Saturday, April 28, 2012

TBN Minister Jack Graham Says Jesus Might Have Been Forgotten

                        TBN Minister Jack Graham Says Jesus Might Have Been Forgotten

As he crossed his fingers in an “x” fashion not far from his demonic cross and crown lectern , and displayed a horned hand sign , Jack Graham said in an aired sermon around August 23rd  of 2010 ; “ Jesus visibly ascended out of the presence of his followers . It wasn’t a magic trick . It wasn’t , it wasn’t some strange kind of invisible act , but rather visibly he ascended , defying the laws of gravity , Jesus ascended into the clouds and into heaven . And if you think about it , that was a real risk . Philip Yancey, the author said , “ He took the risk of being forgotten when he ascended into heaven .”  True , isn’t it ?  He had spent just thirty three years on this earth , three years in ministry approximately , he died on a Roman cross , then conquered the grave and rose again , and while he presented himself alive to many , the world did not know him , and when he ascended into the presence of God he took a HUGE chance , because he left his message and his mission with those who followed him . “

It’s too bad Jack Graham wasn’t present at Jesus’ ascension to warn Jesus that he was taking a HUGE risk by leaving his disciples , and returning to heaven from which he came . Maybe Jack would have convinced him to stay , thus fulfilling the scriptures .

Jesus knew all things from the beginning. He took no risks at all . What a lie to tell people that Jesus’ disciples would have forgotten him after all they experienced with him . This goes beyond heresy and is brainwashing . And leaving his message with the disciples was not just a chance , but a HUGE chance according to Jack Graham . Jack Graham here challenges the entire Bible itself . This is typical rhetoric of several TBN false teachers who bewitch the simple , handling the word of God deceitfully , making merchandise of them , subverting their souls .

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