Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alice Bailey's false Christ

This is Harry Anderson's U.N. Christ who will reign over the book of Revelation's ten toes . Though the Bible does not say Jesus had long hair,  and though the Bible says his hairs were white like wool , and though it says Christ has a golden girdle girt about the paps , that is not the way he is portrayed here . In her book , " Education in the New Age " ,  Alice Bailey prophesied the " new world religion " that the Talmudists have been tailoring through Masonry of which she was a part . She assured that the Masonic church would enable the masters of wisdom to prepare the way for her false Christ's return . But the antichrist must be Jewish and not European .

The real Jesus will not reason together with the kings of the earth and its rulers who will take counsel together against the LORD and his anointed , the anointed being him . They will do that prior to his arrival , and after his thousand year reign on earth . Pictures like this brainwash people into accepting another gospel , another Jesus , another spirit .

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