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You Cannot Serve Two Masters

                                                      You Cannot Serve Two Masters

Jesus told his disciples, “ But be not ye called Rabbi : for one is your Master, even Christ ; and all ye are brethren. And call no man your father upon the earth : for one is your Father , which is in heaven. Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master , even Christ ”. ( Matthew 23: 8-10)

George Washington was appointed a  Masonic “ Worshipful Master” in Alexandria  Lodge #22 on April 29th, 1788 , serving nominally when he was inaugurated as president. When true Christian men are lured into Masonic lodges they come under conviction about disobeying God’s Word which prohibits Jesus’ command not to be called Master, ( with a capital “M”) .

Meeting in secret also gives them reason to pause, for Jesus said; “ For there is no man that doeth any thing in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly “ ( John 7:4), and, “ in secret have I said nothing”, ( John 18:20).

If they know their Bible, ( and many Masonic founding fathers knew some of the contents, but not the Author), they would know calling God the “ Grand Architect of the Universe” is blasphemy, ascribing to God an unbiblical name. The words  “grand , architect, and universe “ cannot be found in the Bible. Masons added to God’s word.

Christian men would know that Jesus Christ alone is God, and Mohammed, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jahbulon and  Baal etc. are not . As masons worldwide after 1717 they would have to accept all other claimed deities as God. These facts are documented in the Masonic Lodges’ own writings which I will reveal later.

Prior to joining they may have known that masonry is given the term , “The Craft” which is also the name used by witches in their forbidden practices for millennia, using  secret meetings and  rituals centered around teachings of similar “ancients” that masons study.

On page 8 of Henry R. Evans, “ A History of the York and Scottish Rites of Freemasonry”  is this statement regarding masonry’s occult background; “ Into Freemasonry have been poured the irradiations of the mystic school of antiquity. Particularly is this so in the higher degrees of the Order, such as the Scottish Rite , where
undeniable traces of Cabalism , neo- Platonism , Rosicrucianism , and other mystical cults are plainly discernible. I do personally contend that Freemasonry is the direct descendent of Mysteries , but that our ritual makers of higher degrees have copied the ancient ceremonies of initiation so far as the knowledge of those ceremonies exists”.

President John Quincy Adams was keenly aware of these things and many other diabolically inspired machinations of the domestic Masonic lodge to which many of the founding fathers belonged. His  “ Letters on the Masonic Institution “ can be found in books and on the web. Following are some examples of President Adams’ sentiments regarding the Masonic lodge which he and others came to loathe after the publicity of the death of William Morgan .  Mr.  Morgan had threatened to expose the secrets of Freemasonry in America, but was reportedly murdered by masons for doing so. President Adams and others were concerned about the Masonic cover-up, which catalyzed  a long period of anti-masonic fervor which unfortunately would not snuff out this satanically inspired deception wrapped in benevolent altruism.

“The first quarter of the present century it ( Masonry) had succeeded in winding itself through all the departments of the body politic in the United States, and in claiming the sanction of many of the country’s most distinguishable men. Up to the year 1826 nothing occurred to mar its progress or to interpose the smallest obstacle to its triumphant success. So great had then become the confidence of the members in its power, as to prompt the loud tone of gratulation in which some of its orators then in their public festivals , and among these none spoke more boldly than Mr. Brainard , in the passage which will be found quoted in the present volume. He announced that Masonry was exercising its influence in the sacred desk, in the legislative hall , and on the bench of justice, but so little had the public attention been directed to the truth he uttered , that the declaration passed off , and was set down by the uninitiated rather as a flower of rhetoric with which young speakers will sometimes magnify their topic , than as entitled to any particularly serious note. Neither would these memorable words have been rescued from oblivion , if it had not happened that the very next year after they were uttered was destined to furnish a most extraordinary illustration of their significance. “

 “ Had not a considerable number of the fraternity , stimulated by the consciousness of the error which they had committed , voluntarily assembled at Leroy , a town in the neighborhood of Batavia , and then there , besides attesting the veracity of Morgan’s book , renounced all further connection with the society. One or two of these persons subsequently made far more extended publications , in which they opened all the mysteries of the Royal Arch , and of the Knight Templar’s libation , besides exposing in a clear light the whole complicated organization of the institution. “

“ Yet upon a closer and more attentive examination , this first feeling vanishes , and makes way for astonishment at the ingenious contrivance displayed in the construction of the whole machine. A more perfect agent for devising and execution of conspiracies against church or state could scarcely have been conceived. At the outer door stands the unknown to be sublime , could scarcely avoid inferring that the untold mysteries which were supposed to have been transmitted undivulged to any external ear , from generation to generation , must have in them some secret of power richly worth knowing. Here was the temptation to enter the portal. But the unlucky whit , like him of the poet’s hell , when once admitted within the door , was doomed at the same moment to leave behind him all hope of expectation of retreat. His mouth was immediately sealed by an obligation of secrecy , imposed with all the solemnity that can be borrowed from the use of the forms of religious worship. Nothing was left undone to magnify the effect of the scene upon his
imagination . … Having thus been tempted by curiosity to advance , and being cut off by fear from retreat , there came last of all the appearance of a sufficient infusion of religious and moral and benevolent profession to furnish an ostensible cause for the construction of a system so ponderous and complicate. The language of the Old Testament , the history as well as the traditions of the Jews , and the resources of imagination , are indiscriminately drawn upon to deck out a progressive series of initiating ceremonies which would otherwise claim no attribute to save them from contempt.”

“ There has been a time , when resort to Masonry was regarded as eminently favorable to early success in life ; and there have been men whose rapidity of personal and political advancement it would be difficult to explain by any other cause than this , that they have generally understood  to be bright masons ”.

“ Originating in Great Britain somewhere about the beginning of the eighteenth century , it soon ramified not only in that country , but into France and Germany ; it spread itself into the colonies of North America , and made its way to the confines of distant Asia. Although the seeds of the Institution were early planted in Boston and Charleston , they did not fructify largely until after the period of the Revolution. The original form of Masonry was comprised in what are now called the first three degrees- the entered apprentice , fellow craft and master – but during the first quarter of the present century, so thoroughly had the basis been laid over the entire surface of the United States , that the degrees have been multiplied  more than tenfold , and in all directions the materials have been collected for a secret combination of the most formidable character. It was not until the history of Morgan laid open the consequences of the abuse of the system , that the public began to form a conception of the dangerous fanaticism which it was cherishing in its bosom ”.

“ An obvious danger attending all associations of men connected by secret obligations , springs from their susceptibility to abuse in being converted into engines for the overthrow or the control of established governments”…. It is believed that in France at that period of the revolution , and in Italy within the present century , much of the insurrectionary spirit of the time was fostered , if not in Masonic Lodges , at least in associations a close affinity to them in all essential particulars….It is enough to point out the fact that obedience to the Order is the paramount law of association….Every man who takes a Masonic oath , forbids himself from divulging any criminal act, unless it might be murder or treason , that may be communicated to him under the seal of the fraternal bond , even though such a concealment were to prove a burden upon his conscience and a violation of his bounden duty to society and his God….The law of Masonry was to them more than that of civil government or of the Deity , even when it was known directly to conflict with them. … It is confidently believed that in the materials of the present volume will be found a solemn warning, conveyed by a voice in the feebleness of age still powerful over the sympathy of American citizens ,against the formations of secret organizations ”.

This was only a short synopsis of President John Quincy Adams’ revelation of the demonic history of the Masonic lodge to which George Washington belonged. He had no ties to Morgan’s death, but his preference to the Masonic lodge rather than to Jesus Christ should prove evident to believing Christians. Adams alleged that Masonic oath took precedence over religious beliefs, inferring the searing of  the conscience with a hot iron. Founding fathers spoke of Christ , but these movers and shakers gave feigned service to him , all the while, ascribing loyalty to Masonry.

The church of England had been a Masonic stronghold for Masonry for over 200 years. The Grand Lodge of England was formed on St. John the Baptist’s day , June 24th , 1717 when four lodges joined at the Goose and Gridiron Ale House in St. Paul’s churchyard. James Anderson wrote and published  “ The Constitutions of the Free-Masons”  which was reprinted in 1734 by Grand Master Mason Ben Franklin . Anderson’s Constitution claimed the “ Craft” very ancient, tracing its history from the Medieval guilds of operative stone masons through mathematicians, and Roman and Greek builders and even Biblical times. No wonder Fabian socialism overtook England as it has the United States.

In 1732  , (the year of George Washington’s birth ) , Daniel Coxe was the colonies first colonial Grand Master of Masonry who offered a plan to weld the fledgling colonies together. Masonry had a major part in America’s birth and eventual decadence.

George Washington lived in a small four room house with his half- brother Lawrence. Washington’s father died when Washington was eleven and was remarried. They lived on the Rappahannock. Until he was fifteen years old in the fall of 1747 he irregularly attended school first with the local church sexton , and later with a schoolmaster named Williams. There is evidence that he studied a little Latin: his copy-book , with the moral precepts or “ Rules of Civility” which he transcribed at fourteen , was carefully preserved. At a later date he taught himself a good deal of mathematics. His chief education however was received from practical men and outdoor occupations, not from books. His father owned six plantations Washington rode over.

When Washington was fourteen  Thomas , Lord Fairfax , a middle aged bachelor who owned more than five million acres in northern Virginia and the Shenandoah valley , came to America to live with his cousin William at Belvoir on the Patomac , adjoining Mount Vernon. He was a man of culture who added much to the society of the section. Washington helped survey his lands. Fairfax helped Washington obtain the position of public surveyor for Fairfax county , his commission from William and Mary college being dated July 1749.( Washington was about seventeen then.) For more than two years he was kept constantly busy. After surveying Washington visited Lord Fairfax in the Shenandoah valley where Fairfax had built a log mansion called Greenway Court after his English estate. Washington had access to his large library. The Fairfaxes were actively involved in New York’s Grand Lodge. Rather than following the Scottish Rite, it is believed that Washington followed an ad hoc York Rite Lodge six years after his initiation.

Anderson’s Constitution published in America by Benjamin Franklin in 1734 reveals Masonic conspiracy to supplant God’s leadership with their own man-made moral code, highlighting tolerance, honor, and charity based upon a satanic cap-stone of; “ Brotherly Love , the Foundation and Cap-stone , the Cement and Glory of the Ancient Fraternity” ( Behavior Toward a Strange Brother, Anderson’s Constitution).

Notice, Jesus is not the capstone of their arch , and their fraternity is “ ancient ”.

George Washington was a Worshipful Master who owned three of Anderson’s Masonic Constitutions. He was deeply involved with masonry by at least the age of twenty, if not influenced by a wealthy friend ‘s , ( Lord Fairfax’) ,  enthusiasm for masonry when Washington was well acquainted with him before Washington was twenty. Washington was given access to this wealthy Mason’s library. Masons then and now are scouts, assessing the potentials of other men for use in Masonry. Somebody spotted Washington and tapped him on the shoulder. It is hard to believe that Lord Fairfax , who helped Washington with so much, would not have noticed Washington’s tremendous potential. It is hard to believe Washington never read most if not all of Anderson’s Constitution. Washington read the Bible and revered it, but you cannot serve two Masters. There are evidences of his own writing that reveal his devotion to Masonry. He was an intelligent man. His courage and leadership are exemplary, though he often deferred military tactical judgment to his fellow military Masonic officers whom he surrounded himself with during the Revolutionary war. Anderson’s only reference to Christ was in his preamble in reference to Roman Emperor Augustus, “ in whose Reign was born God’s Messiah, the great Architect of the Church”. Remember, architect is not in the Bible.  Dr. James Anderson, a Scottish Freemason became a member of Original Lodge no. 4, Washington’s lodge.

Jesus speaks to these blind leaders of the blind today when he says ; “ Ye are they which justify yourselves before men , but God knoweth your hearts : for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God”. ( Luke 16:15) They have a form of godliness , but deny the power thereof, as did the Pharisees who loved the praise of men more than the praise of God. The Pharisaical lifestyle parallels the Masonic practice of  “ building a better man in a better world” through their new Order. Masons at the top of the pyramid , ( which they incorporate in their worship) , do alms before men to be seen of them sounding a trumpet in the streets that they may have the glory of men. Christians know they themselves cannot please God by obedience to any moral code, not even the ten commandments. It is faith in Christ alone that saves a man from eternal hell , but Masons will not accept that, rejecting Jesus even during the time of Washington’s Masonic involvement.

I’ll quote a few of Anderson’s 1734 Constitutional heresies  showing his dismissal of Christ , invoking a universal religion now heralded by the United Nations hoping for Jesus to return because he failed the first time according to them . I’ll include a few other words often used by the other secret “Craft” known as Wicca, who also seek the same “light” Masons seek. These groups are both in the dark still. Christians can draw them out of the fire, disdaining the smell of smoke upon their own garments.

“ Though in Times Masons were charged in every Country to be of the Religion of that Country or nation , whatever it was , yet ‘tis now thought more expedient only to oblige them to that Religion in which all men agree , leaving their particular Opinions to themselves .” … It is clear here Masonry requires a religion all Masons must agree upon. A  “Christian “  Mason ( which is an oxymoron ), would not have  been  able to warn the Universalist of his unbiblical beliefs, as is stated in point number 2. ; “ Therefore no private Piques or Quarrels must be brought within the Door of the Lodge , far less any Quarrels about Religion , or Nations , or State Policy , we being only as Masons , of the Universal Religion above mention’d , we are also of all Nations , Tongues , Kindreds , and Languages , and are resolv’d against all Politics , as what never yet conduct’d to the Welfare of the Lodge , nor ever will ”.

Point 5 speaks of  “ the ancient Brotherhood ”  regarding Masonry , which term is interchangeable with Wiccans and occultists.

Point 6 infers Masonry has existed since time began , and in essence it has for, it is the brother of the pagan sun god  worshipped by sorcerers since the time of their mutual admiration of the pyramids  ; “ … that all may see the benign Influence of Masonry , as all true Masons have done from the beginning of the World , and will do to the End of Time.”    

Point 1 of Anderson’s Constitution which Washington must surely at least have heard of if he didn’t read the first few pages of the coveted books he owned, clearly shows Masonry’s ungodly attempt  to usurp God; “   … whereby Masonry becomes Center of Union , and the Means of conciliating true Friendship among Persons that must have remain’d at a perpetual Distance.” … Notice, Masonry is Supreme, not the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is allowed homage , but cannot be central.

By the time of the American Revolution there were about 150 Masonic lodges in America. On April 4, 1757, Past Master Daniel Campbell presented the petition in Edinburgh to obtain a Charter from the Grand Lodge of Scotland, which on July 21, 1758 issued a formal Charter for “ The Lodge at Fredericksburg”. Washington became a confirmed Mason in Lodge #4 in Fredericksburg, Va. Nov. 4, 1752, at age twenty.
He became a Worshipful Master Dec. 20th, 1788 and became the first president to become Master of his Lodge ,( Alexandria Lodge #22 ) , while maintaining his presidency. He was a member of the Knights of the Garter which led the Committee of 300. He performed the ‘ Rite of the Mystic Tie’ as a member of the Scottish Rite. According to the Treaty of Tripoli  ; “The United States is in no manner founded on Christian principle”. Washington said  “ The object of Freemasonry is to promote the happiness of the human race.” Christians know true happiness only comes from knowing Christ. Masonry precludes that possibility. He is quoted as saying; “Being persuaded that a just application of the principles , on which the Masonic fraternity is founded , must be promotive of private virtue and public prosperity , I shall always be happy to advance the interests of the society and to be considered by them as a deserving brother.”

Freemasanry’s philosophy is ; “ The Brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God ”. The only brotherhood without Christ, which is what Masonry personifies, is that of relationship to Satan , as Jesus pointed out to the Pharisees. God is not your Father until you repent, confess your sins and shun all other gods and unbiblical beliefs such as Masonry. It is clear Washington never did this, else he would have publicly shunned and exposed Masonry for its occcultism. There was no Americanized  Christian version of Masonry because Anderson’s Constitution precluded that. Even if the Bible was used , why the secrecy, and the false premise that unsaved men can be made better without Christ , eventually gaining God’s approval and enter heaven’s “ lodge”. Higher criticism, enlightened reason and obedience to man-made moral codes does not qualify one for heaven.

I give credence to the study regarding “ Mount Vernon- Washington in Colonial Public Life”  , ( also on the web) ,  in which it was said ; “ In the church at Service , prayers read over in haste , a sermon , seldom under and never over twenty minutes , but always made up of sound morality , or deep- studied Metaphysicks ”. Perhaps metaphysics here had another connotation, but with pervasive Masonic thought in the area, I would not be surprised to learn of a nebulous Unitarian catechism preached to itching ears.

There are reports of Washington’s own records telling of his gambling and card playing in his own home. Though probably insignificant wagering took place, that would have been something Christians then, as now would not do.

Washington promoted Masonry in a letter to George Washington Snyder , Oct. 24,1798 in which he wrote ; “ It was not my intention to doubt that the Doctrines of the Illuminati , and principles of Jacobinism had not spread to the United States. On the contrary , no one is more truly satisfied than I am”.

Clearly Washington does not try to conceal his love for Masonry, though he infers Illuminism is diabolical in this letter to Mr. Snyder. Masonry is just as diabolical as the craft of the Illuminati started by Adam Weishaupt in 1776.

Masonry has much the same tenets as the Universalist New Church of Baltimore who  lavished Washington with spiritual praise , referring to Washington as a brother in 1793. In his return letter to these Universalists Washington echoed the Enlightenment rationalization of “ the light of truth and reason “ triumphing “ in this enlightened age”. Reasoning here in the United States was that of the enlightened reasoning of Europe. It was not Biblical reasoning , though the Bible was used as the premise for much of American law.

He wrote of his loyalty to Masonry in his address to the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts in 1797 when he said; “  My attachment to the Society of which we are all members will dispose me always to contribute my best endeavors to promote the honor and prosperity of the Craft ”.

Thirteen months before he died he declared to Maryland’s Grand Lodge; “ So far as I am acquainted with the doctrines and principles of Freemasonry , I conceive them to be founded in benevolence , and to be exercised only for the good of mankind. I cannot , therefore , upon this ground , withdraw my approbation from it “. Jesus said do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, but this is what uninformed Christians do when they are seduced into joining a lodge. A real Christian will leave eventually, and hopefully expose their treachery as millions of men and women have.

Nowhere in the Bible is heaven referred to as “ the eternal Temple of the Supreme Architect “, yet this is the unbiblical Masonic name Washington ascribes to God in his letter to the Ancient York Masons of the Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania;   “ … and that we may hereafter meet as brethren in the eternal Temple of the Supreme Architect ”.

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial on the web has records of his adult lifetime involvement with masonry which he never refuted. His Fredericksburg Lodge #4 still operates after 250 plus years. Many of the buildings in Fredericksburg , as well as Washington D.C. have Masonic cornerstones and other blatant Masonic symbols .

The satanic symbols in Washington’s Masonic apron are on the web under “ George Washington’s Masonic apron ”. Though others may interpret the  “ all seeing eye” to be that of the Lord God of the Bible , it is not. It is the eye of Horus on the dollar bill . Clearly the symbols are not truly Christian, nor can they be because Masonry itself rejects the Lordship of Jesus. Satan’s deception is the guise of Christianity even during Washington’s time, although Christian virtue was fairly dominant then. Masonry incorporated European Enlightenment thought which was not based upon Christian beliefs. Ben Franklin , an influential Mason in America and Europe can testify to this . Though  not a Christian , at least once he exemplified a godly pursuit when he encouraged prayer during a distressing time in our history. Nevertheless, Masonry, not Christianity moved the gears of the legislative, executive and judicial machinery of America largely from its inception . Masons’ and Wiccans’ desires are the same ; a world of one faith and one government. Uninformed Masons are not aware of this. There are libraries full of books that expose Masonry’s deception. This information is on the web too .The United Nations promotes  a Masonic New World Order heralded by many presidents who do not hide the term “ New World Order” in their sometimes unwitting promotion of the antichrist’s agenda. View the Masonic connection with the United Nations’ Co-Masonry avatar Alice Bailey who proclaimed Masonry as “ custodian of the Mysteries …a far more occult organization than can be realized … intended to be the training school for coming occultists ”. Though dead, Alice yet speaks today, touted by the United Nations as New Age Queen who will help usher in world peace, which is the unbiblical hope, though not a bad idea, but , is nevertheless unbiblical . They promote the sale of her 24 books unashamedly. The United Nation’s Lucis Trust used to be called Lucifer Trust until someone realized the controversy would diminish recruits and reveal it’s objectives too plainly, and so, the Satanic name was changed. Through the Brotherhood of man Masons hope to achieve this spiritual demonic carrot . The only brotherhood of man is sin. Masons do not recognize this biblical truth, nor the Bible’s Savior whom they rejected in Anderson’s Constitution and in the 1717 synthesis of lodges. It is known that the KGB had made great inroads into Masonry long ago. Of course communist Russia has stopped all forms of espionage and sabotage , be it psychological ESP , intellectual theft , blackmail, international monetary control, international law, or any other animal necessary to subvert a nation they vowed to destroy along with even it’s remotest belief in the God of the Bible. The United States has become an integral part and unwitting shill in their desire for world domination. Get a good trustworthy King James Bible and trust the Savior who wrote it. He’ll give you understanding. There is a lot of good anti-Masonic material out there. Masons need to know they are being deceived. Please warn them and tell them the real gospel .

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