Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eye of Horus David Jeremiah

A while ago the California Baptist University Choir and Orchestra was featured at David Jeremiah's Shadow Mountain church . This may still be found  on the web at " CBU University Choir & Orchestra - It Is Well Withy My Soul & Almighty God " . The picture above was paused around the 6:40 mark . These young people may have no idea about the Masonic inferences that seem to be embellished in the church's stained glass window behind them . David Jeremiah's constant arm crossing with both closed and open palms match signals given by witches who make Wiccan god and goddess poses in the formation of early Egyptian witchcraft's infamous " X " sign . Masons also make similar gestures .To my knowledge , those gestures have never been featured by any other preacher on television . If they had been , they were never performed so blatantly and so consistently  .  The feigned yellow cross , encompassed by a red circle , becomes a plus sign , long considered Satanic . It appears the designers of this delusion wanted people to think the cross exteneded down to the bottom where the yellow picks up again , but was cut off by a feigned Bible . Circles are also very important to witches . There is only one reference to a circle in the Bible and the circle conveys no deep symbolic meaning to Christians , although they are told that it refers to eternal life when wedding rings are exchanged . It is the cross that represents eternal life , not the circle . Around the bottom of the red circle , on either side of the feigned Bible , what can be taken to be two Satanic horns in yellow seems to appear . Witches might also take this to be a crescent moon . To the viewer's right side of the right horn touching the red circle , could be construed by Masons to be the Masonic apron composed of  the Masons' favorite colors of darker and lighter blue . There are no similar horizontal lines on the opposite side .Witches use the Psalms for magical purposes . There is a verse from the Psalms clearly visible here , but is undetectable in views made available on Dr. Jeremiah's Turning Point programs which close with concentric circles , often used by witches . The verse reads ; " The entrance of thy words giveth light . " It is no suprise that the verse from Psalms references " light " . Dr. Jeremiah perhaps merely conicidentally uses Masonic terms such as light , chaos , paradigm , Almighty God and new world order constantly . The TBN ministry also often features concentric circles regularly . Colors are important to Masons and they may also have numerical correlation , but those meanings may vary . The bottom portion seems purposely unclear . I can only discern what appear to be triangular shapes , but surely there is more symbolism there . There is only one reason for ambiguity , and that is confusion . Under the auspices of the Fair Use act I have rendered this opinion for serious consideration by Christians who know that in America the uncondemned churches of Philadelphia and Smyrna are elusive , if not non-existent . Masons hold positions of great power worldwide and TBN ministers will not speak against Masonry . That is understandable , considering their demonic
" fraternity " ; another term loved by Masons . Both Masonry and Wicca are called  " the Craft " becuase they are both based upon radicalism ; rebellion against God .

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