Monday, October 7, 2013

Mary Rice Hopkins forms witches' pyramid on TBN program

 I don't watch these children's programs on TBN .
When I can discern witches' pyramids and  Wiccan god and goddess signs being made during TBN programs I begin taping . Again, because so many heretical TBN pastors have made all three , ( and more ) , Wiccan poses continually for years , I may not have been so apprehensive about " Christian " children forming them also . Job's Daughters and young men in DeMolay are taught witchcraft from the cradle up quite often , not realizing that it actually is witchcraft . I have seen her make this Wiccan pyramid more than once . She has a beautiful voice and seems sweet . Those crossed arm Wiccan god and goddess poses may be interpreted as symbols for love in sign language of the deaf . The peculiar point is that when pastors and others making these poses and the witches' pyramid there is no correlation with those poses to the words they are saying as they make them . Because the world is going " Green " via Gorbachev's  " Green Cross International " , I have to question her choice for a green puppet named " Greengo . "

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