Monday, October 28, 2013

Reasons To Believe What ?

 In the TBN program " Reasons To Believe " the suggestion of a pyramid is clearly discernible by the three red lines at the beginning of the program . I just happen to be able to sporadically receive portions of these programs I blog about . When I had earlier blogged about the witches' pyramid displayed by political science professor and host , Mark T. Clark , I had not seen the beginning portion of the program . The lines of the pyramid aren't connected , but its suggestion is clear . Again , in this program , astronomer/minister Dr. Hugh Ross and the host state that the earth is fifteen and one half billion years old , thus directly challenging God's word which clearly states creation took six days . Even if you incorrectly substituted God's view of time as one day being seen as a thousand years , billions of years is a little over the top .

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