Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wiccan signals and poses

 I have emailed dozens of pictures to these blogs over the years . In this program , as in many others Mary Rice Hopkins makes the same Wiccan goddess prayer figure below her collarbone as the witch Kendra Vaughn Hovey is shown making in the first few photographs . In the picture I cannot send after clearing out the Tracfone of most pictures , again Mary Rice Hopkins' pose is almost the exact same pose as that of Kendra Vaughn Hovey's . This is the pose made countless times by David Jeremiah and James Merritt . The choir members in unison also make the witches' pyramid while Mary abstains this time . More than likely they are not well practiced at it , but if you watch the video , clearly that is what they were informed to do as they sang . Television Christianity is merely a Talmudic / Masonic ruse . Some are unwitting shills , and some are not . The choir's crosses deserve close scrutiny also I believe . The center of the cross appears more to be the occult cross encircled .

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