Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tim LaHaye the occultist

Knowing Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series was about the false rapture I never read any of his books . I bought a few at Salvation Army stores to quote the heresies he is well known for in that series . His Babylon Rising ( audio ) was on sale for about a quarter at a library so I thought I'd listen to it . His love for the occult shines through , with numerous Masonic use of the term " chaos " . The unbiblical premise is that the world will be convinced of the truth of Christ if the hero , Michael Murphy , can find Biblical artifacts . This absurdity was demonstrated when it was stated let him come down from the cross and we will believe him . Christ said if they won't believe Moses they won't believe though one rose from the dead . How absurd to deceive the world into thinking that finding Biblical treasures would induce non-believers to finally believe in Christ . The Bible alone will do that . Tim LaHaye will only drive people from Christ .  

Michael Murphy searches for Moses' serpent and finds the ( Masonic ) bottom third of the " tail " , which incidentally Biblically represents false teachers like Mr. LaHaye . And in Masonic fashion , in this heretical celluloid fiction , Moses had inscribed on that tail triangles so beloved by witches and Masons . Moses would never have had pyramids ( triangles ) inscribed on that serpent . The Bible gives no hints that is true , and the serpent was all that was necessary to get God's point across that he had vanquished evil and beheld Satan as lightning upon that pole .  Though Michael Murphy could have been easily killed by the book's seven behind the scenes villains , he escapes death time after time . Though six represents the devil , LaHaye chooses to portray villains using the godly number seven . The ungodly term " luck " is used a few times by LaHaye as something that Christians should accept , rather than understanding that in essence , God is in total control . Murphy's adversary , " Talon " calls himself a " warrior " . This for a change is something Mr. Lahaye portrays correctly , for witches call themselves " warriors " and heretical pastors continuously try to infer that Christians should call themselves " warriors " , as well as " revolutionaries . "

The " seven " exemplify the control the Masonic Lodge has worldwide . They study their compatriots' and their enemies' complete lives and can accurately anticipate what they might do in certain situations .One potential evil initiate candidate is told that he will be successful beyond his wildest dreams if he decides to join their evil cause . Becoming a member of a Masonic Lodge can do that for certain people also .

Wanting to cast the hero Michael Murphy in a good Masonic light LaHaye states that he was someone who had " brushes with authority . " Though the Bible tells us to obey the laws of the land and to subject ourselves to the authority under which we live , LaHaye likes to paint Christians with a revolutionary brush .

His heroes supposedly find deeper secrets hidden in the book of Daniel . I can't help but think of Alice Bailey's adepts and C. S. Lewis ' deeper magic when I examine material like this . LaHaye infers that the book of Daniel is the key to understanding the time of Christ's return . The Hebrew roots deceptive movement echoes that sentiment also . And the Masons are always looking for that " lost key . "

In Masonic fashion LaHaye describes an ancient " scroll " found on papyrus as a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis . There need to be found no more " scrolls ". The most bandied scrolls are the Dead Sea scrolls which have been proven to be extremely heretical , but use of the term scroll helps the cause of Masonry . And Masons employ the butterfly as another of their numerous symbols .

The hero speaks of the brazen serpent broken by king Hezekiah in three pieces in 714 B.C. , and tells his wife that Isis Prosperine McDonald can decipher the meanings of the ancient Biblical artifact he has found  , ( the serpent's lowest tail portion . ) In the book " Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft " , page 23 on the net , it is stated that ; "  Prosperine and Diana grant  power to Witches who worship them . " Prosperine was the Greek mythological daughter of Zeus and Demeter kidnapped by Pluto ( or Hades ) to be his wife and queen of the lower world , but allowed to return every year and was also known as a personification of spring . Isis has ancient pottery figures which are her " goddesses " . Isis' own father had called her a " goddess " when she was young . LaHaye can't help himself from including the lure of witchcraft to entice the book's false Christian hero to fall in love with this " goddess " after his wife is murdered .Together , later it seems , they will continue to pursue " the serpent ", totally fitting for Mr. LaHaye's love of the occult as evidenced also in his blatant Eye of Horus in the Shadow Mountain church he previously pastored . And it is curious that LaHaye includes the name McDonald here . Margaret MacDonald of Scotland had fabricated the lie of Christ's two stage return . In 1830 she had gone into a " trance " warning of the world's end . Edward Irving's church labeled her a prophetess . After visiting her in her home John Nelson Darby began the Plymouth Brethren of England . Mr. LaHaye capitalized on the " Rapture " lie of MacDonald and Darby . Isis McDonald was also associated with " The Parchment Freedom Foundation ."  The Christian Freedom Foundation lauded by LaHaye in the United States does not represent Christ , but then neither does Mr. LaHaye .

Not wanting to waste much time regarding further investigation of Mr. LaHaye's unbiblical writing I looked at Wikipedia's Babylon Rising which gave short synopses of the rest of his related works . In his " Secret on Ararat " it is stated that his enemy Talon steals Michael Murphy's  " brass plates
which hold the secret of the philosopher's Stone . " That statement screams Masonry . In his " The Edge of Darkness " Michael Murphy apparently locates or attempts to locate " Aaron's Rod and the Golden Jar of Manna ." The Mossad aids Murphy in his discovery of one of the Bible's most feared warnings - a prophesy of false miracles , false messiahs , and ultimate evil , all of which Mr. LaHaye is a part , especially stating that people who receive the mark of the beast will still go to heaven .

Again , I endured extreme difficulty typing this yesterday . Near the end of yesterday's incomplete critique of this liar's work words I had typed disappeared and changed places all by themselves . This has happened before .



  1. Michael Murphy The two letter M's represent the number 33.

    I agree with you only that LaHaye and Jeremiah are Freemasons, i.e., wolves in sheep's clothing. However, I disagree with you concerning the rapture, which you call heresy. Scripture is very clear that during the time of the tribulation, God will pour out His wrath upon a Christ rejecting world. Paul tells Christians that God has NOT appointed Christians/the Bride of Christ, to wrath. He also adds, " shall they (the unbeliever)escape?" which infers there is an escape and that is the pre-trib rapture.

  2. For more info on Margaret Macdonald (who invented the pretrib rapture hoax), Google "Margaret Macdonald's Rapture Chart," "X-Raying Margaret," and "Margaret Macdonald's Main Point." Also Google "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty."