " Golden Dawn " of both the upright and inverted pyramid .Witchcraft's and Masonry's beloved symbol , the pyramid is openly displayed around the world . Most are not aware of its importance to witches and Masons . " As Above , So Below " is a phrase used by both of these occult groups who believe wisdom to be a trinity of alchemy , astrology and theurgy . Theurgy is " divine magic ", which translates to " the science or art of divine works . " Alchemy here refers to the old Egyptian worship of the sun , whose Masonic counterpart is Lucifer , the sun of God , the prodigal son . The best translation of Hermes Trismegistus' Satanic phrase regarding As Above So Below is ; " That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above , and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below , to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing . " This is the ploy of Satan in the garden with Eve . In the black and white picture above , Satan is the snake eating its own tail , Ouroboros . The occult cross above is missing in the reflection Below . The Talmudist's beard is in the formation of witchcraft's unholy trinity . Theosophy's , ( The United Nation's and Alice Bailey's ),  " T " ,  is Above and Below , and there are three pyramids in the upper left of the Above , and three in the Below reflection , representing Egypt's three well known pyramids . The occult Star of David is displayed in all the seats of congress , and is the Talmudic symbol of Masonry , upon which this nation was founded . It is symbolic of the occultism preached  in the pulpits of Trinity Broadcasting's Masonic ministries . The designers wanted One World Trade Center's shape to appear "twisted ." Surely , who can make straight that which the LORD hath made crooked . According to a source on the net , the triangle with its point down represents Satan's deity and is called the Water Triangle . With the point facing up it symbolizes the perfect or divine man , and is called The Earthly Triangle or Pyramid man . This is the man TBN preachers like David Jeremiah and others are hoping to incubate through their Talmudic witches' pyramid and numerous Satanic hand signals and sermons which pervert the word of God . They are awaiting David Jeremiah's coveted god-man .

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