Monday, October 7, 2013

Michael Rood : A Rude Awakening Indeed

Watching him once long ago I could see this man was a heretic at best . On his recent program aired in my area in early October , 2013 he lauded the charismatic Sid Roth as " the granddaddy of Messianic ministries  ."  Sid Roth's programs were so often absolutely preposterous and heretical I also only watched a few of them . Both these men promote the Hebrew roots of the gospel , and I do not dispute nor disrespect that . I see programs like this as socialist fronts and I have given credible evidence for that in other blogs . In this program Mr. Rood reproves a pastor who wants to maintain Sunday as the day of worship . Michael responds to a viewers' letter regarding his concern over this issue , saying  that Shabbat is the fourth commandment and arrogantly poses this question to the pastor whom he must hope will later view this program ; " What are you , some kind of task kissing papist ? "  His inflection easily reveals the intent of his remark . Rood proclaims here that keeping the Saturday Sabbath is the test of whether you are a child of God or not . Both he and his guest Chaim Goldman form the witches' pyramid . Only Mr. Rood displays extreme rudeness by quickly flashing his middle finger to an audience he must hate , as he mentions his work on " the ancient Biblical calendar . " Both he and his co-host exemplify the " revolutionary " false Christian with their long hair . The Bible says it is a shame for a man to have long hair , but in typical heretical fashion these men oppose Christ in word and deed . There are several websites that mention the dangers of following Michael Rood .

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