Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Improper Fear

                                               Improper Fear

From the minute you rise until the minute you retire the television bombards you with dismal forebodings utilizing threatening terms such as killer bees , killer tornadoes , killer storms , etc., which results in the devil’s desired effect ; overkill . This subtle form of brainwashing kills our hopes of this life and the life to come , one pixelled shovelful at a time . Power monopolies quarry into human memory vaults worrisome mountains of fear and dread through language , while dressed to kill often with looks that could kill . Jesus said his words were the most powerful words ever spoken . He said your own words will either justify or condemn you , and that you will give an account for your every spoken word . Satan drew away one third of his fallen comrades with words . He didn’t use sticks and stones . Words can hurt you . The devil also caused the fall of every human being into the global morass of sin through the use of words . Escape is only possible through obedience to Jesus’ spoken words .

Before television was invented , word of mouth , hieroglyphs , the written word , paintings , and later photographs promulgated the devil’s cradle to grave brainwashing . The earliest movies all but glorified Dracula , gangsters, and murderers enabling vicarious involvement in murders , mayhem and violence . Seemingly harmless cartoons helped harden the heart , portraying violence as cute and acceptable . Later , video games enticing youth to practice killing people further solidified the godless souls of schoolchildren not allowed to view God’s ten commandments in public schools . Now those commandments have been superceded with 7 ungodly Talmudic Noahide laws which are the basis for Satan’s manipulation of his next Babylon , almost completed .  And today’s fearmongering television and movie moguls are happy to take your money as well as your soul through obedience to their master who takes them captive at his will . Religious cults , governments and insurance companies have reaped the benefits of fear for over six thousand years .

Natural disasters more than likely will exacerbate until Christ’s return . When oddities in nature occur , often people jump to the incorrect conclusion that such peculiarities are signs of  Jesus’ soon return . Jesus said there would be signs in the heaven and the earth before his second coming . Trinity Broadcasting and their false Christian spokesmen and women have fostered improper and Biblical misunderstanding and unbiblical fear since their first days of broadcasting . Besides promoting the falsity of dispensationalism and a rapture , their love for the liar Tim LaHaye ,( whose books tell Christians that they can receive the mark of the beast and still go to heaven ) , helps draw the unwary deeper into sin’s grasp . Liars such as these will not be left behind when judged by Christ as those who say they are Jews and are not and will be apportioned their recompense with the unbelievers . The U.S. government gave credence to Mr. LaHaye’s lies as well as much of the rest of the unbelieving world whose publishers hate Christ and jump at the opportunity to have God’s word misrepresented by liars like Mr. LaHaye.  Mr. LaHaye’s ecumenical friends such as D. J. Kennedy , James Dobson and all of the Trinity Broadcasting pack promoted Y2K fears , heralding the  “ end of the world as we know it “ at the recent millenium’s turn . All city , state and federal governments jumped on the same bandwagon , echoing the possibilities of potential major problems .

Now television news , programs and commercials keep you in constant dread that you are not getting enough vitamins , medicine  or sleep etc . In their commercials the sleeping aids voice a disclaimer that the use of their product may cause hallucinations , depression or suicide . Perhaps going to bed at ten o’clock without watching the recurrent evening news which assaults you with Satan’s work du jour might enable you to circumvent those risks . There is nothing new under the sun anyway .

Poetry and music glorifying suicide , death , and human mistreatment will continue as it always has . When the deceiver who caused all these maladies sits on God’s rebuilt throne in Jerusalem his look will be “ more stout than his fellows . “ This one who will not worship the “ god of his fathers “,  will in essence continue to call God a killjoy , temporarily usurping his seat . He will deceive by flattery , gaining the respect of almost all of the world’s population . Even he will be killed , but his false prophet will perform a miraculous resurrection , enabling Satan to become incarnate through the corpse of an evil Judas . He will then mandate death for the only 144,000 Shadrachs , Meschachs , and Abednigos who will not allow the fear of man to become a snare unto them by bowing the knee to a false god genuflected to by the remaining saltless sea of stiffnecked unbelievers . Incidentally , why weren’t these faithful believers raptured away as deceivers say the church had already been ? These virgin men were Christians , who are in essence Jews , whose hearts were circumcised by faith .

Jesus warned , “ fear not them which kill the body but are not able to kill the soul : but rather , fear him which is able to cast both soul and body in hell .”  He also said , “ the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom .”

Satan wants you to exist in perpetual fear . I would have said that he wants you to live in perpetual fear , but if you do not trust him as your Savior and Lord ; unless you by faith eat his flesh and drink his blood you have no life in you and the devil is your father . You must be born again . Find an old trustworthy King James Bible , read the new testament chapter of John , and see if his living words speak to you . If so, fear’s proper understanding will come to you , and the fear of man and his demonically contrived
imaginations will vanish .

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