Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One Solitary Life ?

                                            One Solitary Life ?

Dr. James Allen Francis’  “ The Real Jesus and Other Sermons “ did not portray the real Jesus .  His “ One Solitary Life “ is included with my critique of his misunderstanding of
Christ . I hope you will put it next to this to compare his allegorical blasphemy to my
allegations , and really ponder whether Mr. Francis’ statements are biblically accurate. If they are not they are lies .

Jesus did not live a solitary life at all . He was surrounded by brothers and sisters and a mother and friends who loved him deeply . He only sought solitude at certain times for prayer . He loved people and their companionship . Calling his life solitary attempts to give him a hermit-like air of aloofness which he never displayed .  Certainly Mr. Francis had better command of the English language than to use the word solitary to describe Jesus .

Replacing the socialist term “ village “  for the “ town “ he lived in is unbiblical  in his updated version . Calling him the leader of the column of progress makes me wonder about the author’s apparent left-wing agenda . Jesus said there would be no world progress until he came , telling us “ as it was in the days of Noah , so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man . “ Evolutionists like to incorporate socialist buzzwords such as “ progress ” and  “ progressive . “

Calling Mary a peasant in his updated version is unbiblical and meant to demean her . Again , his vocabulary was large enough to use a more appropriate term than peasant to describe Mary .

Telling people that Jesus was in itinerant preacher  “ proclaiming a message “ really undercuts Jesus’ ministry . Jesus simply proclaimed  “ a message “ he said . Christians know the message , but non-Christians don’t . And even to Christians , the inference is that Jesus’ ministry was no special message . He incidentally lived an incidental life according to this deceiver  ; “ living a life . “ The implication is that there was nothing special about Jesus’ life . Though he appears to apologize in the last paragraph regarding this issue he has already used the subtle brain-washing technique of stating his false dogma pertaining to Jesus’ life .

Mr. Francis lies when he says Jesus never wrote a book . Every true Christian knows that Jesus wrote every word of the Bible. The Bible is the most important book in the world.Why isn’t Mr. Francis cognizant of this ? If he is , why does he openly challenge God , telling you Jesus never wrote a book ?

Mr. Francis’ heretical view states Jesus never held an office , but the Bible says he did . The Bible says Jesus was the great high priest who rose after the order of Melchisidec “ who is made not after the law of a carnal commandment , but after the power of an endless life .” There was and is no higher office than the priestly office Jesus held , and still holds today . Mr. Francis purports to know the Bible and its Author . Surely he knew that priests held an office . Why does he deny it here ?

Though this presumptuous author declares Jesus never raised an army , Jesus has legions of angels at his disposal today as he told people he did shortly prior to his crucifixion . He has an army of fellow soldiers who do what he asks on earth today . They are his family Mr. Francis disavows exists .

Though he never owned a home, the earth was his and the fullness thereof .

Mr. Francis says Jesus never went to college , but somebody taught him to read and write so well that in his youth his acumen amazed the best educated men of his time . He made the world and everything else , including all the languages of the world . His wisdom can make Mensa members realize their own ignorance and vanity . The point is understood that he didn’t attend Harvard , and that the common man can identify with him . The point is also implanted he was not highly educated .

Many well educated people haven’t traveled extensively. Mr. Francis says Jesus never travels two hundred miles from the place where he was born . Maybe Mr. Francis forgot that Jesus travelled from heaven to earth to tell us the nebulous message he had earlier referred to .

Though this may be viewed as an attempt to praise the Lord it demeans him. Most of Mr. Francis ‘ statements about Jesus are false. He wasn’t solitary . He did more than “ live a life.”  He wrote the greatest book in the world . He held , and still holds the highest office not in the world , but in heaven . He has armies of men and of angels . He has a family of men and of angels , not to speak of a loving heavenly Father . Heaven is his home and earth is his footstool . He received the greatest education ever given . He travelled more than two hundred miles to earth .

Little essays like this deceive the unwary , trivializing Jesus’ life while the reader is seduced by tongue-in-cheek lies robed in avant-garde cutesy form supposedly giving Jesus reverence , when it unbiblically tries to demean him . The things he says about Jesus are untrue . Mr. Francis’ work here reveals the fact that he does not know Jesus , else he would not contradict what God says about him in his word . Mr. Francis says , “ Those are the facts of his human life .” Are they the Biblical facts ?   Mr. Francis’ form of deception is similar to Rick Warren’s , whose lies are not nearly as obvious to the discerning Christian . The devil knows the facts about Jesus’ life . He knows Christians know them. He also knows when he presents propaganda by appearing to represent the truth , his lies will seem palatable because in the back of readers’ minds statements he makes will seem biblically correct .Unwittingly they accept heresy such as this as a novel way to make Jesus seem more down to earth .  

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