Monday, October 28, 2013

More rudeness from Michael Rood

 Rabbi Cliff Maynard who promotes " Blue Thread Ministries International " makes more that one witches' pyramids while a guest on Michael Rodd's program recently aired by TBN in October 2013 . The witches' pyramid is a common theme in many of TBN's heretical programs . Though Jesus stated in the Bible that it is not proper any more for a man's head to be covered while praying , and that men should not be called rabbi , this does not bother men like these in the least . As do Alice Bailey's adepts have superior knowledge , men like rabbi Maynard has access to " super prophecies " . Their super prophecies may be related to the Masonic pyramids it appears , by the constant formation of the witches' pyramids of Messianic Jews like these . There are some Messianic Jews who will agree with me . There is no need or command to exclude the letter " o " in God , nor in Lord . Yet men like these insist upon doing it . They may believe they are no longer under the law , yet they are binding to themselves ungodly man-made commandments , and encouraging others to do the same . And no blessing is received from Michael Rood's Jewish hand formation displayed by so many Messianic deceivers today . Rabbi Maynard's website says he was filled with Ruach HaKodesh when he was younger . The usual association with this is the Pentecostal demonic tongues .The pictures above of his pyramids are two separate shots of two quick successive pyramids . He's got it down pretty good . These are well formed for such quick movements .

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