Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Do Jews Believe ?

                                        From  Judaism 101 , What Do Jews Believe?

Though this author on the net may not espouse the beliefs of all Jews , he has a very comprehensive understanding of their current Talmudic leanings and says that ; “ The Written Torah  ( first 5 books of the Bible ) and Oral Torah ( teachings now contained in the Talmud and other writings ) were given to Moses .”  He states that “ halakhah “ is Jewish law and references the Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism as being
trustworthy  .

In Judaism 101 , Halakhah: Jewish Law  tells of salvation by works according to Pharisaical adherence to the keeping of Jewish laws . The author states  ; “ Halakhah comes from three sources : from the Torah , from laws instituted by the rabbis and from long-standing customs … Mitzvot from all three of these sources are binding , though there are differences in the way they are applied …At the heart of halakhah is the unchangeable 613 mitzvot ( commandments ) that G-d gave to the Jewish people in the Torah ( the first five books of the Bible ) .”

The Talmud and Mishneh are given as credible religious Judaic basics . This small expose stipulates that a  “ takkanah “ is yet another “ rule unrelated to biblical laws that was created by the rabbis for the public welfare “  through which these self-appointed world adepts are “ repairing the world , or making the world a better place …”   Ashkenazi Jews are credited as people who accepted the “ takkanah  “ according to this author .

Another fabricated rule of godless rabbis is the “ minhang “ which was a custom that became binding law in religious practice .  This piece says ; “ In a sense , however , even laws enacted by the rabbis can be considered derived from the Torah .”  Autonomic writing similar to that of Alice Bailey will enable these Talmudic rabbis to keep preparing the way for the antichrist . Christians can see these self confessed Talmudic and Kabbalist laws are unbiblical . The unwary cannot .      

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