Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Feather In Your Capstone

                                       A Feather In Your Capstone

Masonic writing concedes the fact that its origins stem from early Egyptian occultism . The Masonic Eye of Horus is displayed atop the uncapped pyramid on the dollar bill’s reverse side .There is a fascinating correlation between the seldom , if ever , enlarged picture of the Statue of Freedom , the pinnacle of our nation’s capitol . Its similarity parallels that of the Egyptian avian Horus , as you can see in the comparison of photographs included . 

Buildings like the Acropolis and Parthenon were adorned with sculptures of Greek gods and goddesses , as are many of our state and federal buildings . The apotheosis in the ceiling of the U.S. rotunda are another good example , wherein George Washington is made into a god and taken into heaven after his death .

One of Masonry’s gods , Osiris ( Mars ) , is in the likeness of Baal ( Nimrod ) guarding the Capitol building’s entrance . West Virginia’s Capitol has at least eight of the Greek / Roman gods ensconced on its exterior walls . Texas capitol features the goddess of Liberty statue of 1881 adorning its grounds . The State Preservation Board says the statue  “ probably represents Pallas Athena  “, the Greek goddess of wisdom , justice and arts and crafts . Athena was the huge statue in the Parthenon . She was one of the seven wonders of the world and is also known as the goddess of witchcraft , similar to the goddess Diana of Ephesus in the New Testament .

The capitol’s  Statue of Freedom is a robed female whose hair appears to be coiffed in Masonically braided locks , unbefitting of the style of the time . Her head is encompassed by stars and is sporting the head of an eagle , whose plumage projects unusually beyond its beak . The average American would wonder how this symbolizes freedom . But perhaps where the eagles are , there will the bodies be scattered . Many civilizations have utilized  the eagles’ symbolizing power .

One of the most famous images of the 3,000 year old Horus , son of Isis , is that of Egyptian mysticism , wherein the statue of  Khafre , Horus is the falcon at the back of Khafre’s head with its wings protectively wrapped around the king’s neck . The similarity between this occult icon , and the U.S. Statue is striking to say the least . Masonic symbolism covers Washington D.C. and the United States , as well as the rest of the world . Masonic Pillars of Enoch are publically visible in many countries .

Horus often wore a double crown signifying his reign over all of Egypt . Curiously , the double eagle is a Masonic insignia . Most people have heard of the “ Eye of Horus “ , but didn’t know one of his eyes was injured by Seth , northern Egypt’s Delta god . The restoration of Horus’ eye became the symbol for the state of soundness or perfection . That is what Masons are expecting in the new order of the age inscripted in the dollar bill.

Horus’ original form was probably that of a sky god , known as “ lord of the sky . “
Its speckled breast feathers may have been considered to be the stars . Early pyramid texts refer to him as “ god of the east “ , and , “ god of the sunrise .” He was also worshipped as the male child of Osiris and Isis ( Har-pa-khered ) , literally  “ Horus the child  “, from which the Greeks created the name of Harpokrates . He was depicted as a divine human infant . Isis and baby Horus are sometimes seen as the model for Mary and baby Jesus .

Occultists try to envision auras and haloes in pictures which misrepresent Mary and Jesus. They , and Masons try to incorporate the illusion of light in literature and pictures , as often as possible , giving honor to their father who often appears as an angel of light . The Parthenon’s Athena was known as “ Athena  the Virgin Sophia , the goddess of the wise , Wisdom incarnate , Mother of God , Mother of Creation . She was crowned by stars indicating her absolute virginity. She is often pictured holding an infant son.  Jesus’ mother would strongly disapprove of these misrepresentations of her , which actually represent Isis . Some occultists view Mary Magdalene as the incarnation of Sophia .

Satan moves the hands , feet , eyes , and thoughts of those he takes captive at his will . He has desired worship for thousands of years now , and the time is getting closer when he will openly demand it . Masonry , Greek and Roman occultism and witchcraft in the churches have been vehicles designed by him to deliver him to the world’s stage . Satan speaks with a double tongue , as witches and Masons know . In both of these cultic practices have existed for eons the double meanings of pictures and words .The Statue of  Freedom’s similarity to Horus’ falconed head is no mere coincidence . Do a double-take of Masonic writings and images , as well as United States buildings incorporating foreign gods we had supposedly abandoned . There is more there than meets the eye , while the “ Eye of Horus “ is keeping an eye on you .   

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