Monday, October 21, 2013

This is witchcraft's "god posture " used by the TBN preachers

 David Jeremiah is infamous for making this Wiccan pose while quickly following it with Wicca's " goddess " posture . Jack Graham has done this several times also . Most TBN ministers display the devil sign fairly often . Whether these men are signaling their Masonic brethren or their Wiccan brethren the point is moot . Both Masonry and Wicca are witchcraft and are an abomination unto God . No matter how well prepared their sermons may be , their flesh indicates worship of a deity other than Christ . Mr. Graham held the first " God pose " for about sixteen seconds in his October 20 , 2013 TBN broadcast wherein he also displayed the devil sign . The second " god pose " was held much less . Their blasphemies have been exposed long enough for the devil to give them time to fabricate some " Christian " explanation for making
hundreds if not thousands of these poses during their sermons over the years . Surely , nobody had brought this concern to the attention of any of these men before .

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