Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another of David Jeremiah's brainwashing attempts

In his 12/26/13 aired sermon David Jeremiah says that the opposite of faith is not unbelief , but fear .
But what is the world's sin ? It is disbelief in Jesus . And Hebrews 3:19 states that people could not enter heaven because of their unbelief . And though Jesus' three most beloved disciples were on the mountain with him when he was transfigured , a cloud overshadowed them and they feared . But their fear was a godly fear , and it was good . They believed in Jesus , but because of his indescribable majesty , they feared , as many who loved him fell down as dead when he appeared to them . That fear is not the opposite of faith . Jesus warns us not to be highminded , but fear . This is a faithful , respectful fear and reverence for God who was not highminded but took upon himself the form of a servant and became sin for us so that we could serve him someday without fear . Though Jesus warned Christians not to fear them who kill the body and are not able to kill the soul , but rather to fear him who is able to cast both soul and body into hell , David Jeremiah wants to semantically seduce you , hoping to snare you with his own craftiwork  of corruption of God's word  by telling you not to fear him .  Though perfect love casts out fear , Jesus continues throughout his new testament to urge Christians to maintain a healthy fear of God .

In his October 20 , 2013 sermon David Jeremiah had remarked that the apostle Peter had often put his foot in his mouth . That's an old worn out mockery of the one Jesus chose to base his church upon . Peter's example of faith and courage were exemplary . Those who want to mock Christ continue to demean Peter in this way . It's too bad David Jeremiah wasn't alive during Christ's ministry , for he surely would have outperformed Peter in every way .

Dr. Jeremiah also said in this sermon that Peter would probably have lead the supposed Christian football players in prayer after their football games while on the field . I seriously doubt that God is
at all honored by men who point their finger to the sky , thinking they are glorifying the God who made them ; the God who , though he nailed his commandments to a tree long ago , should still be honored on Sundays as John Bunyan suggested . And displaying a banner that reads John 3:16 during televised Sunday sporting events where the flesh is glorified during commercials and on the fields through scantily clad goddesses surely must highly honor Him . And woe to the man who gives his neighbor drink during these games in which men sometimes purposely cause such injury that may result in paralysis or death of their opponent later . Playing football does not necessarily ensure the development of manhood . Many homosexuals have been pro football players . No matter how rugged they are , disbelief in Jesus will bar them from heaven . Not many mighty are called . For Christians , Sunday is still the Bible's day of worship , not work , or revelry . Peter would not have attended a game with David Jeremiah nor led prayer with men who rationalized disrespect for God by
working on the day designed to honor him and point one finger upward toward heaven as if to say thank you to heaven's God for allowing them to make a touchdown . Christian policemen , firemen , nurses and others in necessary services who work on Sundays seem to have a legitimate excuse for occasionally working on that day . It's tough to get around it , but it can be done occasionally . Professional football is different . There are tough talented men always willing and waiting to become employed by those who mandate disregard for Sunday's reverence . But to suggest Peter would willingly endorse their actions by praying with them after games on the field is absurd . But , again , this is how David Jeremiah seduces the unwary .

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