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Ralph Waldo Emerson Loved Masonry

                   Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Pantheistic Speech Before Phi Beta Kappa In 1837

Emerson’s speech is a good reflection of the ideals purported by Phi Beta Kappa . His  “ The American Scholar “ speech is currently on the internet and you can verify references I will make regarding his esoteric , antichristian leanings . On page one he mentions a  “ new age “ and references the constellation Harp , which the Babylonians called  “the Queen of Life “ .  He says  “ the gods , in the beginning divided Man into men , that he might be more helpful to himself “ inferring the gods needed help from man . In that he is correct , for the gods on earth are devils , and those who do not recognize Jesus Christ as God give Satan much help on earth . But godless Emerson doesn’t understand that .

He dogmatically states on page two that “ the scholar is the designated intellect . “ Emerson’s  “ true scholar “ is the only true master . Phi Beta Kappa members were predecessors of  Alice Bailey’s  “ new group of world servers   who would become  “ Masters .”  He invokes the god of nature which had no beginning . The Bible’s  first three words are “ In the beginning “ , but Emerson says he knows better , and that there was no beginning . Though he may reference the letters “ God ” , Christians understand he holds no true regard for him as Masons also do not . He states on page 3 that man can never find the beginning or ending of his own spirit. He again contradicts God here . He says here that man’s sinful unregenerate soul should be worshipped , calling his disobedient mind beautiful when God says it is filthy rags . There is no God who ordained laws for man according to him , but  his natural philosophy changes God’s laws into  “ the laws
of his own mind .”  He says books are the best type of influence , but of course he doesn’t mention the Bible. He says their godless theory is noble. Though the Bible says it gives life and truth , Emerson disagrees , stating secular thinking in books give men life  and truth . God’s word is not theory but indisputable fact , no matter how much he would like to dispute it .

On page 4 he infers the evolution of thought must progress through each generation , never mentioning God’s word . He calls the act of human thought sacred , poets like himself being divine , and whatever they chant is divine also .  The multitude are sluggish and perverted according to him and are slow to Reason , Reason being the foundations of colleges . He has it correct . Godless human Reason is what steered Phi Beta Kappa , and much of William and Mary . He infers that those  “ who set out from accepted dogmas , not from their own sight of principles “  start wrong . Obviously , to Emerson , Christians who believe the Bible to be true are in error . You cannot think two ways about Emerson’s own dogmatic heresies . Either God is right or Emerson is . Though well educated , Emerson cannot reveal life’s most important matters to you , as could not Emerson’s mentors Locke and Bacon , both of whom espoused the Masonic , godless
Natural philosophy prevalent in early colonial America .         

On page 5 he says  “the human mind  can be fed on any knowledge .“  On page 6 he says he knows  “ whose words are loaded with life “ , but he doesn’t quote the Bible which contains them .  On page 7 he says he learns  “ from any speaker how much he has already lived , through the poverty or the splendor of his speech .”  But people who are not born again are not spiritually alive . Though Emerson may have read this , he doesn’t believe it ,  else he would state it . His progressive , natural philosophy will prohibit him from doing so .Though the Bible warns “ Trust in the Lord with all your heart , and lean not unto your own understanding “ , Emerson on page 9 encourages godless self reliance, feeling  “ all confidence in himself ” , and that  “ in self-trust all virtues are comprehended .” On page 10 he says the unregenerate man , without God’s help will find in himself a perfect comprehension of fear’s nature and extent . Understandably he
never mentions wisdom’s true beginning ; the fear of the LORD . He blasphemes God on this page when he says God is not great . He says ; “ Not he is great who can alter matter , but he who can alter my state of mind .” Only God can alter matter , and it is God who Emerson is referencing here . God has not altered Emerson’s rebellious pompous mind, but men of Emerson’s unbelieving ilk he infers may be able to . On page 11 he speaks of the dignity of the unsaved man , and of the Masonic evolution of unregenerate man . Though Jesus said that his words were more necessary than food itself , Emerson blasphemes when he says “ The man has never lived that can feed us ever .” His era of time  he calls now the Philosophical age . He doesn’t understand all of time has been philosophical , except for the short Thoecracy the Jews enjoyed during God’s leadership in the wilderness .On page 13 he promotes today’s world religion of nature worship when he espouses ; “ A man is related to all nature .” God did not breathe into the nostrils of animals the breath of life . Animals have no souls . We are not related . On this page he praises Emanuel Swedenborg’s philosophical ethical attempt to engraft Swedenborg’s heresy with Christianity . Emerson tries to inculcate into Phi Beta Kappas that “  the man is all “ , ostensibly  excluding God . The “ scholar “ ( or wise one as witches like to think of themselves ) , must become knowledgeable of all knowledge while the future is totally and prophetically  dependent upon him . On  page 14 Emerson declares that  “the huge world will come round to him “, ( the scholar ) , and , that  the world will be converted by him . Unwittingly , he was correct , in that scholars like him prepare the path of the antichrist .

Emerson’s father William was a minister of the First Church , the oldest church in Boston . His father had drifted from orthodoxy to Unitarianism, a plague in Boston and elsewhere . Emerson himself was ordained as the minister of the Second Church of Boston in 1829  . He ascribed to the prevailing thought of his time ,which was heresy , as  his writings reveal . His was the heresy of self reliance and that of his fellow Mason . He chose nature itself as the moral nature of man , closing his eyes to God’s word altogether .
He believed in sinful man’s false evolutionary upward reach , which revealed the ultimate goodness he naturally possessed without being born again . Alice Bailey , the New Age Queen was cut from the same bolt of cloth .

Emerson remarked in his “ Finding the Meaning of Freemasonry “ , ( something despaired ex-Masons say they never found )  ;  “ the Highest dwells within us. Both he and his father are liars .

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