Tuesday, April 24, 2012

David Jeremiah infers God is a slob

In a sermon David Jeremiah said this ; " Back in 1996 a pop song by Joan Osbourne made the charts asking what difference it would make make if God were one of us , quote , just a slob like one of us , a stranger on a bus commuting home . Many people thought the song was sacreligious , but it expressed the longing that all of us have for a God who can understand the kinds of problems that we face in our hum-drum every day lives . "   I have kept the entire sermon . In it Dr. Jeremiah never remotely challenges the assertion that God is a slob . David Jeremiah makes his living speaking and writing , supposedly defending Christ . Christians know the song is sacreligious , but Dr. Jeremiah said only ; " Many people thought the song was sacreligious ." He never refuted the lie Joan Osbourne inferred , calling God a slob . This is how change agents work . They appear to represent Christ , all the while attempting to defame him . After he had said ,
" Many people thought the song was sacreligious " he continues with the word , " but ." He did not say
" Christians think the song was sacreligious " , nor did he say ,  " obviously the song is sacreligious ." Deceivers get by with tricky rhetoric like this because their audience knows about Christ , but do not know him . After learning of his predecessor's world-famous blasphemy of directly challenging God's word by telling the world that a Christian could accept the mark of the beast and remain a Christian , how one would continue to attend Shadow Mountain church  reveals an individual's inability to discern the voice of a false shepherd . His Wiccan / Masonic unusual gestures should shake sense into anyone with a modicum of common sense . Until watching this deceiver I never saw anyone cross his arms across his chest with open palms as did the witch Kendra Vaughn Hovey in her History channel program " My Unique Family . " It is reported that she has become a Christian and I hope that is true . I had prayed that would happen to her . I hope that Christ's presence in her life is real . She will be fighting a real battle because the devil will not let go of her easily . Her Wiccan hand crossing underneath her neck are in the almost exact same position as Dr. Jeremiah's . He has done this ten or so times in one sermon , while quickly making the Wiccan "god"  sign with crossed closed fists within seconds of making his Wiccan " goddess " sign with open palms crossed his chest beneath the throat . An inquisitive child would eventually ask his parents what those unusual hand movements meant . In between Wiccan signals the occult church's obvious Eye of Horus is featured . Close inspection proves that out . His reluctance to denounce Masonry is synonymous with all of the TBN ministry's reluctance to do the same .

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