Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jonathan Bernis continues his witches' pyramids

Though I had previously deemed him heretical long ago , I again watched his program Jewish Voice Monday , October 7th , 2013 . Though this blurry cheap Tracfone picture taken of his program on my almost defunct television displays a poor image of the star of David , the upper triangle always seemed to stand out to me . The Masonic blue triangle seems as distinct as the triangle he regularly shapes with his hands . Neither he , nor his guest Norm Franz would dare disclose the truths they must both know regarding the long held control of the world's major financial institutions by the Rothschild family , as they subtly attempt to infer that is an insane conspiratorial notion . Satan has always worked best through unbelieving Jews as both the old and new testament prove . Gentiles can be just as corrupt , but often do not wield the demonic power that drives those Jewish men , many of whom have had much Talmudic instruction . Study Jewish education in synagogues . In most , if not all there are classes in the Talmud which takes precedence over the old testament . Though the old testament is referred to as the Torah , what is actually meant is the Talmud and wise Christians and Jews know that . The last picture may have been from the following program . I had to include it because it was as clear as some of Billy Graham's .

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