Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another TBN guest displays numerous witches' pyramids while speaking with James Robison

I have an old analog television with cheap rabbit ears in a fringe area . Even if my reception were better I would not watch the charismatic programs . It is rare for me to get good reception with the TBN network . While manually changing channels on the government box about four years old now , I noticed this woman , Lisa Bevere ,  making rapid witches' pyramids as she talked  with James Robison October 1, 2013 . These are two separate pyramids she shaped with her hands as she spoke . She is faster than Billy Graham ! She also used the Masonic buzzword " chaos " when being featured on TBN programs .There could be thousands of individual pictures like this and thousands of the Wiccan god and goddess poses made by TBN personalities over the past several decades . They must believe God has imparted to them some deeper knowledge not contained in the Bible . Neither did Jesus nor his disciples make gestures like this while speaking . They didn't use the Wiccan two finger point as seen in many old European statues either . The Talmudic operators who insist you will develop a deeper relationship with God  by returning to Jewish practices have brainwashed TBN and all of the Christian seminaries . The people who perform these Wiccan curses need not necessarily be communists themselves . They may simply be communist dupes . But there must be overseers in or accessible to most of the churches today in order to ensure complete communist takeover of Christianity , perverting the gospel in every way possible . When sincere Christians like me ask legitimate questions about Biblical heresies in churches an actual communist agent may be sent in to slander him or her and surreptitiously excommunicate them . Sincere pastors have experienced this . Mr. Robison also recently had David Jeremiah as a guest . As is typical with David Jeremiah , he says the prodigal son parable was about the Father , not the son . Christians knows God waits with open arms those who repent . The wise father did not change , but the son did . But David Jeremiah loves to corrupt the word of God by trying to change it's meanings .

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