Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gone To the Dogs

                                             Gone To The Dogs

In the Bible the Lord cited nature’s activities , unveiling parables regarding seeds , soils , ants , spiders , worms , bees , sparrows , doves , sheep , wolves , rocks  and trees , etc . He referred to people who would not obey him as dogs which would not enter heaven , contrary to the movie theme that all dogs go to heaven  , inferring that all people will go to heaven .  But Revelation 22 :15 states ; “ For without are dogs and sorcerers , and whoremongers , and murderers and idolaters , and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie .”
The devil would like you to believe that dog is man’s best friend , hopefully omitting Jesus from the equation of close companionship altogether . Satan’s specialty is deceit and reversal , as displayed in his tact of misrepresentation of the truth , and in spelling ,which curiously turns out to be “ dog “  regarding reference to God , at least in the English language .

As the United Nations was malevolently conceived by dogs , it has literally gone to them wholeheartedly after being unleashed on the world . Not long after helping to form the League of Nations president Woodrow Wilson remanded himself , not to the White House as top dog , but to the dog house . He later realized he had helped sire a ferocious rabid mongrel which would bark at the heels of humanity , baying at an occult full moon , worshipping at the pernicious paws of Anubis , the mythological Egyptian son of Osiris , represented as Hermes whose head was that of a dog . This altruistic cur would eat people as it eats bread . By Satanic machinations it would alchemically  mutate into the United Nations , which by usurpation and international treaties fashion its serpentine owner’s gnawed bone scepter to be wielded by the  “tale “- wagging , story-telling , beast of the book of Revelation who deceives the whole world by the sleight of men , and cunning craftiness of profane and old wives’ tales and Jewish fables .

One of its greatest  proponents , a self admitted occultist named Alice Bailey , though dead yet speaks , openly promoting a one-world church manipulated by the biblically prophesied one-world government . In her book , “ The Externalization of the Hierarchy “ Alice lauds occultism , Freemasonry , and other facets of witchcraft as major mediums through which the free-thinking U.N. goals will be met . Its foundation , though of sand , has largely been laid  for Alice’s false Kingdom of God on Earth , utilizing the book of Revelation’s apostate churches , and the Masonic Lodge , as Alice’s own words reveal . I will focus on major premises Alice and her compatriot U.N. have globally inculcated into Alice’s faithful adept’s minds , beckoning their anticipated false Messiah . I’ll quote primarily from only one of  the U.N.’s ubiquitous Arcane Alice Bailey library ; her previously mentioned  , “ The Externalization of the Hierarchy “ . The publisher  was originally named Lucifer Trust , until its pantheistic kennel of dog breeders decided to rename itself Lucis Trust , hoping to keep expositors at bay . Appropriately , Alice admits her occult hierarchy of people who will form her one-world church and government  are controlled from Sirius ,  the brightest star in the heavens , the dog star .     

But this pet project of wild dogs will howl in the wilderness , gnashing its canine teeth , as it ululates through Alice , revealing Alice as the universally benevolent dog in the manger ,  called by its U.N. dog owner to lead its pack of stray , self – appointed  blood –hounds along a falsely salted trail of light , truth and right human relations ; dogs which will lap up the hair of the dog that bit them , embarking them upon a raving theosophical stuporous quest which will ultimately lead them to their own destruction .

                   Alice  Bailey’s    The Externalization of the Hierarchy   

Alice Bailey’s double-talk in her book , “ The Externalization of the Hierarchy “ is typical of that of socialist brain-washing propaganda . The United Nations has been mesmerized by her , and ostensibly, she is their New Age Queen. They tout twenty-four of her occult books on-line. Alice unashamedly admits that her clairvoyant literary compulsions were directed by unseen spirit guides whom she could audibly hear . Her occult literature has become the spiritual driving force of the United Nations .Though one demon could have spoken through Alice , Satan knew the United Nations would be representing him as the  “ Coming “  false Messiah . More than likely , he personally , through Alice, articulated his anticipated arrival as “the Christ” who would attempt to usurp the worship the real Jesus Christ would later receive. He wanted no mistakes, for this rhetoric would be the major foundation for his domination of the world while sitting in Jerusalem’s rebuilt temple .

On page 631 Alice’s imperceptible theosophical courier who calls himself  “ the Tibetan ” speaks of his Satanic work  through Alice. He says  ;  “ On November 19th , I made my first contact with A.A.B. ( much to her distress and dismay ) ,  and I have worked steadily with her ever since. The books which I then planned have been well-nigh finished ; the various phases of the work which were a part of the preparation for the reappearance of the Christ have taken form and should go forward with gathering momentum during the next twenty years. “

Satan then spells out his “ Plan “ of organizing “ New World Servers “ who will help
precipitate  the “ Reappearance of the Christ in the New Age through work of his seven rays . ”

Satan has knowledge of all of time’s events and personalities. To a major degree he can predict the future because he has some idea of how God works ;  through his own  personal experience , and because he knows God’s word and the human psyche which he takes captive by his will. He understands mathematics , and the heavens’ God-ordained movements. He has beguiled men with astrology since the time of the Egyptians ; astrology now promoted by the United Nations , heralding his “ coming ”. Alice Bailey points to the dog star “ Sirius” as a significant celestial sign of her false Messiah’s arrival. I’ll include much more on this later , but I want to mention it now because of the importance Satan has placed on this single star whose light the United Nations is urging the world to seek , and is hoping through the U.N. Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence to hear from .

On page 344 , paragraph one of this book , Satan utters through Alice ; “ Mankind doesn’t understand love “. Satan’s ploy is presenting  truth , intertwining his sinister machinations within it . He is right . Jesus’ love and sacrifice is not understood by the world , because of the world’s hardness of heart , and the devil’s work to proliferate a false gospel , long promoted by the charismatic church and false teachers such as Rick Warren , who , like Alice promotes world citizenship.

On page 627 Alice  says; “ The voice of the people must prevail , but it must be a people educated in the true values , in the significances of a right culture , and in the need for right human relations. It is therefore essentially a question of right education and correct training in world citizenship – a thing that has not yet been undertaken. Who can give the training ? Russia would gladly train the world in the ideals communism , and would gather all the money in the world into the coffers of the proletariat , eventually producing the greatest capitalistic system the world has ever seen .”  Alice loves the communistic thought of dethroning God and destroying the United States. Throughout this and other propaganda autonomically penned through her , she calls for a one world religion and a one world government , which Soviet socialists in their unfathomable love for mankind would gladly construct with the rest of the world’s money ; and they have done it !

Some of Satan’s pseudonyms Alice gives her occult Tibetan guide in this book alone are
of course Biblically oriented . Some of these demonic  “masters” whom Alice says works with the real Christ , but are preparing the world for her antichrist in this book are named; the Adepts ( terms used by witches and Masons) , Lord Varanu , Master Koot Humi , Master Dwahl Kuhl , Master Moya , Lords of Destiny , Lords of Light , the Lord of Civilization , the Master R - , Manu , the Coming One ( this is the demonic New King James Version of the real Christ) ,  Lord Buddha , the Conveyor of Enlightenment , the Lords of Light , the Illumined One , the Leader of Forces of Light ,  Lord of the World , the Spirits of Peace , Conclave of Masters of the Wisdom , World Saviors , Teachers , Devas , the Angel of Presence ,  Master Hilarion , Lords of liberation ,  Ruler: Lucifer , Son of the Morning ( Satan’s Biblical name) ,  The Prodigal Son ,  The Rider on the White Horse , World Teacher , Master Rakoczi , the Revealing One , World Saviors , The Ancient of Days , Lord of Sacrifice and Devotion , the Spirit of Peace , Planetary Logos , Sanat Kumara ( the Eternal Youth ) , the Sun of Righteousness , and Lord of Life and Love , Divine Will , The Heirarchy of Adepts , Guides , the Great Ones ,  Those extra planetary Beings Who offer their help at this time , Telepathic Communicators , Trained  Observers , Magnetic Healers , The Intelligentsia , the Esoterics , aspirants and occultists , The Planetary Heirarchy , Disciples , the Forces of Hermes , the Great White Lodge , the Heirarchy of Masters , the Lord of the World , Spirit of God , and Buddha .

Jesus said all nations will be deceived by the antichrist’s harlot with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication , ( Revelation 18:9; 18:23 ). Numerous times Jesus called Israel a harlot for her idolatrous rebellion against him with the gods of other nations , now embodied within the United Nations , promoting Alice’s one world religion under its one world government .

The Bible says in Psalm 2 verse 2 ;    The kings of the earth set themselves , and their rulers take counsel together , against the Lord  ”.  These kings will be Alice’s false Christ and his ten toes. Babylon, in Revelation 18:3 commits fornication with all nations who have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication , ( Rev. 14:8). Revelation 11:18 says the nations are angry because Jesus’ wrath is come. Jesus will pour out his seven vials of wrath upon Jerusalem and the earth when he returns , and will smite the nations , ruling thereafter for a thousand years with a rod of iron , ( Rev. 19:15 ; 12:5).

Alice says her false Christ is preparing  “ the Kingdom of God on Earth ”, to be controlled by her “ Masters of Wisdom ”. Wisdom is what Satan promised Eve when he beguiled her in the garden. Wisdom is the quest of witches , Masons and Christians. There is godly wisdom , and there is the wisdom gained by adepts in Masonry and witchery , members of whom God takes “ in their own craftiness , for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God  .”

The Alice Baileys and Rick Warrens of the world , are just that ; “ of the world : therefore speak they of the world and the world heareth them .”  Their  “ craft  “ fabricated  temples such as those of the great goddess Diana , whom the world worshippeth because the world by wisdom knew not God but was deceived by Satan which deceiveth the whole world . Occultists like Bailey and heretics like Mr. Warren do not accept the real Jesus who came in his Father’s name , but if another shall come in his own name , they  will receive him . In one of his books of propaganda , “ The Purpose Driven Life “ , Rick Warren too looks for the antichrist’s reign. On page 297 , ( day 38 of 40 ), Warren suggests Christians become  “ World Class Christians . ”  Warren misdirects  when he says God tells Christians ;  “ If you ask me I will give you the nations ; all the people on earth will be yours “ , inferring Christian world dominance , which is biblically impossible prior to , and during the antichrist’s reign . Warren references this heretical remark to his unbiblical premise that  Christians should pray for the world . But Jesus said , “ I pray not for the world , but for them which thou hast given me…I have given them thy word ; and the world hath hated them , because they are not of this world , even as I am not of this world…The world cannot hate you ; but me it hateth , because I testify of it that the works thereof are evil… He was in the world , and the world was made by him , and the world knew him not… but because ye are not of the world , but I have chosen you out of the world , therefore the world hateth you”.

Rick should get to know the Bible better , because Jesus told his disciples in John 14 that he would  “ pray the Father , and he shall give you another comforter ,that he may abide with you for ever : even the Spirit of truth ; whom the world cannot receive , because it seeth him not , neither knoweth him .  “ Jesus told Pontius Pilate that his  “ kingdom was not of this world .”  Judas , not Iscariot , inferred in that same chapter  that Jesus would not manifest himself unto the world when he said  ;  “ Lord , how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us , and not unto the world ?  “ Jesus did not correct Judas because Judas was correct . The world loves darkness rather than light . The world will rejoice over the death of the two candlesticks , ( one of whom will be Elijah , Malachi 4:5 ) , in Revelation chapter eleven . Warren is sending people on an unbiblical wild goose-chase , urging them to pray for the ever unsaved world . His heresy is much less obvious , yet none-the-less as spiritually lethal as Alice’s . Clearly, Mr. Warren’s requests for Christians to become  “ World Class Christians “ is unbiblical and Satanic. He cleverly deceives people who use untrustworthy Bible versions , but may not know its Author. Like Robert Schuller , Warren never truly defines biblical sin , nor gives the Bible’s true plan of salvation . Warren , like Bailey quotes much of the Bible from a variety of versions which do not convey the correct meaning of the original verses. Real Christians see through these impostors . Some people are beguiled by his literary diversion because they know the Bible’s basic premises , and believe he rightly divides the word of truth ,
when he is doing just the opposite .

Satan must follow God’s prophetic course described in the Bible . He has no choice about that . Rather than gainsay the fact of Jesus’ existence , Satan uses Jesus as his foundation for the United Nations’ false Christ through whom he will deceive the world .

Occultist Annie Besant was of like mind as Alice A. Bailey. Besant wrote in her “ Esoteric Christianity “, pp. 28 ; “ Esoteric Christianity will reappear in the Holy Place “ , in the Temple so that all who are capable of receiving it may follow its lines of published thought ; and secondly occult Christianity will again descend into the adytum , dwelling behind the veil which guards the “ Holy of Holies “ , into which the Initaite may enter.”

Alice Bailey mimics Besant’s  “Temple “ reference  in  “ The Externalization of the Heirarchy “ on page 4 where she says “ the web of etheric matter ( called the veil of the temple ) which separates the physical and astral planes was rent or torn asunder , and the amazing process of unifying the two worlds of physical plane living and of astral plane experience was begun and now is slowly going on . “

Of course Bailey is alluding to witchcraft which will become much more public in the 21st century. Magicians’ sleight of hand will be replaced by demonic performances of the more adept who understand the ancient Egyptian  mysteries Alice reverenced . Alice also suggested these demonic powers be accepted with a willing mind .

On page 502 she says that the occult Guides of the New Age are working under “ the Christ “. Alice almost always refers to her false Messiah as “ the Christ “ . Though on occasion in the new testament the term , “ the Christ “ was used , that term was very seldom used after Jesus’ resurrection . Bailey also says that  “ the Great Ones seek to destroy Christianity with its old restricting thought forms , and overtake them with occult interpretations because Christianity’s true meaning has been misrepresented and hidden “ on page 503.  She alludes Jesus gave advanced minds instruction in the synagogue .

On page 661 Bailey says “ the Christ “ is the head of her Satanically devised external hierarchy of illumined minds on earth . She continues ; “ Christ is today , with the aid of the Lord of the World and the Buddha , preparing Himself the most difficult task with which He has ever been confronted “. 

I must admit. I thought Christ’s greatest task was preaching the gospel of repentance and enduring crucifixion. Alice and the United Nations say I’m wrong.

On page 663 Alice ‘s blasphemy continues ; “ The Christian Church has laid so much emphasis on Christ’s unique position as the one and only Son of God , that great error has crept in and has been fostered for centuries ; Christ Himself foresaw the possibility of this error and tried to offset it by pointing out that we are all  “ the Sons of God “, and that “ greater things than I do shall you do “- a statement which no commentators have ever understood or adequately explained  .”

But Alice didn’t know that the Bible did explain it. Jesus’ shadow never healed anyone , but Peter’s did , as Jesus predicted . Alice didn’t know that only those who truly repent of their sin and trust in Christ’s blood alone to save them become sons of God . Demonic cults , (such as the Pentecostal Shakers and Quakers promoted by Benjamin Franklin) , espouse the divinity of the unsaved man whom they call “ Sons of God “. They believe that  “the Light of Christ is in every man “ who has “ the inner light “ within himself . On page 355 Bailey challenges the word of God again when she says the unregenerate man is “ divine” ;  “ These attitudes take their stand upon belief in the innate rightness of the human spirit , in the divinity of man and upon the indestructible nature of the soul of mankind  .“

Earlier in the book on page 7 Alice lied when she said ; “ a flood of light … will go on increasing for the next thirty years , bringing assurance of immortality and a fresh revelation of the divine potencies in the human being . “  She continues her blasphemy on page 8 where she articulates ; “ the divine soul in man , which takes the form of what we call “ the animal soul “ which really corresponds to the Holy Ghost aspect in the human microcosmic trinity “. Masons have spoken of the divinity of the unsaved man when they have taught from the pulpit and in the church classroom for centuries . Their quest for light parallels Alice’s , but ex-Masons admit Masonry’s seductive  “ light “  was never attained by them . Alice’s and Masons ‘ true adepts will find it though …through Satan who can appear as an angel of light .

The Bible spoke of the United Nations’ false church composed of grievous wolves not sparing the flock after Paul’s departure from Ephesus . Satan’s six thousand year practice of Christian sabotage had given him confidence by Bailey’s time to boast of his “ Plan “ to infiltrate the churches of the book of Revelation through occultic canines such as Bailey and Warren whose bark is as bad as their bite .

Bailey’s autonomy quills on page 453 ; “ The coming struggle will emerge within the churches themselves ; it will also be precipitated by the enlightened elements who exist in fair numbers already , and are rapidly growing in  strength through the impact of human necessity . The fight will then spread to thinking men and women everywhere who in a protesting revolt – have denied orthodox churchianity and theology .“

In layman’s terms , Alice’s higher critical  “Christian  Intelligentsia “ , whose intellects far surpass those of lesser mental acuity , will discard Christianity , displacing it with her Satanic heterodoxy . This process has long been seen by Christians through the demonically inspired charismatic church whose “miracles” and doctrines are of demons . The white witchcraft and its doctrines now pervasive in some of the unwitting churches today will become predominant in this century.


                                         Alice’s Masonic Kingdom of God on Earth

Alice’s Elder Brothers of Ageless Wisdom who found the scroll of astral light upon Alice’s Path have been working to establish the “ Kingdom of God on Earth “ since Nimrod , and they think they will reveal it soon . Until the Jewish temple is rebuilt false teachers like Tim LaHaye , David Jeremiah and similar others who say nothing else need occur before Christ returns will continue to make merchandise of the unwary. Masons
and Alice Bailey followers’ hope to establish “ God’s kingdom on Earth  .“ This will not be biblically accomplished until Jesus’ return , and even then he will rule with an iron hand . Not all will bow to him after the battle of Armageddon is won by him with his word . Though Alice’s Elder Brother and his false prophet emerge from their 1000 year sauna bath in hell , Jesus must eventually again contend with another world of their converts of Gog and Magog who wish to overtake him. Alice portrays her Brother , “the Leader of the Forces of Light “ , as “ the Christ” , “  the founder of the Kingdom of God on Earth , to complete the work he started , and again to demonstrate diversity in far more difficult circumstances “ on page 607 . Though some of Jesus last few words were , “ It is finished “ , Alice says Jesus needs to return  “ to complete the work he started “. Billions have already fallen for , and will continue to fall for deceptive soliloquies such as hers.

On page 419 Bailey states “ The kingdom of God will be functioning on Earth “ through (pp.418) “ new religious science , which will transform and spiritualise humanity .” This correlates to Encyclopaedia Britannica’s 1960 description of communism which states on page 137 ; “ Thirty years later , the Communists were more than ever convinced that history had put on the order of the day the final and total victory , according to Communist doctrine , held with the fervor of religious messianic expectations , would create a world of one faith and one leadership which would assure the peace and security for the Soviet Union and the certainty of salvation for the whole of mankind .“  Perhaps the devil did not let his right hand know what his left hand was doing when he put these thoughts into the recipient’s mind who wrote that reference to communism . It’s nice to know the godless communists had finally begun to have messianic hopes of salvation for the entire world which would be under “ one leadership .” Surely Bailey’s Kingdom of God on Earth presided over by her occult Christ , and communism’s altruistic hopes were merely coincidence , unnoticed by  Satan , neither of them being devised by him .

Alice’s top hierarchy of  “ new world servers ”  will be telepathic , as some adept Masons and witches are . She openly speaks of the new world religion on page 419 whereby she espouses occult celebration of the moon and zodiac within churches of the new world religion where power comes from “ thought , particularly in its telepathic nature , rapport and aspect  .“ 

On page 510 Bailey anticipates her Church Universal’s announcement of the false Messiah’s arrival . Miss Bailey’s predecessor , Helen P. Blavatsky correctly assessed the close of the 20th century would reveal the synagogue of Satan . I doubt that the United Nations would jeopardize its credibility with its Satanic adepts unless it received Satanic insight regarding profound proclamations like this , else they would not highly extol Alice Bailey to the degree they have. Satan is pulling the strings. Alice’s books could be removed from the U.N.’s library tomorrow and replaced by Satan’s newest devices , but  work he spawned through Alice has worked well thus far , and will probably continue to be reverenced and proclaimed by the United Nations far into the 21st century , to be superseded only by necessity .   

Bailey on page 456 says : “ The Heirarchy is not occupied with the restoration of the old order . “   Her inference was that a new world order , ( a term used unashamedly by many congressmen , diplomats , writers and  presidents , one of whom spoke of a thousand points of light ), will replace the old order. She articulated in this book also  that there were men who comprise the occult leadership group known as the “ New World Servers “ , “ who are in service to the work of the Brotherhood…the Forces of Light !
They are the ones who are to usher all of mankind from the darkness of outmoded Christianity and failed nationalism into the bright and shining New World Order .” Alice also stated in her “ Discipleship in the New Age “ ;  Within the United Nations is the germ and seed of a great international and mediating , reflective group – a group of thinking and informed men and women in whose hands lies the destiny of humanity .” 

On page 511 she says  “ Bible knowledge must be spread ; the sacraments must be mystically interpreted , and the power of the church to heal must be demonstrated .“ The Benny Hinns , and other similar Trinity Broadcasting Network adepts are not actually healing anyone today. They are pseudo-pioneers of mystical healers within the demonic charismatic church whose Path Alice’s healers will continue to tread and embellish.

She continues on this page that there are  “ three main channels through which the preparation for the new age is going on might be regarded as the Church , the Masonic Fraternity  and the educational field … The Masonic Movement when it can be divorced from politics and social ends and from its present paralysing condition of inertia , will meet the need of those who can and should wield power . It is the custodian of the law ; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation . It holds in its symbolism the rituals of Deity , and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work . The Methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples , and under the All-Seeing-Eye the work can go forward . It is a far more occult organization than can be realised , and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists . In its ceremonials lies hid the wielding of the forces connected with the growth and life of the kingdoms of nature and the unfoldment of the divine aspects in man . In the comprehension of its symbolism will come the power to cooperate with the divine plan . It meets the need of those who work on the first Ray of Will or Power  .” 

On page 513 she continues “… one of the things that will eventuate-when the new universal religion has sway and the nature of esotericism is understood will be the utilization of the banded esoteric organisms , the Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centers . These three groups converge as their inner sanctuaries are approached . There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church , the sacred inner lodge of all true Masons , and the inner-most circles of the esoteric societies .”

Clearly , Alice declares here the one world church being comprised of people who practice witchcraft , Masonry and pseudo-Christianity . Witchcraft will be accepted as the finally understood facet of religion the ancient world had lost . On page 514 she pontificates ; “ There is no question therefore that the work to be done in familiarising the general public with the nature of the Mysteries is of paramount importance at this time . These Mysteries will be restored to outer expression through the medium of the Church and the Masonic Fraternity . ”

On page 517 Alice predicts ; “ Finally , Church members and members of the Masonic Fraternities must familiarize themselves with the inner significance of the various rites , ceremonies , colours and rituals , and with the work performed upon the floor of the temple . They must know why such and such things are done in due order and the reason for the various precedences , the words , gestures and acts .“  Bailey speaks on page 578 of one American Masonic president who was “ that great first ray disciple , Franklin D. Roosevelt .“   She doesn’t enumerate here the very lengthy array of other Masonic presidents , vice presidents , Supreme Court justices , congressmen , clergymen , scientists , doctors , authors , activists etc. who were lesser “ rays ”  in her Satanic spectral  syncretism of New Age religions .

She had alluded to Masonic and witchcraft adepts on page 454 , saying ; “ They are not irreligious but have through pain and sorrow , learned ( without ecclesiastical help ) that the spiritual values are the only values which can save humanity , that the Heirarchy stands , and that Christ – as the symbol of peace and the Leader of the Forces of Light – is not a negligible force but one that is evoking response from the hearts of men everywhere . Free religion will come to be interpreted in terms of the will-to-good and its practical expression , goodwill .“   Obviously , Alice’s ruse will be the culmination of the entire world doing what seems right in their own eyes , which will be opened by Alice’s adepts  who have brainwashed generations through Masonic teaching and witchcraft presented as ultimate truth through classrooms , courtrooms , boardrooms , and dining rooms in which “ the brother shall deliver up the brother to death , and the father the child : and the children shall rise up against their parents and cause them to be put to death .”

Alice’s Heirarchy of adepts correlates to Masonic adepts because her husband was a 33rd degree Mason who divulged Masonry’s heritage through the United Nation’s Lucis Press in his book , “ The Spirit of Masonry “ where on page 32 he states ; “ masonry is the descendant of , or is founded upon a divinely imparted religion which long antedates the prime date of creation as given in our Bible . [ It ] is all that remains to us of the first world religion which flourished in antiquity so old that it is impossible to fix a date. It was the first unified religion…To this , such symbols as the pyramids , both in Egypt and South America , bear witness…the ancient Mysteries were temporary custodians of the ancient truth and closely allied to the Masonic work of today… The relation of the Mysteries to Masonry has oft been recognized , and the golden thread of living continually can be traced through them to modern Masonry. The Mysteries… are all parts of that ancient thread which has its origins in that primeval religion which terminates today in Masonry  .“  It is clear that the United Nations has a long history of promoting Masonry as well as other forms of witchcraft and astrology .

                                              Alice’s Sirius and the Great White Lodge

Masonic dogma asserts  “the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God “ , which Alice calls the Great White Lodge  heralded by her Spiritual Hierarchy which points to the Abode of Light , the Mason’s eternal home.  On page 122  Alice said  a war broke out between  “ the Lords of Form and the Lords of Being , or between the Forces of Matter and the Great White Lodge “ ,  which is her portrayal of heaven . Satan must be so disgusted with the term “ heaven” that “ heaven “  is one biblical expression he doesn’t even use through Alice. The Great White Lodge is depicted by Alice on page 304 as the abode of a lesser Avatar who “ is in close touch with the Christ “…” the Coming One”… “ the Rider on the White Horse . “   In her “ True Great White Lodge “ piece of propaganda , page 298, she says before the year 2100 her seventh ray Avatar will appear who is connected with the Great White Lodge on Sirius . I’ll expound upon Serius now because of its broad Satanic influence in Alice’s material , as well as that of other occult mediums , such as the United Nations , and the Masonic Lodge .

Sirius , Alpha Canis Major , the dog star, the brightest star in the heavens with a white dwarf companion , (a solar moon ), is worshipped by astrologers like Bailey who called it the star of Mercury or Budha . According to some astrologers this star was mankind’s great instructor before the Buddhas ( before the Lemurian race). Humanity was brought from an influx of force from Sirius and Venus . Its name may be related to the Arabic Siraj , meaning “ the glittering one “. Homer called it  “ the evil star  .“ Ancient Egyptians called it Sopdet ( Greek : Sothis ) , and their calendar was based upon its heliacal rising.
The hieroglyph for Sothis was a star and a triangle , two of Mason’s , Ailce’s , and the United Nations’ favorite symbols . Sothis was identified with the great goddess Isis who with her husband Osiris formed a trinity with their son Horus whose “ all-seeing-eye” tops the dollar bill’s pyramid. Sirius , the dog star is Luciferian  in Isaiah 14 :12 ; “ How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer , son of the morning ! how art thou cut down to the ground , which did weaken the nations . “  God called him the son of the morning , but not the morning star , referencing Jesus in Revelation 2:28 and 22:16 ; “And I will give him the morning star ;… I am the root and offspring of David , and the bright and morning star .”  Lucifer was the star that fell from heaven that made the waters bitter and was also named Wormwood  in Revelation 8:11 . Jesus never fell from heaven , but willingly left heaven . And the water that Jesus gives never turns bitter , but springs into eternal life . The fallen star Lucifer of Revelation 9:1 was given the key to the bottomless pit from which arose the fifth of God’s seven judgmental angels who pour out his wrath upon earth  prior to Christ’s return . Lucifer is the lesser light ruling the darkness in Genesis 1:16 ; “ And God made two great lights ; the greater light to rule the day , and the lesser light to rule the night  .“  This is another reason he is called the prince of darkness . Jesus is the day star according to 2nd Peter 1:19 ; “ We have also a more sure word of prophecy ; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed , as unto a light that shineth in a dark place , until the day dawn , and the day star arise in your hearts .”  Jesus is the Sun in Malachi 4 :2 ; “ But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings .”  Jesus is the star out of Jacob in Numbers 24:17 ;  “ I shall see him , but not now : I shall behold him , but not nigh : there shall come a Star out of Jacob , and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel and shall smite the corners of Moab , and destroy all the children of Sheth .”  Clearly there is a distinct difference in the luminosity of these diametrically opposed stars . Jesus tells us there will be no dogs in heaven , and told the Syrophoenecian  woman who sought his help with her possessed daughter that it was not right to give the children’s bread to dogs. But wisdom is justified by her children , exemplified by Alice Bailey and her followers.  

Bailey stated that the entire work of the Great White Lodge is controlled from Sirius. In her book “ Letters on Occult Meditation “, pp. 8  ; “ Further still the alignment may be progressed : - in the alignment of our entire solar system with the system of Sirius lies a still remote goal . It is a point far ahead , but holds hid the secret of the greater cycle. “

In Bailey’s  “ The Destiny of the Nations “ she quips of it ; “ Sirius – one of the most important stars of our solar system and Earth , working as a triplicity with the Great Bear and the Pleiades . Its history through various cultures and its influence on humanity is explored . ”

In her ,  “ The Consciousness of the Atom “ Bailey extols ; “ the seven stars of the Great Bear , the seven stars of the Pleiades , and the sun Sirius , have a very close connection with our Solar system , and that they hold an intimate psychic magnetic relation to our solar LOGOS . “

In her  “ Glamour a World Problem “ she states ; Sirius ;  Star from which the solar system emanated – important for Earth in this cycle . ”

In Bailey’s  “ The Soul and its Mechanism “  she contends  ; this energy was paralleled by a secondary energy from the sun Sirius  .“   
In her “ from Bethlehem to Calvary “ she says ; “ At the time of the birth of Christ , Sirius , the star in the east…”

Alice Bailey’s literary compatriot and fellow occult astrologer and Masonic leader Albert Pike stated in his well known book  “ Morals and Dogma “ ;  “ the Pentagram Masons call the Blazing Star of their Lodges represents Sirius , the Dog Star  “ !  He also referred to Sirius as the “ Guardian and Guide of our Souls…which to the Ancients was the Sun .”

In that book on page 376 he also claimed ; “ Isis was aided in her search [ for the slain body of Osiris ] by Anubis , in the shape of a dog . He was Sirius , or the Dog-Star , the friend and counselor of Osiris , and the inventor of language , grammar , astronomy , surveying , arithmetic , music , and medical science ; the first maker of laws ; and who taught the worship of the Gods , and the building of Temples . “
He continues on page 377 to blaspheme ; “ Thus , we can see the critically key role that Sirius plays in the world of the Egyptian Mysteries . He was a counselor of the Messiah  figure , Osiris , who died for the good of mankind , and whose body was “ nailed up in the ark . “ Sirius taught the beneficial sciences , made the original laws , taught the worship of the pantheon of pagan gods , and taught how to build the pagan temples…and oversaw pagan worship… Osiris’ son , Anubis , identified by the Greeks with Hermes was an Egyptian myth whose Hermetic body had the head of a dog ”….Sirius still glitters in our Lodges as the Blazing Star , the Guardian and Guide of our Souls . “  Now you may understand that dog-headed man hieroglyph of Anubis you’ve seen in pictures , cartoons , television shows and movies. Anubis was a god of divination and magic.

Alice Bailey claimed that Sirius was actually the source of a “ higher form “ of Masonry , saying ; “ One great fact to be borne in mind is that of the initiations of the planet or of the solar system are but the preparatory initiations of admission into the greater Lodge on Sirius…The first four initiations of the solar system prior to the first cosmic initiation . the fifth initiation corresponds to the first cosmic initiation , that of  “entered apprentice “ of the Lodge Sirius . The sixth initiation is analogous to the second degree in Masonry , whilst the seventh initiation makes the Adept a Master Mason of the Brotherhood of Sirius . A Master , therefore , is one who has taken the seventh planetary initiation , the fifth solar initiation , and the first Sirian or cosmic initiation . “

In her  book , “ The Rays and the Initiations “ , Alice  claims ; “ These ancient mysteries were originally given to humanity by the Heirarchy , and were – in their turn – received by the Heirarchy from the Great White Lodge on Sirius . They contain the clue to the evolutionary process , hidden in numbers and words…they veil the secret of man’s origin and destiny . “

Bailey speaks of the “ White Brotherhood “ of the ” Sanat Kumara “ who had to leave the Sirius System millions of years ago on the order of the ONE and to go into our solar system , first on the buddhic plane.. the ONE is her divine LOGOS in the SAT on the fourth cosmic initiation , who controls the logos of our sun and six further logoses in synthesis. She describes the path of initiations in the context of this brothership – the human and the solar cycles . 

Under Division B – The Nature of the Cosmic Paths , Alice states that the Path to Sirius  ; “ is of all the Paths the most veiled in the clouds of mystery “ , transmitting energy to our solar system via that  …sevenfold brooding mother , the silver constellation , whose voice is as a tinkling bell , and whose feet pass lightly o’er the radiant path between our worlds and hers… this is the Path that “ lords of compassion “ most frequently follow , and at this time the Egyptian Master and the Master Jesus are preparing themselves to tread it  .“

Alice believes that Freemasonry needs to prove itself spiritually , and this will be through their continued occult practices which will necessitate more double-talk from more adept Masons who may for a while deny association with them . When its adepts have been fully illumined on the Sirius Path Masonry will “ prove that it is the force of life in the heart of any true religion  .“ ( From “ Thirty Years of Work “ , Lucis Trust.)

The next page is a copy from Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul- Esoteric Astrology – Appendix – Sirius  available on the web. ( This will not be here , but is in my unpublished book )

 “Under the 7 degree ray influence the Masonic organization will come into a new and pronounced spiritual activity and begin to approximate its true function and to fulfill its destiny….It will be seen that in the regularity of the rituals ( the Masonic work ) and the sanctified formality of the ordained ceremonials lies the true meaning of the work and the use of the Word .” (From  Alice’s “ Esoteric Psychology 1, pp. 368)

Again , Alice capitalized Word , because she believes the true Jesus failed and needs to finish the work he started . Her pseudo-reverence is merely veiled blasphemy . She expresses her dreams for the Satanic church in her , “ The Rays and the Initiations “ on pp. 332 where she states ; “ The ground is now being prepared at this time for this great restoration . The Churches and Masonry are today before the judgment seat of humanity’s critical mind and the word has gone forth from that mass mind that both of them failed in their divinely assigned tasks … It is realized everywhere that new life must be poured in and great changes wrought in the awareness and in the training of those who work through and in these two media of truth… Those changes have not yet been carried out , for it will take new vision and a new approach to life experience , and this only the coming generation is capable of giving … they alone can bring about the needed alterations and the revitalization , but it can and will be done  .“

Clearly , the United Nations ‘ strong unabashed  promotion of Alice Bailey / Masonic occult  heresy has become blatantly evident in its promotion of its one world church   petitioning witches and the uninformed , in Satanic groups of three ,( Masonic triangles ) to pray for the antichrist’s arrival .  In 1978 the satanic Findhorn Community in Shutesbury , Massachusettes began its own Sirius community , based upon the star Sirius , known as the source of love and wisdom for our planet . Of course this is a “ green “ village practicing sustainable development , and Spiritual Living which includes witchcraft’s  “full moon “ meditations . It does take a village. You will see more like this as many more decades go by ,  when the United Nations through Sustainable Development has largely antiquated the use of automobiles , and brainwashed most into the “ group think “ mentality , assuring little resistance from expositors.

The United Nations has long been searching for Alice’s extra terrestrials via their  International S.E.T.I . Protocalls system paid for by your tax dollars . They call for Alice’s illumined scientists to help in the search for  “ confirmed detection of extraterrestrial intelligence …The discoverer should have the privilege of making the first public announcement .” Coordinating International Telecommunication Unions , International Council of Scientific Unions ,  International Astronomical Unions ,  Commission J of the International Radio Science Union , the Committee on Space Research  , the International Academy of Astronauts , the International Institute of Space Law  , Commission 51 of the International Astronomical Union and other “seekers “ are vying for the coveted Darwinian  discovery  of other planetary life forms germinated long ago by Alice Bailey’s love for Sirius . These agencies are dead serious about making this discovery . It is no stretch that Satan will manifest this apparition before Christ returns . This will help unify the world and stretch its tolerance so that Alice’s Adepts can have greater control of every facet of life on earth . The United Nations’ Lucis Trust links to the Wessex Research Group unified in diversity  whose  enlightened “ world servers “ will look forward to hearing messages from “ Spirit Guides “ the devil has long deceived
Alice with .      

                                          Alice’s False Christ Appears

On page 353 Bailey requests meditation and a demonic world prayer of invocation to
precipitate the antichrist’s  appearance . She says when her plan’s tribulation is in sight look for the One Initiator’s star to shine forth . Satan reveals his Plan of working through the world’s powerful elite , as has been evidenced through revelation of powerful Masons pulling governmental strings throughout history . He speaks through Bailey on pp. 108 when he says ;  “The effects of this widespread stimulation have been all that was anticipated and the so called “ evil results “ of the Shamballa force upon ambitious and powerful personalities in all countries and all schools of thought have nevertheless , been offset , to some extent by the growth of the sense of relationship everywhere , and by the spread of the Christ energy  which generates , at-one-ment  , loving understanding and goodwill . “  This is why men of lower Masonic degrees have no power actually ; the ambitious , powerful adept Master Masons do . These higher adepts are wealthy , calculatingly clever , and are well connected . They may feign love for the common man publically , but are anxious to use him as cannon fodder with no regrets when Alice’s master puppeteer moves his world stage of human marionettes to serve in whatever theatre of physical or spiritual warfare he deems necessary at any particular time in any particular place .  

Satan on page 509 projects the imminence of witchcraft , as has become more evident in schoolrooms , in movies and television shows , as well as government programs , amongst other mediums . He will “ teach human beings as individuals as a race to expand their consciousness to include the superphysical . In the accomplishment of this , the separating web ( the veil of the temple ) which divides the physical plane from the unseen world will be recognized as a fact in nature by the scientist . Its purpose will be acknowledged . Eventually it will be destroyed  by man discovering how to penetrate it . The date is imminent  .“   In these few sentences Satan has falsely inferred that humanity is a  race , potentially allowing for his avatars from one of Alice’s seven root races , to manifest themselves to humble , poorly evolved earthlings such as ourselves. According to Alice in her book , “ Death the Great Adventure “ these races evolved upon a planet  ”,
ostensibly inferring that a planet other than this one , ( or perhaps a star  named Sirius ), gestated  other beings attempting to contact us. Should that occur Christians know they will be demons . God made man in his image. God came only to Earth at one time to die on the cross for sinners . If he made others like us on other planets he left them out in the cold. Satan might infer that these are of another fold . This will be another lie . They would not have seen or heard of him , not even by interstellar television . They would have to have had direct interpersonal contact with him in order to be condemned to hell or accepted by faith into heaven . It is his nature to leave the ninety and nine and seek that one which was lost. Christ’s work was on this Earth and this world only as he stated .  Only Satan will imply that there are other humans made in the image of God on other planets. The aliens we need to be concerned about are Satan and his cohorts who occasionally dwell in humans , who fight Christ on Earth , and whose biblical home now is the heart of the earth , which is hell .   Also in these sentences Satan again tempts humanity to become wise as he promised to make Eve . Men’s expanded consciousness will enable them to perform evil spells more quickly because the “ veil of the temple “ will be split apart by the adept scientist who has superior knowledge .

Bailey’s beliefs are founded solely upon occultism superimposed upon the United Nations’ Satanically inspired altruistic premise . Satan will possess the antichrist . Surely his recognizable ten toes and other similar “ ambitious and powerful “ personalities will only come to their despotic authoritative positions via witchcraft , which has changed  “ the trend of human thinking from a frank materialism to a genuine spiritual aspiration “ (pp. 698 ). Communism’s original Masonic goals were ; (1) dethrone God , and (2) destroy the United States of America . Understandably the committed life-long communist Mr. Gorbachev promoted a new paradigm where man must orient his spiritual roots back to nature to be brought about by a  world brain trust of those with higher intellects , some of whom probably assisted in the establishment of his pantheistic
 “ Green Cross “, yet another Satanic ecological symbol promoting the new one-world religion with the demonic “ Green  Man “ as its mascot .  Mr. Gorbachev’s cross has helped  synthesize the United Nations’  ,  “ The United Religious Organization “  in which , according to Alice ; “  There will not be any dissociation between the Universal Church , the Sacred Lodge of all true Masons and the inner circles of the esoteric societies…In this way , the goals and work of the United Nations shall be solidified and a new Church of God , led by ALL THE RELIGIONS and by ALL OF THE SPIRITUAL GROUPS , shall put an end to the great heresy of separateness .”

Bailey continues on pp. 598  saying that the truth will be commonly recognized and will  begin to take definite form under world-wide direction of the New group of World Servers . Then the antichrist’s  “ reappearance “ will be expected by  “ enlightened  “ men , ( as are some Master Masons ) , and cultured people will be looking  for him who will bring love and fresh enlightenment .

On page 701 Bailey reveals Satan’s love for his creation of communism ; “ The material
goal which all who love their fellow men and serve the Hierarchy must have in mind and at heart is the defeat of totalitarianism . I do not say the defeat of communism , but the defeat of that evil process which involves the imposition of ideas , and which can be the method of the democratic nations and of the churches everywhere just as much as it is the method of the U.S.S.R.  . “    Satan admits through Bailey he does not want his communism defeated . Though he desires to be totalitarian himself , he feigns disdain of
totalitarianism , inferring America is to blame for the world’s problems . He also here aligns his methods with the churches , again prevaricating credibility with the churches he has infiltrated , knowing he has hoodwinked most of them by Alice Bailey’s time.

Through the Methodist Publishing House’s  “ Adult Student “ Satan brainwashes many Methodists to doubt the Bible’s truths , to believe communism and Christianity have the same goals , and to work toward a one world government. Two glaring examples I still have of this propaganda are in the  August 1950 ,  volume 9 , number 8 issue , and  in volume 9 number 11 , Nov. 1950 .

Bailey continues on pp. 701 using the old Masonic mantra of the necessity to  “ bring order out of chaos “ , which will hasten the antichrist’s arrival . The  Hierarchy  “ is the expression of the accumulated wisdom of the ages “  she says . This enlightened Hierarchy will have “ instinctual and intuitive telepathic rapport with the senior Members of the ashram – the Masters and initiates of high degree , and through Them – with the Christ  . “( pp. 680 ).

She continues to lie on page 602 when she says that Jesus did not claim himself to be God . Christians know Jesus did this more than once , but Alice knows better wherein she blasphemes ; “ But all of them have made His work appear difficult for men to grasp , and the undue emphasis laid upon His divinity ( an emphasis which He Himself never made . “  On page 610 she puts Jesus in equal standing with Hermes and Buddha . Hermes was a Greek mythical deity of cunning and theft who was also called Thoth.  In her book “ Death the Great Adventure “ she blasphemes similarly when she espouses dogmatically ;  “ Jehovah is not God ” ( pp. 13 ).  Satan tries to lend Alice  credibility by capitalizing pronouns referring to Jesus as the Masons do .

Continuing on page 602 she says that men’s deeds would surpass those of Jesus . Of course their deeds will never encompass advocating the gospel of repentance and the biblical forgiveness of sin through the blood of Jesus .  Of course she is alluding to the first beast of Revelation 13 :13 which “ maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men .”  Satan knows he is going to do this because it is written in the Bible
How much of God’s true word will be left on earth when he does this ? Satan will impress the world with parlor tricks like this .

She points out on page 603 the United Nation’s world dominance saying ;  “ But – speaking symbolically – when the United nations has emerged into factual and actual power , the welfare of the world will the be assured. What is that welfare but love in action ?  What are right human relations but love among men , groups and nations ? What is international cooperation but love on a world scale ? Christ taught that the Kingdom of God is on earth and told us to seek that kingdom first and let all things go for its sake… that great body of  “ Illumined Minds “ which guide the destiny of the world  .”

Though Jesus is the true Prince of Peace , Alice Bailey and the United Nations will recognize Alice’s  “ Spirit of Peace “ ,  represented by Harry Anderson’s false portrayal of Christ knocking at the U.N. as the real Christ . Jesus came as a peaceful sacrificial lamb the first time , when he devoted his entire earthly life for the salvation , not of all , but of    those who would receive him  “, and  “ endure to the end . ”

Harry Anderson’s depiction of Christ knocking at the United Nations is a Satanic ruse. Jesus said he did not come to bring peace , but a sword , and that there would be wars and rumors of war when he returned . He also said that when he returned he would rule with a rod of iron . But Alice’s Jesus will deceive a sinful world that it has finally found the answer to its problems through himself , who will rule peacefully , …for a little while anyway. Besides who can contend with him? Who is like the beast?

Bailey’s false prince of peace will lead his people not into Jerusalem , but  “into the place of peace “ ( pp. 609  “ The externalization of the Hierarchy “ ). Her messiah will again appear , not biblically , winning the battle of Armageddon by merely speaking , but will leave his work in the hands of Alice’s world Gestapo , the “new group of world servers  .“  Her false messiah will again leave , not to return , leaving the world in the hands of the new “ Head of the hierarchy , the Church invisible .”

On page 612 Alice says her false messiah has been the leader of all faiths . As with Masons , her  “ Christ has no religious barriers in his consciousness . It matters not to him of what faith a man may call himself .”

Throughout her book “ The Externalization of the Hierarchy “ Alice mentions that the hindrance to Christ’s return is the fact that the world has not yet established  “ right human relations “ , a phrase similar to the communist plea for “ social justice . “  The United Nations has been determining what “ right human
relations “ will be for many decades now . Sustainable Development is their goal , focusing on ecology , and going gargoyle green , worshipping Mother Earth as directed by the hierarchy .

On page 640 Satan heralds the United nations as the world’s only hope .  This hope will be realized when her “ Master Jesus  unifies  the Mysteries of Judaism , Buddhism , and Christianity  through education . She says this will be dependent upon the willingness of disciples of her Masters of Wisdom to obedience and self sacrifice for “ the cause “ , which will be rewarded with  “ light .”

For Alice there will be five cities which form a “ five- pointed star ‘ , ( a pentagram ) , of Interlocking energies , symbolic of the major divisions of our modern civilization . These are named on page 765. They are ; New York , London , Geneva , Darjeerling ,and Tokyo . She says on page 676 that  “ In London , New York , in Geneva and Darjeerling, and in Tokyo , a Master will eventually be found , organizing a major energy center  .” These cities seem likely candidates for power centers , rather toes , of the one world government . What will the other five be if she is correct ? She states on page 623 that her false Christ will not return until her Masters of Wisdom have created  “ a peace based upon right human relations . “ Then will come her “ one world for the one humanity . “  More than likely this one world of humanity will culminate in the extermination of 144,000 faithful Shadrachs , Meshachs , and Abednigos  

The Bible says that Jerusalem will be the world’s capitol in the end times . Revelation 11:8 , and chapter  18 reveal this . Christians know that Revelation 11:8 , 18:18  , 17:18 and Revelation 16:19 reveal Jerusalem as “ that great city “ , the whore ,and the world’s capitol . It will take some time for this to come true . Jews will be the master Satanists of the world and the antichrist will be Jewish according to Daniel 11 :37 , 2nd Thesselonians 2:4 , John 5 :4 , and 2nd Peter 3 : 3, 4  . Christ will pass terrible judgment on them for their abomination of desolation , but will save a remnant of them who will finally recognize him as their Messiah.
Keep your eyes upon the United Nations’ one world religion with its new  commandments in its new Ark of Hope . Read a trustworthy King James Bible . Don’t become  beleaguered and overwhelmed by the truth you will come upon regarding Satan’s formation of the one world religion and government. It can be endless . Jesus told you things that would happen before he returns . Dispensational and charismatic leaders deceive you when they tell you nothing else need happen before Jesus returns . The events  will be unmistakable , and realized world-wide . Jesus clearly articulated them in Matthew chapter 24 . Make God’s Word of prime importance to you as Jesus told you to . Keep watching , praying and trusting in his blood alone to save you . God bless you . 

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