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C.S. Lewis the Heretic

                                                            C.S. Lewis the Heretic

C.S. Lewis has been promoted as a Christian . His own beliefs and remarks reveal this is not true .When Time magazine displays someone’s picture on it’s front cover and portrays them as a Christian , you can  be sure it is a worldly misrepresentation . The truth of Christ has never been honored by any media .

Though Lewis claimed that Jesus was the Son of God , no  proof of personal conviction of sin or repentance towards it exists . His own love for fairy tales and magic seemed to dominate his beliefs . Undiscerning pastors and laity have lauded this impostor for almost 100 years . My own skepticism stemmed from perusing his book , “ The Lion , The Witch and The Wardrobe . “   Lewis' personified the lion as Christ . He referred to Christianity as “ a deeper magic . “  Christianity has no remote association with magic , but rather strongly condemns it . Heretical remarks like that make the devil happy he has influenced someone posing as a Christian to use literary license to bend the truth  . One of Billy Graham’s influences , Henrietta Mears told Mr. Graham , “ There is no magic in small plans “ . The gospel needs no aid from “ magic . “  But that is the gospel that has overtaken the world ; Magic .  Lewis’ Aslan  the lion , representing Christ , is resurrected from the dead by “ magic “ on page 125 of that book . Here are two quotes from that book regarding my verifiable allegation . “ Who’s done it ? , [ that is , resurrected Aslan ] , cried Susan . What does it mean ? Is it more magic ? Yes ! said a great voice behind their backs . It is more magic . ... But what does it mean ?  asked Susan when they were somewhat calmer . It means , said Aslan , that though the Witch knew Deep Magic , there is a magic deeper stilol which she did not know . “  A few pages later , a witchy scene is pictured in this edition of the book which portrays Aslan frolicking with devil-horned centaurs , unicorns , dogs , and satyrs . Though the Bible condones willful association with any from of witchcraft Lewis blasphemes Christ as he portrays him playing , and dancing with demonic creatures .

Lewis had also stated ; “ My ideas about the sacraments would probably be called “ magical “ by a good many modern theologians . “

He also made auricle confessions to an Anglican priest after his “ conversion . “  He “ emphatically believed in praying for the dead “, praying for his wife after she had died . He admitted to believing in purgatory , which negates the power of Christ’s blood to save to the uttermost . He smoked about two packs of cigarettes a day , as well as a pipe , and cohabited with a woman to whom he was not married for thirty years , not Biblically abstaining from the appearance of evil .

He drank beer regularly with his brother W.H. Lewis , and J.R. Tolkien every Tuesday morning in the years 1939-1962 in the back room of their favorite pub . These men became known as  “ the inklings “ . Lewis’ 
“ conversion “ was in 1932 . These are the names of Lewis' books and the page numbers on which this supposed  “ Christian “ condoned public drinking .

“ The Lion , The Witch and The Wardrobe “ ; pp. 13, 31, 69, 70, 105 ,179
“ Prince Caspian “ ; pp. 204 , 205
“ The Silver chair “ ; pp. 65, 92-96 , 205
“ The Horse and His Boy “ ; pp. 37, 71 , 75 , 213
“ The Voyage of the Dawntreader “ ; pp. 10, 20,44 , 139, 147, 166
“ The Last Battle “ ; pp. 14, 147
“ Chronicles “ ; his characters regularly drink

In his book , “ The Screwtape Letters “  , he said of the Tao of Chinese mysticism that it is “ the concrete reality in which to participate to be fully human . “ Why did this man insist that there was something wonderful about being “  fully human .“  Being fully human is what got Adam in trouble .Why mix Christ’s gospel with the doctrine of demons ?

In “ Letters to Malcolm : Chiefly On Prayer “ , pp. 107 , Lewis wrote ; “ Of course I pray for the dead …And I hardly know how the rest of my prayers would survive if those for the dead were forbidden . “

In his , “ The problem of Pain “ , he stated on page 177 ; “ For long centuries God perfected the animal form which was to become the vehicle of humanity and the image of himself  “ ,  promoting Darwinian evolution . In the same book on page 39 he blasphemes by denying man’s total depravity when he states ; “ The divine goodness differs “ from ours not as white and black but as a perfect circle from a child’s first attempt to draw a wheel .”  It is curious that this man who claims himself a Christian used the Wiccan perfect circle to sketch his blasphemy . On page 71 of this book he states ; I have the deepest respect for Pagan myths , still more for myths in the Holy Scriptures . “  God must have made a mistake and put some myths in the Bible that fortunately Mr. Lewis was able to discover .

Lewis had written ; “ The earliest stratum of the Old Testament contains many truths in a form which I take to be legendary , or even mythical…things like Noah’s Ark or the sun standing still upon Ajalon . “  He also wrote that ; “ The first chapters of Genesis , no doubt , give the story of a folktale …”  Does it seem like Mr. Lewis actually believed the Bible ? Obviously not !

In his , “ Reflections of the Psalms “ , on page 110 he stated ; “ I have therefore no difficulty accepting , say , the view of those scholars who tell us that the account of Creation in Genesis is derived from earlier Semite stories which were Pagan and mythical . “  Lewis is quoted as stating that the old testament is
“ mythical  “ , and , that rather than believing God , he chooses the godless opinions of  “ scholars . “  On the same page he says that Job is “ unhistorical “ , and that there is error in the Bible . Billy Graham also inferred the Bible was not without error . Lewis inferred Biblical error again on page 112 . On page 115 and 129 he stated  his belief that man is an animal . That belief is real for some witches who believe themselves to be able to mutate into animals through certain spells . On page 129 he stated ; “ as I believe , Christ …fulfills both Paganism and Judaism . “  That is a Wiccan belief .

He wrote ; “ all Holy Scripture [ including even the imprecatory psalms ] is in some – though not all parts of it in the same sense- the word of God . “ What is this liar stating ? Not all of the Bible was inspired by the Holy Ghost as God says it is . He is directly challenging the God he says he knows . Why ?

He wrote to Clyde Kilby ; “ If every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of lights , then all true and edifying writings , whether scripture or not , must be in some sense inspired . “ As a Christian , I view Mr. Lewis writings not to be “ inspired “ by Christ . Who deems which writings to be edifying and true ?

Lewis had stated ; “ But the truth is God has not told us what His arrangements about the other people are …There are people who do not accept the full Christian doctrine about Christ but who are so strongly attracted by Him that they are His in a much deeper sense than they themselves understand . There are people in other religions who are being led by God’s secret influence to concentrate on those parts of their religion which are in agreement with Christianity , and who thus belong to Christ without knowing it . For example a Buddhist of good will may be led to concentrate more and more on Buddhist teaching about mercy and to leave in the background ( though he might still say he believed ) the Buddhist teaching on certain points . Many of the good Pagans long before Christ’s birth may have been in this position “ , ( from C.S. Lewis , Mere Christianity , Harpur , San Francisco edition , 2001 , pp. 64 , 208, 209 ) . Though the Bible clearly states there are no good Pagans , nor were there ever any good Pagans , Mr. Lewis would like people to think that some existed . He also had stated that these people did not accept “ the full Christian doctrine . “  If they heard it , but did not “ accept “ it they rejected it .

In this same heretical book this man said ; “ You can say that Christ died for our sins . You may say that the Father forgave us because Christ has done for us what we ought to have done . You may say that we are washed in the blood of the Lamb . You may say that Christ has defeated death . They are all true . IF ANY OF THEM DO NOT APPEAL TO YOU , LEAVE IT ALONE AND GET ON WITH THE FORMULA THAT DOES . And , whatever you do , do not start quarrelling with other people because they use a different formula from yours . “   Lewis tells you here that if Christianity does not appeal to you find something that does . This aligns with Masonic beliefs , for to be a Mason , you must state a belief in any supreme being . To my knowledge Lewis had no affiliation with Masonry , but his religious beliefs seemed to lean heavily that way , accepting all gods .

He stated that “ Though all salvation is through Jesus , we need not conclude that He cannot save those who have not explicitly accepted Him in this life . “ On a radio program he said ; “ We do not know that no [ one ] can be saved except through Christ ; we do not know that only those who know Him can be saved through Him . “  He also said , “ We are not pronouncing all other religions to be totally false , but rather saying that in Christ whatever is true in all religions is consummated and perfected . “  The Bible states in essence that all religions other than Christianity are false . Of course, Mr. Lewis again differs with God .

Lewis called man the highest of animals , and said ; “ If by saying that man rose from brutality you mean simply that man is physically descended from animals , I have no objection “ , and , that “ I am assuming that Darwinian biology is correct . “ Darwinian evolution was the basis of communism and adamantly opposes Christianity , yet this man accepted the unbiblical Darwinian lie .

He stated ; “ No reference to the Devil or devils  [demons] is included in any Christian Creeds , and it is possible to be a Christian without believing in them …Satan is the opposite not of God but of Michael . “  Christians easily see the demonic thinking articulated by this liar who denies that Satan is not God’s antithesis , and that the scriptural references to Satan made by God in the Bible are insignificant .

I remember watching Billy Graham relating similar Lewis-like views about hell to Larry King years ago during a television interview . Lewis wrote Arthur Greeves these words ; “ About Hell . All I have ever said is that the N.T. plainly implies the possibility of some being finally left in ‘ the outer darkness . ‘  Whether this means ..being left to a purely mental state…or whether there is still some sort of environment , something you could call a world or reality , I would never pretend to know . “  Lewis also wrote ; “ Whether this eternal fixity [ of hell ] implies endless duration – we cannot say . “  Christians understand that this man does not believe in the Biblical Jesus spoke of often , and died on the cross to save us from the hell he prepared for the devil and his angels  .

Yet another Lewis heresy was ; “ Christ’s death redeemed man from sin , but I can make nothing of the theories as to how . “  Intelligent Sunday school children could have explained this to Mr. Lewis , but it would have been in vain . Lewis’ denomination of choice , the church of England , did not preach the necessity of being born again , nor did it hold literal Biblical interpretation as part of it’s creed . This is understandable since England had been subverted to socialism in the early 1900’s , as communists infiltrated the churches worldwide , perverting the gospel . In his book , “ Mere Christianity “ , Harper San Francisco edition , 2001 , pp. 54-56 he wrote ; “ The central Christian belief is that Christ’s death has somehow put us right with God and given us a fresh start . Theories as to how it did this are another matter…Any theories we build up as to how Christ’s death did all of this are , in my view , quite secondary . “  Obviously , both the
old and new testaments far surpassed the intellect of this man whom TBN minister Adrian Rogers touted as “ a brilliant Britisher , a literary genius “ .

Lewis was an ecumenical like Billy Graham . Both were popular amongst Catholics . Charles Colson , who also promoted the ecumenical movement said that evangelicals and Catholics together sought to continue the legacy of C.S. Lewis by focusing on the core beliefs of all true Christians . “ Christianity Today “ polled its readers asking their opinions of the 20th century’s most influential theological writers . C.S. Lewis was chosen , but that is understandable results from ecumenical  “ Christianity Today . “    In one issue of
“ Christianity Today “ , Mormon professor Robert Millet was quoted as saying that C.S. Lewis “ is so well received by Latter-day Saints because of his broad and inclusive vision of Christianity . “ Lewis’ spiritual advisor from the 1940’s until his death was a Catholic priest named Walter Adams .

In his “ Screwtape Letters “ Lewis made excuses for communist leaders , Nazis, and cultists such as Joseph Smith , etc ., by saying ; God “  often makes prizes of humans who have given their lives for causes He thinks bad on the monstrously sophistical ground that the humans thought them good and were following the best they knew . “  Sounds pretty Christian doesn’t it . In Methodist socialist propaganda distributed in
July 1947 Jerome Davis is quoted , praising the murderous Joseph Stalin , good friend of the Methodist communist teacher Harry F. Ward who infiltrated Methodist seminaries with communists .  Davis said this regarding the communist Stalin who gave his life for a cause he thought " good " ; " No doubt he has faults , but can we go out to serve God and the common people of America as sincerely and courageously as Stalin did for what he believed was best for his people ? " Like Stalin, C.S. Lewis was following Christ the best he knew . You cannot believe the heresies Lewis knew and live the lifestyle he did and truly know Christ .
Jesus commanded Christians not to judge those outside the church , but to examine closely everyone who claims to know Christ . Incidentally , the New Age false teacher Rick Warren quotes C.S. Lewis and communists abundantly in his writings . That comes as no suprise .

Here are a few more C.S. Lewis quotes I found on the internet . I have not confirmed them , but suspect they may be credible . Even if proven not , the previous enumeration of his heresies and blasphemies should be enough to convince those who know Christ to discern this man was no Bible believing Christian .

“ You and I have need of the strongest spell that can be found to wake us from the evil enchantment of worldliness . “ ( The Weight of Glory) .  Christians need no spells and should not be connected to magic in any remote way , but refute it's importance and it's use .

He believed there was a possibility for the unsaved to enter heaven after death ; “ heaven’s door is not shut when he or she dies – anyone who wants heaven can have it . “

If these last few suspected quotes are true would someone please post them on the internet indicating their sources . Thank you .



  1. Be bold in the Lord! We've researched Lewis and it seems there are more ways to point out his heresies and wicked intentions than there are people who will listen. Thanks for pointing this out.

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  4. I have to rewrite my comment, there's no editing feature here. To put it simply, I agree with so much of your outstanding work on this blog I so appreciate. However I have to digress regarding your claim Satan's the opposite of God that needs more in-depth thought on your part. Satan's nothing more than a fallen angel and counterfeit of God, not his opposite. Satan didn't create himself, he is a fallen angel. Therefore it makes perfect sense they are currently teaching Satan as a fallen angel, doesn't even compare with God as His opposite because he's on the level of a created being opposing God's top angel Michael. Satan is not God's opposite, there is no such God who can compare to even being his opposite.

    God still has Satan leashed and restrained for his timeline and purpose to drive sinners back to Him before it's too late. How can a leashed restrained fallen angel possibly be God's opposite? God uses Satan for his plans as he allowed him to do with Job. So I have to digress over your claim Satan is God's opposite, no way. Don't give Satan the honor of being God's alleged opposite, he's just some punk Jesus defeated at the cross whose awaiting eternal hell.

    1. Excellent point, Cheryl! I rather like the idea of Satan as nothing more than a punk. Of course, that makes it all the more tragic when we fall for his lies.