Monday, October 28, 2013

Mary Rice Hopkins' goddess pose

 This gesture is almost the exact pose used by Kendra Vaughn Hovey , the witch featured in the television program " My Unique Family ." TBN ministers seem to be reluctant to display it recently . Dr. James Merritt had used it countless times , as had David Jeremiah and Jack Graham . Encyclopedias of witchcraft describe this Wiccan " goddess " pose as being formed by two hands crossed beneath the throat . "  Had not the Wiccan " god  " pose of crossed fists in the Masonic " X " fashion been employed by all these men so often , the Wiccan " goddess " pose may have been seen as an inference for " love ."  Between the constant use of the god , goddess , witches' pyramid , horned hand and middle finger rebukes often used in TBN sermons and programs , Christians wonder whether Masonry alone is the catalyst for these gestures which they naturally find offensive . Children's programs also had employed many Wiccan gestures constantly in songs . Had David Jeremiah's " Eye of Horus " not been so blatant , the truth about witchcraft disseminated from American pulpits may not have been revealed in the last several years . I had only later learned that David Jeremiah inherited the " Eye of Horus " from the occultist Tim LaHaye . David Jeremiah's blasphemies alone distinguish him as someone who corrupts the word of God , as does Tim LaHaye . Dr. Jeremiah's Wiccan signaling seems to have altogether stopped recently . I had said in an earlier blog that Mary Rice Hopkins  had made this gesture , but couldn't send proof of that fact to my blog . Today I can . Anybody associated with TBN must be suspect . The fact that her recently aired guest choir formed the witches' pyramid while singing engendered great concern . In the center of their crosses is the occult symbol seen in the pupil of David Jeremiah's inherited " Eye of Horus  " , as they happily , and probably unwittingly displayed the witches' pyramid as they sang . What are the odds that they all simply simultaneously , and in unison , choreographed the witches' pyramid as they entertained ? They were not as adept at is as Billy Graham and TBN's other false prophets who displayed it countless times . With the secular world going green , why would you subtly endorse that message , as well as Judaism's occult star ?

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