Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ancient Pervasive Roots of the Masonic Lodge

                                Ancient Pervasive Masonic Roots Form The New World

Masons themselves love to assert that their religion ,( as it has been classified ), goes back to the beginning of time. Witchcraft makes the same claim. The occultist Alice Bailey, The United Nation’s New Age Queen, prepared the world for the antichrist . She taught that education, the Christian church, and Masonry would pave the way for The New Order of the ages. She is quoted as saying ; “ The Masonic movement… is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation… It is far more occult organization than can be realized , and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists… In all these bodies there are to be found esoteric groups… These inner groups consist of occult students and of those who are in direct or occasional touch with the Masters [spiritists] and of those whose souls are in sufficient control so that the will of the Heirarchy [ the governing spirit hierarchy ] may be communicated and gradually filtered down to the channel of the physical brain.”    

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