Friday, October 25, 2013

Only a few of Billy Graham's witches' pyramids aired by TBN October 2013

 Though I have posted many of this same pose ,(called the witches' triangle ) , made by Billy Graham , I usually didn't specify the sermon in which he made them . As I stated before , he often made these in three rapid successions . Calling it the Jewish Kohan blessing does not change its nature . God's word rightly divided is sufficient to offer God's plan of salvation through rebirth in Christ . No unspoken " blessings " are needed or appropriate . Faithful believing Jews before Christ hated the pyramids . There can only be a curse associated with the unbiblical casting forth of the sign of the pyramid through the hands . The demeanor of the men who offer this common curse is anger, not peace or happiness . Watch Trinity Broadcasting preachers sermons . Look closely to evidence tranquility in their souls as they preach and especially when they make this gesture . What the lamp of their bodies reveal is one of darkness and often rage . Billy Graham's relentless plea is for " commitment " to Christ . Anybody can make a commitment to something . Commitments are easy to break . The devil knows that . He also inspired the other Wiccan signs such as the " god " and " goddess " poses made by many of the Trinity Broadcastings array of false teachers who are either promoting ungodly Masonry or witchcraft by displaying these signs unrelated to the words they are speaking at the time .
More than likely Masons or witches find the correlation . The common man doesn't . Though Jeff Shreve seems personable his personality seems to change when he makes this pose as do the personalities of others who make all of Wicca's and Masonry's poses during their sermons . Ask them to give the Biblical explanation for them . If challenged they will come up with something .

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