Monday, October 7, 2013

Jack Graham's New World Order

On his October 6 , 2013 program TBN pastor Jack Graham stands behind an apparently revised lectern , ( not now resembling an inverted obelisk ) , echoing the co-Mason Alice Bailey's expectation of a " new world order " when he says this regarding Revelation 21 :1-5 ; " ...and God will create a new universe or a new world and give us a brand new world order . This is not new information because Isaiah the prophet spoke of this . "  Deceivers like Mr.Graham , whose heresies and Masonic/Wiccan poses are numerous , hide behind the Bible as they corrupt its meanings . Though he had earlier stated that the Biblical new earth will not be " the speculations of men " in the " end of the age " , that is exactly what the new world order is ; the culmination of Wicca's and Masonry's efforts through the United Nations' Triangles of prayer . This is the United Nations' own self proclaimed Babel . He also , as does Billy Graham change the phrase " end of the age" for the correct phrase " end of the world  " , making the new " age " palatable , dismissing God's upcoming destruction of the " world " he made through Christ by merely speaking .  Jack Graham also reveals more of his Masonic or Wiccan preferences when he discloses that ; " our world is a picture of an egg , and the cr..., the shell of an egg that has been filled with fire , that is the picture we have here . " In my blog " David Jeremiah's en " egg " matic Eye of Horus " I have given more detail about the Masonic/ Wiccan worship of the egg . The world doesn't look like an egg even to a child .

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