Saturday, April 21, 2012

Horus' eye ; You Tube Christian Baptist University Choir and Orchestra

Dear Tom . As one in my sixties . I am not computer savvy , nor technically savvy at all . But God has given me spiritual discenment which I attempt to pass on to others . I learned at the library today I could find the
" Resurrection Concert " on You Tube . Under their presentation of  " It Is Well With My Soul " , and  
" Almighty God  " , ( a favorite Masonic term continually used by David Jeremiah ) , the Masonic apron or envelope I earlier alluded to is fairly discernible for about four seconds , from 6:40 to 6:44 . The inferred horns are split by the inferred Bible beneath the satanic cross . The Bible verse pertaining to the Masonic reference to light is clear . Juxtaposing the demonic central cross could be surmised to be four more crosses perhaps used in other Masonic allusions . My homemade DVD of this is much clearer . It is still fairly clear when I take a color picture of it with my cheap phone . The image can be emailed to the internet I understand . I believe I may have read somewhere Shadow Mountain's nebulous explanation for the enigmatic bottom portion of the stained glass Masonic mosaic . I may be wrong about that . Discounting that , blue pyramidal triangular forms seem to be evident to me , as well as yet another Satanic plus sign cross of red within a yellow background . Colors mean something to Masons , as Alice Bailey the co-Mason alluded . I am not concerned whether I understand their significance now . Perhaps an anonymous ex-Mason could enlighten everyone regarding this issue by including verifiable documentation .

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