Monday, November 18, 2013

David Jeremiah , The Gift That Keeps On Giving

 Just as I had thought this deceiver had suppressed his desires to display his love publicly for the Wiccan god he serves David Jeremiah surprised me during his 11//17/13 Sermon, " The Fear of God " . During this sermon he again gives the Wiccan middle finger rebuke and the Wiccan closed-fist crossed arm " god " pose also used by Masons . When he was making his double fist uncrossed pose I thought he had finally learned to restrain himself . His Wiccan poses seemed to have come to an end a while ago . But shortly after displaying the Masonic double fist challenge , he displayed his all too familiar Wiccan " god"  pose. Witchcraft and Masonry are like a drug habit that cannot be satisfied . He says he used to counsel people that the fear of God meant reverence , but more recently he has changed his mind . Young Christians who truly know Christ understand that godly fear . Why did it take this renowned author this long to learn that ? Or is he simply preaching sermons that he knows will be acceptable now ? He continues to blaspheme Jesus again in this sermon by calling him the " god-man " . He quotes deceivers C.S. Lewis and John Piper giving them laud . There seems to be no real fear of God for this man whose heresies are great and Wiccan signals are blatant . This earlier Masonic/Wiccan rebuke he would call a mistake of course . But there are numerous others he has made with both middle fingers pointing to his temples at least twice , which he would be called on the carpet for by newscasters if they had something against him .He knows he is protected to a major degree .

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