Monday, October 7, 2013

Just a few of James Merritt's Wiccan poses 10/06/13

These are some of the poses he makes that have no credible correlation to the words in his sermon .
This is typical of all the TBN ministers who have made these poses . Curiously , after much exposure regarding these Wiccan poses both Jack Graham and David Jeremiah seem to have excluded them during their sermons . If they are intended for the deaf why isn't there a deaf interpreter featured , rather than a pastor making a pose that is known to be Masonic or Wiccan ? Deaf parishoners probably knew that Jesus loves them before they may have entered his church . Why would he need to continually emphasize that fact to any deaf in the audience ? And why would he need to display the United Nations' Triangle , or witches' pyramid repeatedly ? As have David Jeremiah and Jack Graham seemed to suspend their numerous Wiccan signals , I suspect he may soon do the same . Had Billy Graham's heresies not been so blatant and widely heralded , along with his unbelievable number of displays of the witches' pyramid during the course of his ministry, James' Merritt's defense of his audible and visible heresies might seem more acceptable should he ever attempt to make one . Trinity Broadcasting is leading the way to the Masonic " new world order  ", Masonry only being the Talmudic stepping stone needed to enable Jerusalem to become the world's capitol as Talmudists and the Bible correctly prophecy that it will be . Remember , Jewish encyclopedias state that communism , Masonry  and Talmudism were crafted by Jewish men . Though God hates what they do , he does love them and wants them to repent and believe in His Son . Though sometimes a clear gospel message is disseminated by Masonic preachers , once men and women join Masonry they have become involved in witchcraft . Should they not turn from it they will be rejected by Christ . David Jeremiah doesn't believe that and says God will always love you no matter what you do . Those who maintain that position are clearly , Biblically wrong .

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