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Why Is The Star Of David On The Seats Of Congress?

Even if the six-pointed star is not of Jewish origin , its association with the Jewish Cabala , witchcraft and the Masonic Lodge is legendary and worldwide . A purported Jewish author named Dr. O.J. Graham had stated his four years of research regarding this subject on the internet under the title ; " 666 - The Masonic Square and Compass/ Hexagram " . He asserts , as have numerous others , that Mayer Amschel Bauer , ( alias Mayer Amschel Rothschild ) , hung this red star on his 17th century German home . He said the star became the Rothschild coat of arms . ( Depictions of the Rothschild coat of arms on the internet reveal the star  ). He correctly discerns it's long and deep connection with the Masonic Lodge . He mentions its use in Industrial 19th century Britain , but has perhaps overlooked the fact that the Rothschilds had craftily based their empire upon British Masonry . He may be correct that the Menorah should be Israel's true symbol . He does not offer an explanation as to why the Masonic/Jewish six-pointed star was given symbolic preference
in Israel .

The author continues to state that the star represents Saturn ( Satan ) worshipped by the early Israelites as the star of " your god Rempham " , and he associates it with the tabernacle of Moloch , symbolizing
" Israelite apostacy ". He describes the Cabala as the " secret tradition of the Jewish rabbis " , and gives a fair synopsis of some of these magi's Satanic talismans . He says that in Masonic lodges it was called
" the star of the dawn " or , " morning star " and represented Horus of the resurrection , who was pictured as bearing it upon his head and as having given it to his followers ."

Wikipedia makes these comments about the hexagram's usage in Freemasonry , quoting the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry's 33rd degree Freemasons Albert G. Mackey and Charles T. McClenehan ; " The interlacing triangles or deltas symbolize the union of the two principles or forces , the active and passive , male and female , pervading the universe...The two triangles , one white and the other black , interlacing , typifying the mingling of apparent opposites in nature , darkness and light , error and truth , ignorance and wisdom , evil and good , throughout human life . " The article also says that the hexagram is found on the outside of many Masonic temples . I might add , now it appears in television shows and commercials .

An internet site , " You'll never think the same way again...The Hexagram " , states ; " The six pointed star is used in Masonic work and is also found in other well known secret orders... ( it ) is a very ancient symbol and one of the most powerful ... The hexagram is a very powerful symbol to witches , magicians and sorcerers . It is used in different kinds of witchcraft , magic , occultism , and the casting of zodiacal horoscopes . Because it has six points , and because it contains a "666 " the hexagram is considered to be Satan's most powerful symbol ... ( It ) is used to conjur up demons ... hexagrams are used to call forth demons to place spells and curses on the intended victim . The word " HEX " comes from this practice...The Hexagram is the sign used in the Royal Arch in Freemasonry ."

The website , " hEyOkA magazine " mentions that the hexagon may have been found on a Jewish tombstone in the third century A.D. , and that its early magical use was found in the 6th century Kaballah . This website also states the hexagram had been associated with Masonic witchcraft , and is used in conjuring demons , curses , and the dead .

The internet contains myriads of pictures of actual hexagrams utilized in the Vatican , in churches , on national flags , coins , and architecture prominently displayed around the world . The average person has almost no knowledge of this . Masons appreciate symbols like this and are taught to recognize Masonic symbols as they progress in Masonry . If you search the net you should find hundreds of other pictures of hexagrams that are not sold as Masonic jewelry .

If you look closely during congressional speeches the six pointed star of David is clearly defineable on the auditorium seats . Why was this used rather than the five pointed pentagram whose center exactly duplicates the pentagon ? America's political basis was formed by men who had deep associations with the Masonic lodge . Their beliefs best represented Unitarian , non-Christian thought , though alleging faith in the real Christ , who is not represented in Masonry .

Jewish Freemason author Paul M. Bessel's article on Freemasonry and Judaism on the internet may be reliable . He says ; Jews were actively involved in the beginnings of Freemasonry in America . He mentions that Israel more recently has about 60 Masonic lodges with 3,000 members . He states that Jews were involved to a small extent in the formaton of modern Freemasonry in the 1700's in England . I believe Mr. Bessel may have been understating that fact .

America had long been called the New Canaan as well as the New Israel . English Puritans were touted as the children of Israel . In America's early development Jews owned and operated many of the dry goods stores and much of the garment industry in New York . They also controlled the trade unions . The oldest contiguous Jewish synagogue in America was Shearith Israel Congregation of 1654 . In the early 1800's the first Jewish school , Polonies Talmud Torah was begun . Notice , in early America the Torah was inferred to be the Satanic Talmud . The term Talmud is still incorporated in this school's name today . By 1776 America's Jewish population was around 2,000 , which grew to 250,000 or more by 1880 . A wealthy Jew named Haym Solomon helped finance the American Revolution and joined the Sons of Liberty . He was fiscal agent of the French minister to the U.S.  The B'Nai B'Rith was established in 1843 .

Historian Kenneth Libo says ;" So successful were the Jewish pioneers , by 1900 there wasn't a single settlement west of the Mississippi of any significance which had not a Jewish mayor . "  Curiously , the badges you see on old westerns was always the star of David .  Libo also says Jewish pioneers were excellent at business here as they had been in England .

It has been widely reported that there were 24 Jewish Masons in George Washington's Revolutionary
War army , and that the Jew Moses Michael Hays introduced the demonic Scottish Rite into American Masonry . It is also reported that 51 American Masonic Grand Masters were Jewish .

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