Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mossad is the world's strongest spy agency

In another sermon David Jeremiah said this regarding the Jewish Mossad and it's overpowering deception and control prior to the six day war of 1967 . In his sermon , " Identifying the Enemy " , he said ; " Israel wanted to know everything about the enemy down to the men served in the surgeon's mess . Israel's intelligence offcers went about locating and inspecting every enemy air base , often working as chefs , or co-opting Egyptian soldiers . They provided a complete picture of an Egyptian Air Force including the whereabouts of every aircraft and information on every pilot ; the name , background status , and schedule of every base turnover commander , schedules of Egyptian radar controllers ; reveille and morning schedules for the pilots and ground crews ; the complete Egyptian battle code and communications networks , and when the senior air officials , unable to direcy operations would be absent from their commands . The rest of course you remember . A dramatic and decisive victory for the Israelis . "   Wikipedia mentions Israel's
" Operation Wrath of God " in which it is reported that letter bombs and other assasinations were carried out by the Mossad . Since 1967 the Mossad's wrath and ability to gain information regarding Israel's enemies
has exponentially grown . Talmudist witches need not leave their prayer room . Real Christians are perceived to be their enemies ; those who reveal that Jews today are controlled and manipulated by Hassidic Talmudists who hate Christ . No real Christian will hate Jewish people , but the media will continue to portend that they do . Real Christians may have actually discerned that some people were witches , but they would have known better than to have taken their life , as pre-Christian Jews were commanded to by God .
They are commanded not to hate Jews , nor rebel against the government . Deceivers , purposely intending to soil the name of Christ display themselves as Christians . Trinioty Broadcasting Network could pass as a a good American counterpart of the Mossad . The Crouches are false brethren presenting another gospel ,
while promoting Jewish rabbis as friends of Christ . Any real believing Jewish rabbi would denounce his
Talmudic , anti-Christian background and tell people the truth about Christ as will the two Jewish
prophets of Revelation 11 do . They may be the ones who will bring 144,000 Jews to Christ . The 144,00 and thw tewo candlesticks will be killed by those who identify with the beliefs of the Mossad . Jesus loves Israel , but will strongly punish her for her rejection of him and her continuous practice of witchcraft until he returns . The Biblical unrest between Arabs and Jews will not be quelled until the real Messiah returns . But prior to that , it may seem that rest comes when the Jewish antichrist proclaims the United Nations'
false mantra of " peace " and " safety " ; then shall suddendestruction come . After Christ appears , a remnant of remaining Jews will finally accept after the 144,000 have been killed . They will be the only resurrected ones to reign with him for his one thousand year reign on eatrh .

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